Week 40: Experts in authoritarianism advise to keep a list of things subtly changing around you, so you’ll remember.

This week’s list is not the longest, but it is certainly the most heartbreaking. Trump’s comments on Charlottesville legitimized the worst of us, and spawned a watershed moment for our country. His remarks were met with widespread condemnation and reactions, and precipitated a mass exodus of corporate CEOs, wiping away any lingering doubts that Trump’s goals were ever truly linked to job creation. For the first time, real questions about fitness for office were raised out loud by both sides. This week in Trump’s shrinking, chaotic regime it became even clearer that Trump answers to no one but himself. He continues to attack and attempt to intimidate Republicans into submission, as part of his continuing efforts to consolidate power.

  1. In an impromptu news conference on Charlottesville late Saturday afternoon, Trump said, “We condemn in the strongest possible terms this egregious display of hatred, bigotry and violence on many sides.”
  2. White supremacists and neo-Nazi leaders cheered Trump’s “on many sides” comments, taking his words as a defense, or even as a tacit approval, of their action.
  3. On Sunday, the WH issued a statement to “clarify” Trump’s Saturday comments, saying Trump condemns all forms of “violence, bigotry and hatred” while naming white supremacists, KKK, and neo-Nazis.
  4. 32 year-old Heather Heyer was killed Saturday after a car driven by James Fields rammed into a crowd of counter-protestors in Charlottesville. Nineteen others were injured.
  5. Daily Caller and Fox News deleted a post titled, “Here’s A Reel Of Cars Plowing Through Protesters Trying To Block The Road,” which included a video encouraging people to drive through protests.
  6. Two state troopers, Lieutenant Cullen and Trooper Bates, who were keeping watch on the demonstrations in Charlottesville, were killed when their helicopter went down.
  7. On Sunday, a candlelight vigil planned for Heather Heyer in Charlottesville was cancelled due to a “credible threat from white supremacists.”
  8. Neo-Nazis disparaged Heyer, and the KKK celebrated her death. Neo-Nazi website The Daily Stormer was taken down after activists, led by my Sunday tweet, contacted domain hosts Go Daddy, Google, etc.
  9. After US hosting companies refused to host The Daily Stormer, the website briefly relocated to Russia, for which they thanked Trump, before being kicked off there too. China rebuffed them too.
  10. In the wake of Charlottesville, numerous tech companies including Facebook, Google, Spotify, Uber, Squarespace and many others took action to curb use of their services and platforms by alt-right groups.
  11. A Unite the Right organizer was disavowed by his family. Several marchers who were identified on social media lost their jobs. Others were asked to denounce their activities or were expelled by colleges.
  12. On Sunday, Trump’s popularity hit a new low at Gallup with 34% approving and 61% disapproving (-27).
  13. On Monday, Sessions said the car ramming into Heather Heyer and 19 others “does meet the definition of domestic terrorism” under US law.
  14. On Monday morning, Merck’s CEO resigned from Trump’s American Manufacturing Council saying as a “matter of personal conscience, I feel a responsibility to take a stand against intolerance and extremism.”
  15. Later Monday, Trump tweeted @Merck is a leader in “higher & higher drug prices,” and “taking jobs out of the U.S.”
  16. Later Monday and Tuesday, four more CEOs resigned from Trump’s American Manufacturing Council over his handling of Charlottesville.
  17. Trump countered, “I have many to take their place. Grandstanders should not have gone on.” Trump offered no new names publicly.
  18. On Wednesday, NYT reported the CEOs on Trump’s Strategic and Policy Forum held a morning conference call to discuss whether to disband the policy forum. The Manufacturing Council planned a call that afternoon.
  19. Before the policy forum, and possible manufacturing council could formally disband, midday Wednesday Trump tweeted “rather than putting pressure on the businesspeople,” he was ending both.
  20. On Thursday, the WH announced the Presidential Advisory Council on Infrastructure, which was still being formed, would not move forward.
  21. On Monday, Trump said he is “seriously considering” a pardon for ex-Sheriff Joe Arpaio, saying, “He’s a great American patriot.”
  22. In the aftermath of Charlottesville, the Phoenix mayor called on Trump to delay his planned rally next week, saying Trump’s plan to pardon Arpaio could “enflame emotions and further divide our nation.”
  23. Minutes after the Phoenix mayor’s statement, Trump tweeted a link for tickets to his Phoenix event.
  24. Advocates said there has been a spike in reports of anti-LGBTQ violence since Trump took office. As of August, there are already more hate-related homicides than in all of 2016, excluding Pulse.
  25. A Virginia high school sent a letter to parents saying selection for AP and Honors classes would at least partly based on race.
  26. On Monday, the Holocaust memorial in Boston was vandalized for the second time this summer.
  27. On Monday, reading from a teleprompter, Trump gave his third version of comments on Charlottesville, calling the KKK, neo-Nazis and white supremacists “repugnant” and saying, “racism is evil.”
  28. On Tuesday morning, Trump tweeted then deleted an image of a train running over a CNN reporter.
  29. On Tuesday at Trump Tower, with Mnuchin, Chao and Cohn by this side, Trump turned what was supposed to be remarks about his infrastructure plan into an “off-the-rails” news conference on Charlottesville.
  30. Reversing himself for the fourth time in four days, Trump said “I think there’s blame on both sides” — insinuating that the “alt-left” was just as much to blame as white supremacists and neo-Nazis.
  31. Trump claimed not all the white supremacists and neo-Nazis were bad people, “you also had people that were very fine people, on both sides.”
  32. When asked about Bannon, Trump said “He’s a good man. He’s not a racist,” and that the press treats him, “frankly, very unfairly.”
  33. Trump claimed alt-right protestors had a permit, but counter-protesters “came charging in without a permit” and “were very, very violent.” WAPO gave the claim that counter-protestors had no permit 4 Pinocchios.
  34. Trump equated taking down the statue of Robert E. Lee in Charlottesville to taking down statues of Washington (“George Washington was a slave owner”) and Jefferson (“Because he was a major slave owner”).
  35. Trump’s staff, expecting brief remarks on infrastructure, were stunned by his action. One senior WH official told NBC, Trump “went rogue.”
  36. POLITICO reported Trump was “in good spirits” Tuesday night, and felt the “new conference went much better” than his Monday speech.
  37. Alt-right leaders praised Trump’s Tuesday comments. Richard Spencer said he was “really proud of him,” and David Duke tweeted, “Thank you President Trump for your honesty & courage to tell the truth.”
  38. Axios reported within the Trump WH, Bannon unapologetically supported Trump’s instinct to blame “both sides,” and that he and Trump “instinctively searched for “their” people in that group of protesters.”
  39. Mnuchin’s Yale classmates wrote an open letter calling on him to resign immediately, saying Trump “declared himself a sympathizer with groups” whose values are antithetical to Yale and decent human beings.
  40. In a Republican primary in Alabama Tuesday, Trump’s chosen candidate Luther Strange, who he very publicly supported, came in second.
  41. On Wednesday, Pence cut his international trip to Central and South America short to come home. The stated reason was to join a national security meeting on Friday, although rumors flew with other theories.
  42. On Wednesday, Fox News’ Shep Smith said his show “reached out to Republicans of all stripes across the country today” and couldn’t find a single one willing to come on and discuss Trump’s Tuesday comments.
  43. In a letter, fmr CIA director Brennan told CNN’s Blitzer Trump’s comments on Charlottesville were “despicable,” and that Trump “is putting our national security and our collective futures at grave risk.”
  44. On Wednesday, the Generals of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and National Guard tweeted to condemn the racist violence in Charlottesville, declaring the nation’s armed forces unequivocally against hatred.
  45. Sen Corker, one of Trump’s first senate supporters who was also under consideration for VP, said Trump “has not yet been able to demonstrate the stability nor some of the competence” to be a successful leader.
  46. European leaders, including Merkel and May, denounced Trump’s comments on Charlottesville. Martin Schulz of German said Trump “is betraying our Western value.”
  47. Rep Steve Cohen of TN, a ranking member of the House Judiciary Subcommittee on the Constitution and Civil Justice, introduced articles of impeachment in response to Trump’s comments on Charlottesville.
  48. On Wednesday, Sessions told NBC News that the Charlottesville car attack may be considered a “hate crime.”
  49. USA Today Editorial Board called on Congress to censure Trump for his “shocking equivocations about the white-supremacist,” challenging Republicans to “stand up for American values” or be Trump enablers.
  50. On Thursday, the Cleveland Clinic pulled their 2018 Florida gala from Mar-a-Lago. Cleveland Clinic had held their event there for eight years.
  51. By Friday evening, 16 charities had pulled their events from Mar-a-Lago, costing the Trump Organization hundreds of thousands, or possibly millions in lost revenues.
  52. Citing violence at Charlottesville, Texas A&M and the University of Florida cancelled scheduled speaking appearances by white supremacist Richard Spencer, both citing safety concerns.
  53. On Thursday, Michigan State University denied a request by Spencer to rent space on the campus for a September event.
  54. Students and graduates of Lehigh University students petitioned trustees to revoke Trump’s honorary degree, citing Trump’s “both sides” remarks.
  55. Thousands gathered at UVA on Wednesday night for an unannounced candlelight vigil. They chanted “love wins,” and sang “We Shall Overcome” and “Amazing Grace.”
  56. At a funeral for Heather Heyer mother, Susan Bro said, “They tried to kill my child to shut her up. Well, guess what? You just magnified her.” Bro told NBC Thursday she has received death threats from hate groups.
  57. Bro said she will not meet with Trump after he blamed “both sides” for violence in Charlottesville. She also has not picked up his phone calls.
  58. Trump continued to tweet about Confederate statues after his news conference, “can’t change history, but you can learn from it. Robert E Lee, Stonewall Jackson — who’s next, Washington, Jefferson? So foolish!”
  59. The great-great grandchildren of Robert E. Lee, Jefferson Davis and Stonewall Jackson called for Confederate statues to be removed. They also condemned the white supremacist and violence in Charlottesville.
  60. They also suggested statues be moved to museums. Bertram Hayes-Davis, great-great-grandson of Jefferson Davis suggested, “In a public place, if it is offensive and people are taking issue with it, let’s move it.”
  61. In the days following the Charlottesville alt-right rally, 13 US cities and Duke University said they would remove Confederate monuments. Several other cities are considering same.
  62. After a terrorist attack in Spain, Trump tweeted about what General Pershing did when terrorist were caught: “There was no more Radical Islamic Terror for 35 years!” Politifact rated Trump’s claim, Pants on Fire.
  63. Trump continued to do battle with Republicans, targeting Flake who he called “toxic” and “WEAK on borders, crime and a non-factor in Senate,” and Graham who he said “can’t forget his election trouncing.”
  64. Countering Trump, McConnell offered his “full support” for Flake.
  65. James Murdoch donated $1mm to the Anti-Defamation League in the wake of Charlottesville. As many of social media noted, Fox News played a major role in stoking the hate of far-right extremists.
  66. According to government documents published by one of Murdoch’s newspapers Tuesday, Australian authorities denied a bid by Trump to build a casino in 1988 due to his ties to the mafia and organized crime.
  67. HuffPost reported on Trump aide Katharine Gorka’s role in helping to pull DHS funding for Life After Hate, a group dedicated to countering neo-Nazis and white supremacists, as noted in Week 33. Of note: also in Week 33, the State Dept’s anti-Semitism monitoring office was shuttered.
  68. In an interview Thursday, former VP Gore said if he could give Trump one piece of advice, it would be to resign.
  69. On Friday, the 17 remaining members of Trump’s presidential arts and humanities panel resigned Friday in protest over his Charlottesville comments.
  70. Trump’s WH responded late Friday, saying Trump was going to disband the arts and humanities panel anyway.
  71. Trump and Melania said they will not attend this year’s Kennedy Center Honors in December. According to Huckabee Sanders, the decision is meant to allow “honorees to celebrate without any political distraction.”
  72. The decision was made after numerous honorees announced their intentions to skip or protest if Trump attended. After Trump’s cancelation, event organizers said, “We are grateful for this gesture.”
  73. NBC called this week Trump’s “worst week yet,” and said he was more isolated than ever.
  74. Hope Hicks took over as the interim WH communications director, as Trump continued his search to replace Scaramucci. Hicks is the fourth person in that role.
  75. Trump’s personal lawyer John Dowd forwarded an email with secessionist Civil War propaganda. The email also stated the group Black Lives Matter “has been totally infiltrated by terrorist groups.”
  76. Trump’s DOJ issued a warrant to DreamHost demanding the company turn over all IP addresses related to DisruptJ20.org, a website used in planning actions to interrupt Trump’s inauguration.
  77. A week after the inauguration, the DOJ had asked for information such as people’s physical and email addresses and DreamHost had complied. DreamHost’s lawyers called the latest request a “complete overreach.”
  78. NYT reported Mueller, for the first time, is seeking to interview past and current members of Trump’s WH beyond Manafort, including members of the communications team.
  79. Mueller is interested in interviewing Priebus about what occurred during the campaign and in the WH, especially as it relates to the June 2016 Trump Tower meeting and the Comey firing.
  80. During a press conference on his visit to Columbia, Pence told reporters he “never witnessed” any evidence of Russian collusion with the Trump campaign, and that he was “not aware” of it ever having occurred.
  81. WAPO reported Trump aid George Papadopoulos, starting in March 2016 with an email headed, “Meeting with Russian Leadership — Including Putin,” repeatedly tried to get Trump aides to meet with Russians.
  82. Experts on Russian intelligence speculated his email chain offers further evidence that Russians were looking for entry points into the Trump campaign. Papalopoulos said he was acting as a Russian intermediary.
  83. NYT reported on an investigation by Ukrainian investigators and the FBI of a Ukrainian malware expert named “Profexer,” for his part in a network of hackers allegedly engaged by Russia to hack the US election.
  84. Also under investigation is a Russian government hacking group, Advanced Persistent Threat 28 or Fancy Bear, believed to be involved in the DNC hacking. Much of the work was outsourced to private vendors.
  85. In the first know hitch, Mueller’s special counsel lost a top FBI investigator, Peter Strzok. It is unclear why Strzok stepped away.
  86. A US District court judge ruled that as part of a libel suit brought by Webzilla CEO Aleksej Gubarev against Buzzfeed, Steele could be questioned about the funding and sourcing of the dossier.
  87. Rep Rohrabacher, an advocate for the Kremlin, said he plans to brief Trump on his meeting with Assange. Assange told Rohrabacher that he was not behind the DNC hack, and that the Russians were not involved.
  88. Assange is trying to strike a deal so he can stop living in asylum at the Ecuadorian embassy in London. In Week 23, Sessions said the DOJ was preparing charges against Assange whose “arrest is a priority.”
  89. The National Parks Service reversed a ban on plastic water bottles at national parks. The move came after confirmation of Trump’s Deputy Interior Secretary, who previously represented Deer Park Water.
  90. In a tweet, the Trump Organization featured a photo with the caption, “From our Presidential ballroom to intimate historic room,” to advertise meeting and event space.
  91. Raising ethical concerns, Justice Gorsuch is scheduled to address conservative groups at Trump Hotel DC in September, less than two weeks before the court will hear arguments on Trump’s Muslim Ban.
  92. On Friday, Trump friend and ally Carl Icahn resigned as a special adviser to Trump, although Icahn had done nothing in that role. The WH said Icahn had been fired on Monday.
  93. Icahn resigned hours before The New Yorker published a piece on his conflicts of interest (see Week 20). The head of a watchdog group said, “This kind of self-enrichment and influence” was “unprecedented.”
  94. Trump tweeted photos from Camp David of him signing the Global War on Terrorism War Memorial Act. Of the 14 people at the signing, there was only one woman and not a single person of color.
  95. In an interview with The American Prospect on Wednesday, a venting Bannon referred to white supremacists as “clowns” and “losers.”
  96. Contradicting Trump, Bannon said on N. Korea, “there’s no military solution here, they got us,” and added, “it’s just a sideshow.”
  97. In new interviews, Bannon said he viewed the post-Charlotte racial strife and turmoil as a political winner for Trump.
  98. On Friday, Trump fired Bannon. According to Bannon allies, he submitted his intention to leave the WH on August 7.
  99. Axios reported Bannon met with the billionaire Mercer family for five hours Friday in New York and “together they will be a well-funded force on the outside.”
  100. Bannon told Bloomberg that he would be returning to run Breitbart, and that he would be “going to war for Trump against his opponents — on Capitol Hill, in the media, and in corporate America.”
  101. Bannon told the Weekly Standard, “The Trump presidency that we fought for, and won, is over,” saying Trump will not achieve his campaign promises. Bannon vowed to continue the fight from the outside.
  102. In an op-ed titled, “I Voted for Trump, And I Sorely Regret It,” past avid supporter Julius Krein wrote of his disillusionment with Trump, and the realization that Trump would not achieve his stated goals.
  103. Right-wing radio host Limbaugh backed white nationalists and told his 26 million listeners that America is on the “cusp of a second civil war,” blaming international financiers who are trying to bring down America.
  104. On Saturday, Boston hosted a Free Speech Rally organized by conservatives and libertarians at Boston Commons. Friday, Mayor Walsh said 500 police officers would be there, and urged people to stay away.
  105. Thousands of counter-protestors marched through downtown Boston to condemn white supremacists and neo-Nazis. Police estimated 15k peacefully marched.

Transcript of George Webb Video Series Part 113: “Hillary’s Leakers, Hackers, and Henchmen” [@Georgwebb / #HRCRatlne]

  • >>>CONT
    • And then they can use a various take those VIN numbers and just move the VIN numbers to the completed car from the reconditioned car
    • Also there's storm damage cars from floods and tornadoes and hurricanes that are bought at auction very cheaply
    • And those cars also can be used
    • They also looked at a fraud where they just use the same serial number in in places that do manual checking and they just don't put all the serial numbers in numerical order and the there's been numbers are so long and there's
    • So many numbers going on the ships that they're they don't catch it they don't catch the duplicate VIN number
    • Again we're gonna look more in alpha Joel I published a whole bunch of information where after he's arrested after he's arrested in October 2015 in a car ring for some reason not put in back in jail which is odd
    • I can remember a guy sleeping in his car ended up spending two nights in jail
    • So I don't know how that all happened
    • But then he goes on to Kansas
    • So we're moving around here quite a bit and goes out to Kansas access to Essex County in February is involved in a car theft
    • And then another one in New Jersey and a little bit later in February
    • So seems to be moving around quite a bit
    • Does seem to be a very organized car ring that does seem to be a quite a distance between going between Kansas New York and New Jersey
    • I could understand New York and New Jersey if it was just a local ring but going all the way out to Kansas seems odd seems a little different
    • Now the different articles called him a high level fence not a low level fence and they said it was a very sophisticated operation
    • So I'm just going by what the reporters are reporting
    • Again not too odd not too odd to have all those things going on with your car dealership
    • Unless you were also working in Congress and unless you had given we're in charge of giving phones giving Blackberries to members of Congress
    • Now that wouldn't be
    • So bad if there wasn't a burglary of 20 different phones that the supposedly had a burglar of 20 different phones maybe these senators didn't know Imran Awan was was doping their phone
    • But it's odd to keep after you've shut off from the Congressional network it's odd to keep those phones with Congressional markings in your house
    • And thank God at the Andre Taggart a guy interviewed here on his doorstep on April the 10th stepped up and and admitted that
    • Now I think he we're gonna differ on the number of Blackberries I mean that's gonna be twenty Blackberries but he did to his credit, step forward on the hard drives and and talked about the smashed hard drive
    • So it's really smashed this story wide open
    • So again not too much of a red flag unless you have your the Hillary Clinton sending email to Huma saying hey Anthony's trusted staff can you deliver a secure phone
    • We know Hillary negotiated all these deals like the Iran hostage deal Iran nuclear deal the port container deals Jack looted through using these Blackberries as a pay-to-play device
    • So she avoided the secure phones
    • It just looks like there's somebody that they know that configures Blackberries
    • And we have Imran in quoted in New York Times in 2005 bragging about his capability of configuring those phones
    • Again we're gonna end up having a CENTCOM connection here I'm not going to talk about that right now okay
    • So here again we have 19 different people in the State Department with blackberry and email addresses
    • No one has addressed this yet no one has addressed unmasking who those 19 people are these people could have been doing thousands of deals on these Blackberries we know what they did
    • Completely illegal outside State Department Rules
    • Still don't have almost five years four years later
    • Now still don't have actually I guess five years I still don't have their data
    • Again 20 burglaries are there really 20 burglaries could we really all…could we really effect that, go house to house to house to Congressional members and get in at night and steal their phone
    • So I guess you could do a fentanyl raid and you could go house to house to house
    • So I guess it could happen but just very unlikely and we're gonna see this number grow of the number of Democrats that actually use the phone over the 16 years the ones were in the house
    • So I am predicting this is speculation this is conjecture but we will find one other device which will be a server it will be somewhere on Capitol Hill
    • We're gonna find that server it's gonna have serial number
    • And it may or may not be in the evidence cage at the Washington police then being moved on to the FBI as well
    • So that could have been at Imran's home
    • The printer router was there so that just leads me to believe that the big server the big BlackBerry server was at Imran's house
    • Well this story has reached Jacksonville
    • Now we've got definitely an M Ron a one family member potentially shipping in very old cars into this gentleman's representative DeSantis' port in Jacksonville
    • So I'm sure he's gonna want to renew the calls for inquiries
    • Not much just happened in that on this call for inquiry since Charlottesville and now also
    • Now Julian Assange being negotiated is negotiating his freedom this is kind of falling off if you do media tracking it's kind of falling off the charts
    • And I think this is actually a much greater risk than paying a bunch of Soros folks to protest
    • But you be the judge
    • You be the judge I don't want to make that decision for anybody
    • So that's the quick wrap-up we just keep finding more and more potential evidence
    • So it's just we're just bringing it to you letting you evaluate it for yourself and that's all for right
    • Now thanks very much you

  • Day 299.3 Trello Board All Set For Newspaper Masthead Screenshots – YouTube
    • Okay. good afternoon or a good late morning to everybody this is going to be version 3 of the Trello board the Trello board is
    • Now set the Trello board is open for business
    • So let me turn that sound off the Trello board is open for business
    • So we're gonna basically do it in reverse chronological order I added three more buckets here a bucket for today's the last 50 days and that's really been characterized I think by a couple of inflection points
    • One the shipping story I think will be a very big story the diplomatic container story will be a very big story
    • So I'm putting that in there, tying that all together with all the previous reporting that other people have done about ports
    • As well as even the car theft ring
    • So it's really kind of a theory of everything
    • But lots and lots and lots of data coming in
    • And what I'd like to do is put send these what I call newspaper mastheads
    • They're like the things I'd use for my thumbnails for my videos what I put is New York Times I make sure I get the masthead in there even there's just a small one then the headline then usually the photo and try to pick the ones that tell a story that are relevant to this kind of thing
    • And the idea is as our audience widens out they can come here and quickly look and see oh I see the ones are and potentially involved in shipping of things with diplomatic container cover diplomatic loophole let's see all the different news articles that are written by different people referring to that
    • So really this almost becomes a case file if you were sessions or something like that you could almost say, ok let's make the case for shipping with diplomatic container let's look at where all the cars are going let's look at all the upstream places that could be supplying weapons could be supplying who knows any number of things illicit trade items guns going ammo uranium you all the ratlines basically looking at a third-party verification
    • Now we have as you all know we have tons of links like thousands and thousands of links
    • But move toward more visual presentation
    • So people can who are new can quickly look at it and go oh my gosh there's a lot of trestle under this bridge here for this case being made with the Awans here
    • The spy ring car ring arms ring really
    • Then the next big inflection point was obviously that day 200 where I found the laptops the what I call the Wi-Fi boosters that were kind of put around as Wi-Fi boosters around the different Congressional committees in the Library of Congress
    • And of course the twenty of all twenty stories of the whole twenty Blackberries with the twenty different victims quote-unquote Democratic victims
    • That story still hasn't come out yet
    • But still is a big inflection point in the story
    • And most of our masthead will go into here
    • But then there's still some stuff over here with with NATO that we have a bucket there for NATO
    • And we as we move across the board we have DynCorp background and just keep we just keep accumulating more and more evidence as we go through and you can see in any given area with DynCorp especially if that court is indeed administrating all these theft rings and spy ring we have lots and lots of data that we can move over and add and it'll just be a simple drag-and-drop
    • But I like this masthead design here let's go to the Forbes here and give me an example we have Forbes and then it has the title and then it can give people an idea that–here all the people involved in genie energy for instance and there's a lot of good graphics around genie energy
    • So that's the idea is very much graphic
    • So that in five seconds you can learn all the things about genie energy for instance or Haiti or whatever the topic may be
    • So I'm moving back across the board here okay
    • So the person who's going to be administrating all this because it's very difficult to have several different organizational flows is Gal named Chrissy Francis said it's CHGRAT512@gmail.com
    • Now the interesting thing about Chrissy she lives in just outside of Philadelphia where they play the Little League World Series I think that's in Williamsport Pittsburgh all right
    • Now I mean that's Vania excuse me and she used to work for Wayne Dupree
    • So she dog all the fundraising and she was the kind of a chief administrative officer for Wayne Dupree and
    • So anyway even though she's a Republican we're gonna work with her
    • She's also gonna would like artists to send her stuff at that email as well
    • She's got a deal where if she sells three shirts then they can get the low price and all that sort of thing and for people who do want the shirts that shirts do seem popular
    • So we're gonna take some of those memes and Chrissy will move forward with that
    • Again I won't accept any of that money I may accept money if I'm traveling for hotel accommodations only
    • So hotel accommodations potentially yeah just hotel accommodations I think for right now I'll let when that changes
    • And so that's where we are if you google Hillary's Hamlet
    • And I compare Eric Braverman to sort of a hamlet and a lot of plays on the H here Hamlet Haiti and henchman you can find this board if you say Hillary's Hamlet Trello you should be able to find the board
    • So that's the update I think this is really going to be great again newspaper mastheads it's it's really when people see Christian Science Monitor
    • They go ok this is a reputable screenshots

  • Day 299.4 Alpha Jalloh – Three Felonies in Six Months – No Mugs Shots – YouTube
  • Hey everybody
  • George
  • So here's kind of the situation Alfa Jalloh gets arrested in New York October, 2015, in a crime ring that steals 20-30 cars actually 90 cars were recovered I don't know how many cars were stolen
  • So that's a lot of cars that's Grand Theft Auto at least if it's one car
  • But yet he's out of jail he's out of jail and he doesn't have a mugshot for some reason it's just odd and then he gets arrested in Kansas February 2016 right
  • So that's odd but then he gets arrested again in New Jersey 2016
  • These are stealing high-end cars
  • So how does that happen?
  • The only way that can happen as deep uranium or deep Hudson likes to say is you have juice
  • You have somebody behind you you're doing it as a part of some kind of government program
  • Because every time he does this, no mug shots then somebody amends the file three months later like a district attorney
  • So the district attorney amends the file
  • And then we get a different mugshot
  • He gets younger he does these things he gets younger gets taller he gets darker he gets lighter all sorts of things gets heavier
  • Hard for Alpha Jalloh to get skinnier but anyway [Music]
  • So that's that's kind of how it goes it's like that guy right Derek going off running through red lights and everything he's got juice he's gotta have some juice doesn't make any sense
  • Now I know some people are like VIN number of guys and whatnot
  • Which is fine I have a lot of respect for investigators to chase the VIN numbers and stuff
  • But you got to figure out a situation where you had one guys got juice and the other guy doesn't have the juice
  • So Alpha Jalloh got the juice
  • He's getting out and when you start seeing Alpha Jalloh two days after the Seth Rich murder in Washington DC then he gets younger then he gets out again on a writ on an ankle bracelet
  • And then he gets his curfew reduced twice in two three months after having a shootout with the capital police
  • Alpha Jalloh's got the juice
  • Like this guy he's got the juice he can go up and down the street as fast as he wants
  • Nobody's gonna stop him he's got the juice, all right that's all for right
  • Now I'm sorry if you can't hear me maybe I'm covering the mic you

  • 299.5 Why a Third Amendment? – YouTube
  • Okay. live from Yonkers City Hall
  • I normally don't do the big issues
  • I like to focus on one case and and all the intricacies in one case to really prove a point rather than make big sweeping statements
  • But every once in a while I get calls from police officers or ex-federal FBI or government soldiers
  • They want to understand what's going on what's going on what's the big system what's the big thing that's happening why are all these guys dying a PTSD
  • Why are the cops shooting themselves with PTSD
  • What is going on
  • A lot of people from the last video we're commenting about the motorcycle guy
  • What the heck is going on here you just seem like he was just going back and forth
  • So let me just say that the number one thing that if you're gonna today's a big picture this is a big picture third amendment
  • Third amendment is no standing Army right
  • The reason why the colonialists said no standing Army is because the Hessians moved right in with them and the british moved right in with them
  • And so they had to feed them and they had to wash their clothes and do all this stuff and shine their boots and they just I mean that just really grated on the colonists
  • They say Andrew Jackson got us scar across the face but because he spit on a British captain, when he told him to shine his boots
  • And he'd rather risk death and shine a British captain's boots
  • So it's very deep into our psyche, that we don't want standing armies
  • The thing about it and of course I'm in front of the Veterans Center right here you can see the POWs flag you can see the POWs flag right down there
  • And I'll try to talk a lot I'm sorry
  • So there's just this huge antipathy in America for any kind of standing Army
  • But knowing that, if you're a military planner and you want to secure the United States, to you the United States is the ultimate Super Bowl
  • You do not want to lose home base and capture the flag
  • You do not lose your home base your home base and your plan for defending the home base is more important than any other excursion, that you might do
  • So that's the key here is the plan for the U.S. the military plan for the US and keeping control of the US is by definition by definition can it be much stronger than any other plan for any other country, right?
  • So that the American people don't like a lot of uniforms on every street
  • We used to have Marines they used to guard the streets
  • There's halls of Montezuma you'll find the streets are guarded by the United States Marines and all that
  • So people did didn't used to have a problem
  • But the Vietnam War came along and then people just really turned off on the idea of a lot of uniforms around
  • Well if you think about it think about all the movies where you've seen armies marching through the streets
  • The thousands and thousands of armies marching through the streets
  • Think of those Hitler rallies we had a million men under uniform huge government investment in military hardware material personnel
  • The brain just has no problem with that we've seen it
  • We've seen it so many times we've seen it so many old World War one movies in World War two movies and civil war movies and everything we just don't have a problem with that we just our mind it accepts it because we've seen so many examples of it
  • So back to covert Army right a covert Army is easier if you think about it much easier much easier then an overt Army
  • First of all you got a train an Army to march
  • I mean that's the first thing and they gotta be able to turn that do that rope climb and then they gotta be able to go through all the mud and shoot all the rifles and all that stuff
  • Now you're still gonna do weapons training for a covert Army
  • But there's so much stuff that you don't have to do again they are gonna do covert training but and
  • Now just think about material you don't have to buy uniforms!
  • You don't have to buy jeeps you don't have to buy tanks make you just drive the car they can just drive a car they've got no problem
  • So a Covert Army is much easier
  • Now you can augment a covert Army like Andrew Jackson used to say 'irregulars' with regulars right
  • You can combine you can combine official homeland security type organizations police fire and EMS
  • And coordinate them when they're not busy doing emergencies and you could coordinate them with urea Regular Army and covert Army but getting back to the Army piece of this if you're the military planner what if no one was watching your budget and you had nine trillion dollar black budget why wouldn't you have a covert Army it just makes sense
  • You are then in control you then have control you can take out anybody you want
  • Anyone who complains about killing people overseas or atrocities or using dark weapons with DU or WP or sarin gas and they start talking
  • You don't kill him you don't drag him out in the street like you did in the old days you slowly start using what they call a low intensity programs
  • And low intensity programs have been around since the British and the Mau Maus believe it or not in in Africa
  • Low intensity just everyday just used the systems that are available in the government to take people down a notch
  • Maybe it's a school that you don't get into maybe it's a loan that gets collected early
  • Maybe it's to hassle you get from an IRS person maybe it's a car wheel that goes flat
  • Even small things but the idea is you want the Army to always be in training
  • You want that covert Army to always be in training
  • So but it takes such a shift in thinking you
  • Again you've seen the movies where Hitler their walk and up and down
  • Thousands and thousands of marching armies and you go yep there's there's up to a million people in an Army
  • That's the Army's are huge
  • But then you go well what if I said there was maybe 50 people down on that street during the day, that are covert
  • You'd go Oh that this conspiracy–that's crazy!
  • But if you think about it from the point of view of the military planner
  • Let's say you're David Petraeus why wouldn't you?
  • If you could use that same covert army
  • Now to take out competitors
  • To create a list of losers and winners
  • That you could now get create private-equity plays from take out competition
  • So that you could take over their businesses
  • Especially in the areas of weapons trade especially in the areas of research and development
  • New inventions
  • The inventions and the investments that pay off the most
  • Why wouldn't you do that?
  • It's your Army you have the Army and again these things are old as mud
  • Jenny the expert witness police officer from California called me and talked about a one of her older friends that was a part of Hitler's thing with the indoctrination bringing the soldiers in and shown them the same movies over and over and over
  • About how bad the Jews were and how great the Aryans were just over and over indoctrination
  • Especially younger people really are susceptible to that
  • And we have it in our own country we just don't see it
  • Ours is around patriotism okak..so our appeal is patriotism
  • So these kids that are coming into InfraGard and coming into the differ agencies
  • Now FBI CIA etc they're they're saying this is patriotic
  • This is anti-terrorism anti-terrorism
  • This is a good thing!
  • So we're constantly training for anti-terrorism
  • But in actual fact it's not about anti-terrorism at all it's about this system of basic social control
  • It's population control at the end of the day
  • And it's smart business
  • That's the part people don't get
  • Just think about how the military would benefit I realize it's windy up here
  • It's smart business
  • So City Hall is gonna marry City Hall the city vehicles
  • The military is gonna be smart enough to put a political structure that marries all the official police cars and all the official fire trucks and EMS and even bus people and city water being able to put them in a paging system
  • If you don't think that's possible just think about that Pokemon
  • Where you go get pokeyman
  • You don't know what you're doing you're just going to get Pokemon but you're creating traffic and you're creating all kinds of motion in front of somebody and that could be a target
  • So I know it sounds hard to believe
  • But again go back to COINTELPRO and operation CHAOS
  • This is what Sy Hersh couldn't get his mind around when I called him the second time
  • I came back and I said I've got this system it's Patraeus it's KKR it's a Senate Armed Services Committee blah blah blah
  • And he's like that's too big a story and I said Sy–you're the guy you're the guy who reported on COINTELPRO and reported in the New York Times about operation CHAOS with CIA in the United States in the United States
  • This is old as dust Okay. This is 45 years ago
  • So I don't normally like to this is kind of big picture stuff and I don't normally like to do the big picture stuff
  • But I thought I would just say think about it
  • A covert Army is so much easier the physical requirements are
  • So much easier you can get disabled people
  • You can get people who are drug addicts you can get people who are involved in all kinds of ratlines just selling drugs they only have to be able to make it down to their corner or wherever on a cane you don't have the same kind of physical requirements it's
  • So much easier than doing a real Army
  • Quartering quartermaster barracks painting all the time moving transportation training drilling
  • None of that's required covert armies are the easiest
  • All they need to do is learn a little bit of a relay system and I love the bells I love the bells I love the clocks everybody says I love the clocks because I think a Clockwork Orange and the bells are nice because they somehow remind us of our humanity I don't know I I realize it's religious as well but beautiful st. st. Joe's over here a beautiful church but
  • So this is waxing a little too too long and I don't normally do this but I've had
  • So many people that are depressed and they're wondering what's happening to my life
  • Why is everything going downhill slowly downhill and I'm trying to say it's not what you think it is
  • It's not just the brakes it's things can't go that many times against you over that period of time
  • Especially now when we've got the organ harvesting is so profitable and the opiate targeting is so profitable
  • I've met so many parents who've had their kids die very very young or put it this way become brain dead then declared dead very young
  • So anyway I just wanted to say they're called low intensity systems for a good reason
  • So they're not noticed and low intensity systems are very easy
  • And if you if you the relay I was going to talk about is you've been all been to a baseball game and they touch their nose they touch their ear and they touch their hair and then they make all those funny things the kids make fun of them
  • And what they do is a touch system and they just pre-arranged it after the ear it's going to be the third touch
  • And each each whatever signal or sign means something
  • So you get a sign and all you need to do is know who you're looking at downstream and looking at upstream and it's a relay
  • The relay is a dumb system the same system we had before WikiLeaks with with the thumb drives
  • You don't know anything beyond your downstream and your upstream
  • So that if you're ever compromised or captured you give up to people right
  • Now if you're tortured
  • So then they have to go find those people and then torture them and so forth but if I knew the whole ratline they'd only have to torture one guy
  • It would be a lot easier to get the ratline
  • So Wow I promised myself I would never do this topic
  • But this is the G4S
  • This is the G4S this is why I know what happened in Zanesville
  • It's because they used these groups to kind of surveil and I mean Maitreya DynCorp trains in surveillance they trained in harassment
  • So I guess they wouldn't have those courses unless they did it
  • And these g4s groups are the ones that are mainly that are mainly doing it
  • Now and they take guys that have grad have retired they're 20 years or 30 years into the FBI or CIA
  • And they give them a little security company and they make a security company out of their family and friends
  • Or lower-level ratline people and the security companies are about 25-100 people but we have a ton of them we got like 7,000 according to the last count Danah priests did this top-secret America
  • So when anytime you create these structures that are military structures, that are kind of beneath the surface
  • I mean the pioneer of the fighters the colonialists did it with Sons of Liberty ok
  • And it's done over and over Gladio program in Europe Gladio B and Western Asia Gladio C here in the United States
  • Why do you think we have 33 Muslim training camps that nobody ever shuts down?
  • It's because those are weapons caches in case there's ever a civil insurrection like Charles Charlottesville
  • Exactly that why do you think we're bringing people in from other countries and like Dearborn or wherever and caching these soldiers
  • It's so that if there ever is a charlottesville these are all responses that have been trained and they're ready to go
  • It just makes sense it's good military planning Okay.
  • That is all I'm going to say
  • The Israelis are completely innocent in all of this Obama has nothing to do with anything
  • So not sure why I did it but a couple of just
  • So many people kept asking me I did my little shtick on the third amendment
  • So there will be a third amendment challenge in my lawsuit against the FBI
  • It's obviously probably not gonna win it just because judges don't want to start doing discovery because once you start discovering this stuff, it's New York Times Sy Hersh it's New York Times as soon as the stuff comes forward
  • And really we haven't had anything since COINTELPRO that
  • Now the FBI had a thing called a registry and they kept changing the name every time I'd get discovered they just changed the name well Cohen tells pros[sic] (((well done, google, well done))) COINTELPRO it's gonna be the same way they just change the name and keep improving it
  • So now one person said why doesn't Trump because it's an executive order just reverse presidential decision directive 62
  • That'd be interesting–everyone with one stroke of the pen you could eliminate a lot of the covert organizations because a lot of their covert organizations got their charter with with and telling the CIA to work with the FBI a lot of that that got charted with presidential decision directive 62
  • We'll see that's a good idea actually
  • So anyway I know BLM
  • BLM is… ok. All the Federal agencies are all the same right–they're a big agency chartered to do something bureaucratically with a big budget
  • So all these in BLM and other people that have this paramilitary group that's inserted inside them, that's just simple infiltration
  • That makes sense again if you're CIA, that is just good business you take that business every day
  • You're using somebody else's budget
  • Now you infiltrate your group you take people out with with operations–you embarrass people through reading their email or whatever–you move your people in and
  • Now you own that whole budget
  • Now you can spend that whole BLM budget on whatever you want you don't have to spend any of it on on actually managing the forest right
  • So you can start saying, ok well gosh there's uranium there let's take that we'll sell that to the Chinese
  • What KKR should we get for that and
  • So far you got IRS and all of them
  • So that's why I don't really do the Lloyd lavoy finicum thing
  • That's just one example of like a whole bunch of examples it's good business
  • That's the way you do it if you're a military planner
  • Good low-intensity systems
  • I don't know why but I got off on the big topic
  • Well we're gonna now go back to our regularly scheduled micro case management here and solving the Awan brother's case

  • Day 299.6 Imran and Hina Indicted. – YouTube
    • Everyone just really quickly, you probably have all heard the news that Hina and miss miss Hina Alvi and Imran Awan have been indicted by a grand jury this afternoon
    • I'm gonna get more details as the afternoon develops
    • But there are going to be making false statements and fraud bank fraud involved
    • Believe me deep loan my contact there has gonna is gonna provide many many contacts
    • I have already begun the process of doing screenshots of all the different places that Imran and Hina used as a bank fraud from the Congressional Credit Union
    • So all that information is not going to be forwarded to the grand jury
    • And they are going to have to answer for their shenanigans with all the multiple aliases
    • And all the games that they've been playing with the American taxpayers dollar
    • It's not gonna stop there it's going to move into that next level the easiest part of this whole thing is the proprietaries
    • It's the most easiest thing to prove bank fraud is the easiest thing it's gonna be over 12 loans
    • It's gonna be more like 20 but we're gonna get there in time
    • I just I saw it Jason put up a conversation from crowdsource the truth
    • I just wanted to say where I went down to CNN Plaza
    • I just wanted to say that was after two months of trying to get a hold of Donnie O'Sullivan
    • That was two months later asking for a retraction
    • After the of course after the judgment went my way in Zanesville retraction became absolutely necessary
    • So not only was Donnie intimidating 15 year olds who just did funny memes about CNN guy getting flipped by Donald Trump
    • But he was actively bragging how he was extorting, cajoling, intimidating people on the internet, using private information, using army psyops type information being able to get to people's private information to be able to attack what he calls trolls
    • Well that's actually using Simon that's actually using the information that our military has in a way that it's supposed to be for the defense of our country to defend your position…your social media position
    • Which is it's just a horrible contortion of all of our civil liberties
    • So things are developing fast again we have just this wall a tidal wave of evidence as we've been working on every day chrissy francis has done 88 or 90 different updates to the Trello board
    • Again evidence evidence evidence articles articles articles just a tidal wave right now
    • So I wanted to also say that that morning that I went down to CNN Plaza
    • That I had done four different videos very calmly asking Donnie for a handshake interview
    • I said let's bygones we've got bygones I'll interview you you interview me simultaneously
    • We'll work this out
    • I don't want to sue you I don't want to sue CNN I don't
    • Even though some of the things I learned about Donnie since then are repulsive and make me feel like I need to now for the American people
    • I just felt that all the hand wringing and the mealy-mouthed kind of phone calling wasn't gonna do it anymore
    • He had ignored me for almost two months he knew about the judgment in Zanesville that went my way
    • He knew that the FBI hunted me down electronically he knew that they could instructed false pretences
    • He knew they falsely imprisoned me he knew that they planted the story with him because he was a guy who got the story
    • So that was really key
    • He had this golden opportunity
    • And I just wanted to give him that chance I didn't have to give him that chance before he did that
    • This is the state taking secret information that's gleaned in Charleston port secret in it to a local law enforcement agency
    • Running that person down electronically
    • Constructing a false a probable cause
    • Falsely imprisoning them and in planting this false narrative this just lie basically characterizing the person who was trying to help the most as a terrorist
    • So I think anybody in that position sold Michael Gallagher thing when he walks into absence of malice and the Gal spills coffee on herself because she's like oh my god
    • Because it's a lot different dealing with somebody face to face that you've smeared rather than somebody a faceless person over the Internet
    • So that wraps it up
    • As I said this was going to happen I've got a wall of evidence
    • We got the Trello board as a wall of evidence a tsunami of evidence
    • So just enjoy enjoy this process
    • As these indictments come down you

  • I Wrote War, Radio, and Me – YouTube
  • Oh shit we're live already
  • So hello
  • So Nancy here is in Yonkers yeah yeah and she came out to meet me and I appreciate that tremendously and tell everybody a little bit about yourself Wow I live in Yonkers I'm a Yonkers I lived here for more than 50 years you're a yogi I'm a yogi and I'm like meditate yeah I meditate and meditate actually every day and actually right
  • Now I'm meditating but I'm also having a beer
  • So my grandfather came here like in the nineteen well he came in Ellis Island and built a house and right
  • Now that's the house that I live in and you are dire straits is that true yes I am dire straits which is I think it's
  • So funny that when you meet somebody with the nickname and then you meet who they are
  • So tell us what days fresh you were I think that was like day [Music] at the beginning of January and I listened to Project Camelot and I actually screenshot that a couple of days ago on Atman seek and ansi/ieee quue like a unique book Nancy and what what's been amazing today is that all these people are sending in these screenshots and this poor gal who volunteered to put all these screenshots in the Trello board and of course we didn't know that the indictments were coming down today and all this evidence would be required
  • Chrissie Francis Chrissie Francis has been this doing this yeoman's work we thought it was gonna be 50 screenshots than we thought it's gonna be a hundred then we thought it was a 150 200
  • Now I think she's on her like two hundred and fiftieth screenshot it's called the reaction shot that's what's called the reaction shot
  • So as you're sitting here right and you've been here right Nancy as I'm taking these calls and when
  • So it's really an odd situation where you're sitting and you're speaking with someone and we're having a good time we're talking about different episodes and whatnot and then someone calls and says they're saying this about yeah it's amazing it's like hello indictment
  • Now it's like like Where's George [Music] yeah he wrote a book about his father
  • So so what are the interesting things is we got several calls that said there and God knows I love Jason God knows I love Trish in my heart of hearts
  • I only want you guys to be super successful that
  • I love you guys but anyway somebody said there was something about a book and how I may have claimed responsibility or our credit for this book that I didn't write
  • I don't know what was said I have no idea what was said
  • But I have no idea he definitely wrote the book
  • I wrote one book and one book only and that book was "War Radio and Me" as the three parts of my dad's life about inventing the cordless telephone and first part was as a kid him playing kind of with radio second party we went to war had a chance to perfect kind of his design third part was the transistor came out and that enabled the phone to be created
  • God strike me dead if I did not write war radio on me
  • So I don't know if that was said or not I don't know that I said
  • I'm not I'm not claiming any other book but war radio and me I wrote God strike me dead if I did
  • So anyway I'm just want to get that out of the way it was really nice to be on here and be transparent have some trust have some faith
  • So that kind of reminds me of that what John Hyatt John and I what's your favorite music I mean
  • So it's kind of a gin its kind of guy he has a song have a little faith have a little faith
  • So just have a little faith have a little faith right and and that'll take us through this because we've got the indictments tonight
  • And we've got a light indictment I think there's only two for Hina and two for Imran and I think there should be about twenty four and plus I think there's a whole bunch of other people that should have got indicted as well
  • But we're gonna get there we're gonna get there
  • But have a little faith that's that's the key word that I want to leave everybody was tonight I did write
  • War radio and me I have no idea what was said but I'll just tell you this right
  • Now I wrote more radio on me
  • So and wondered let me ask you a question ask me a question
  • >>>CONT

Pope: Rights of migrants trump national security concerns — “Pope Francis urged countries on Monday [21 August 2017] to greatly improve their welcome to migrants and stop any collective expulsions, saying migrants’ dignity and right to protection trumps national security concerns.”

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VATICAN CITY – Pope Francis on Monday urged countries to greatly improve their welcome to migrants and stop collective expulsions, saying migrants' dignity and right to protection trumps national security concerns.

Francis' politically pointed message was made in view of the Catholic Church's 2018 world refugee day, celebrated Jan. 14.

In the message, Francis demanded governments welcome, protect, promote and integrate migrants, saying Jesus' message of love is rooted in welcoming the "Rejected strangers of every age."

He has repeatedly spoken out for migrants' rights, demanded countries build "Bridges not walls," and personally brought a dozen Syrian refugees back to Rome with him when he visited a Greek refugee camp in 2016.

Ignoring critics who say his calls are unrealistic and naive, Francis insisted in the new message that border guards must be trained to protect migrants and that each new arrival, regardless of legal status, must be guaranteed access to basic services beyond health care.

He called for policies that support family reunification, employment opportunities and accelerated citizenship procedures to improve migrants' abilities to integrate.

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The roles of taxes and government, from an Economist

This is a repost of a reply I made that I think deserves more general attention and discussion than just its specific sub-thread. So…

Discussing the Laffer Curve-

Response to my statements on the topic-

"So is the relationship of growth to taxes purely downward sloping instead of bell shaped in your view?"

And now me-

Things get complicated here. What we have is the intersection of several different things, all interacting.

1) Public Goods. No, Public Goods are not goods provided by government. They are, to economists, goods with two specific and necessary properties-

a) they are non-rival. That means one persons consumption of it does not impede another persons consumption of the same thing. Right there is become obvious that the 'goods' in question must necessarily be services.

b) they are non-excludable. This means that if the service is provided to one person, it is provided the same to everyone, though this can be regionally limited.

The US Army keeps Mexico from invading and this benefits everyone in the US. The fire department keeps a fire from spreading, it benefits everyone in the area. Police keep crime down it benefits everyone.

All of the traditional and universal functions of government are basically a complete list of public goods. This is not to say that everything the government does is a public good though.

But, since a PG once provided benefits everyone (in the relevant region, depending on circumstances) the free market will not efficiently provide them. Efficiently meaning if an additional dollar of spending will provide an additional dollar of total benefit that dollar will be spent. But individuals only spend to the point of individual benefit. If the total benefit of an additional dollar at some point is +$10,000 because it benefits 20,000 people to the tune of 50 cents each no one will spend that dollar, because it only get him 50 cents worth. And he gets that 50 cents worth if anyone spend the money.

So, we create a special form of firm that produces public goods and we give it the power to compel payment. Ie government and taxes. Ideally government will spend the money that needs to be spent, and not waste money.

But note- security guards are a form of private police. Sprinklers in a commercial building are a form of private fire protection, and still there used to be private fire departments, and a homesteader with a shotgun is a form of national defense, for a very small value of 'nation'.

Also, radio is a public good (though changing now, as computer tech makes it possible to exclude some via encryption) that does not require government to be efficiently provided.

Now, the benefit of public goods is different for different goods and different spending levels. Since non-idiots (even politicians) do the most productive things first, and successively less productive things after. So if we graph the total value of public goods against the total spending on the goods we have a curve that slopes up but that gets flatter as we move right. Each bit adds less to the total than the bit before.

2) The Excess Burden of Taxation. To an economist, the total burden of a tax is the total economic impact it has. We take our system, note its wealth. Impose the tax, note its new wealth. The total burden is the difference between the two. This does NOT refer in any way to the value of whatever the tax provides. We are ONLY looking at the cost of the tax here.

The Excess Burden of Taxation is simply total burden minus the tax revenue raised. If we impose a tax that has the effect of making the system $7 billion poorer while raising $4 billion in revenue, the Excess Burden is $3 billion. This has nothing to do with the cost of tax collectors and bureaucrats, who are paid out of the $4 billion raised.

The reason the EBT exists is because taxes changes prices and prices change economic behavior. Impose a tax in income and work becomes relatively less valuable than non-work time and so people work and produce less.

The specifics of the EBT depend on the details of what's taxed and how. much, with the EBT rising non-linearly in a bad way as taxes increase. The slope ultimately going vertical. If government taxed away all income from work the total burden would be the entire economy while the revenue raised would be zero…

So optimal taxes/spending is obtained where $1 additional dollar of benefit is obtained at the cost of $1 additional dollar of cost. But both the cost and the benefits are highly dependent on the local condition of the economy at that time and place.

In the US today, the marginal Excess Burden of Taxation (the additional cost) is about 75% (if you wondered why I picked those specific 4-7 numbers before, this is why…). An additional $4 billion in tax revenue requires taking an additional $7 billion from the rest of the economy. Now, if you have something worth $7 billion or more to spend that money on, this is not an issue.

So what is a policy worth? Well, it isn't necessarily worth the same to everyone. Let me introduce you to the concept of politics…

Relationship of growth to taxes? What's taxed? How much is it taxed? What is that money spent on? Depending on the answers to those questions it can be positive, negative or flat.

Targeting Adversaries & Deanonymization Attacks Against Tor Users



Tor is a P2P network for promoting traffic security of various forms of internet communications for millions of users worldwide. In most cases, Tor users are very unlikely to become the target of an adversary, as they are namely shielded via Tor against opportunistic local hackers, local censorship authorities and hostile destinations. Deanonymizing adversaries act through attempting to attack as many Tor users as possible, instead of targeting specific users or groups of users.


For some Tor users, this may be more or less insignificant; however, Tor is mainly intended to protect the identity of human right workers, military personnel, journalists, law enforcement agents and others, who may encounter huge, meticulously determined and generously financed adversaries. Even though a considerable percentage of these adversaries will not target specific users, or are said to be “hoovering” adversaries, some may be interested in specific Tor users, on the basis of offline reasons. Different strategies are deployed by adversaries who may choose to target specific Tor users.


A group of researchers recently published a paper that introduced and investigated “targeting adversaries” who launch attacks against specific users of Tor, or other similarly secure P2P communication networks. Throughout their paper, the researchers argued that attacks launched by “targeting adversaries” represent more realistic and more alarming threats to users who namely rely on Tor’s protection, than attacks which were described in prior studies analyzing Tor’s security. Previous research studies and Tor design strategies have been centered on protection against adversaries with “hoovering” behavior, i.e. who don’t target specific Tor users. The adversaries investigated in this paper specific target users e.g. visitors of a particular web page, users of a given private chat channel……etc, and disregard other Tor users. They presented a model of such “targeting adversaries” and investigated three example cases where specific users might be in the crosshairs of the adversaries;

A cabal conducting online meetings via MTor, a recently published Tor multicast protocol. A cabal online meeting using a private IRC channel. Users of a specific anonymous service, or a .onion website. 

The study discovered that targeting adversaries comprise their targets faster than deanonymizing attacks examined in previous research studies. Let’s take a look at the results obtained from studying MTor adversaries:

MTor Adversary:

A targeted and compromised user X who belongs to a cabal that holds online meetings only via MTor can reveal to a targeting adversary all communications throughout the cabal, in addition to the group’s long term keys and identifiers. A targeted, yet uncompromised, user X with a compromised guard that connects to an MTor cabal could render the cabal the adversary’s target by association. Note that when the target group is open, the adversary can join it.


The adversary throughout such an attack will try to look at all pairs of users , to link each pair belonging to a multicast group and to identify a specific user engaging in a multicast group. The targeting adversary usually aims at identifying all users of a given multicast group, predicting the size of the cabal and/or pinpointing MTor groups that a target user might belong to.


Targeting adversaries own middle relay nodes that help them estimate the size of the cabal and identify guards that they should target for the purpose of compromise or bridging, in order to identify the clients behind these guards. The MR can predict the size of the cabal.


The guard of a given MTor group user can visualize all of the group’s GID sessions, and may then choose to identify other members of the group. The authors of the paper assumed that the traffic patterns for any member of the cabal during a multicast session will be linked, so that the GID will not be necessary for the adversary to link other users with the cabal; this assumption has been also presented by authors of MTor. The study found out that targeting adversaries are capable of launching active attacks, that can include disruption of communications among a group and/or generation of its very own group traffic if the adversary becomes a member of the group. Nevertheless, for simplicity, the study’s initial analysis assumed that adversaries are passive.

The study highlights the current capabilities of targeting adversaries across Tor and represents a useful resource for forging countermeasures to shield Tor users against such adversaries.

Coast Guard service members with Port Security Unit 305 stand watch along the shore of Naval Station Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, July 19, 2017, [2400 x 1587]


Coast Guard service members with Port Security Unit 305 stand watch along the shore of Naval Station Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, July 19, 2017,


[Military] Coast Guard service members with Port Security Unit 305 stand watch along the shore of Naval Station Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, July 19, 2017,


[From the Emerald Vaults] Unredacted Plot from Part 4

Plot 1: Keep Your Friends Close

RP: Quan, that old fool, had died of a mysterious heart disease that day he plotted against the Catons. Tom, always a stickler for deliberation, collapsed under the weight of his own exercise. Doggo, a fervent member of the cult of the Curious One, had gone insane, plotting to kill She Whose Rolls Define Fate. A few months later, the king himself would meet his own demise, bedridden and insane. It seemed the rumored Curse of the Ancients had come down on the old king and his ministers for being so rash in dealing with the Cantonese Pirates. Quan would’ve been rolling in his grave if he heard what reckoning the pirates delivered upon Sagaing, his beloved settlement.

The masses were restless, unable to reason how so many could’ve died in the span of only a few years. They complained about what little the government had done to stop the enslavement of their fellow brothers and sisters. Some had turned to religion, training in the sacred martial art of judo to appease the Great Goddess, Aimerais. Others had begun aggressively boarding up their homes and fencing their fields in fear of an invasion. Fewer and fewer people came to the markets of Bago every day, in fear that raiding parties would enslave them and steal their blessed bananas, the holy fruit of the Great Goddess given to her by the Curious One before

he became corrupted.

The various lords had begun to act up too, as Minsaw had yet the authority (and possible insanity) that his late father had. Some of had no trouble paying lip service to the new King, but others had yet to say a word. Minsaw’s hold on the Empire was barely palpable as the army had to adjust its size to guard the whole of the Empire.

The Taungoo Empire was at an impasse. Although the new king had done much to protect the new settlements from outside, it seemed that we lacked the intelligence needed to match. Although legendary for its covert operations, the old ministry was close-minded. Sloppy. They lacked the proper protection of the Goddess, unable to protect what was in front of them whilst they plotted away in secret against their enemies. Government documents were easily stolen and leaked to our rivals. The old ministry met its demise the same way it brought down the Catons.

In light of this, it was about time the King renewed their relations with neighboring empires. While relations were still relatively stable, it never hurt to try to improve relations with neighbors, especially considering the many new works of art and literature that the Great Goddess Aime blessed the people of the nation with. With so many of the faithful of Bago pAYiNG mOnIEs tO eMEraLd, there were more than enough funds to send a party of the faithful to spread their faith to the civilizations of the North. After all, the "Middle Kingdom" had yet to adopt a faith, so what would they to lose under the divine protection of Aime?

It was decided. A great tribute of monks, performers, storytellers, elephant tamers, and cooks would go and parade through the many cities of the Song Empire, spreading the wonderful and culture of the Burmese. At Bianjing, they would greet the ministers of the Song Empire with respect and hopefully start a new age of exchange between the two Great Empires.

[REDACT] "Surely your majesty knows how much money this expedition requires?" Sun (/u/TheHeroWith1000Faces) confronted the newly-crowned Minsaw (/u/EmeraldRange). "This is more than half our treasury. I knew you were inexperienced, but how could you be so rash?"

"You ought not to so callously object to your King like that. What the world would not know is that this is a guise for an entirely different plot. A normal country might send spies under the guise of monks and cultural exchange, but this was simply just the fallback guise should their spies be caught. The plan was to send a parade of troops to Canton to prepare for a military plot next part. "

King Minsaw rummaged around and brought out a badly crumpled scroll. He held it out and said to Sun "This is what I've sent to Caton for 'transparency.' They should think this particular plot is about the Song, when it is not".

Sun took the scroll and didn't bother opening it before he asked "Then please enlighten me, your Majesty, what you actually want to do"

"You're the minister of Homeland Security, is there any other threat than the Cantons? My father was stupid to go crazy after them, we must be calculated and precise. As your first mission as head of the new Department of Intelligence, you and this band of people will go to Canton to look and garner as much intel and influence in the region as you can. Go all out. Use artists to scout out the land for potential invasion routes by creating great landscapes. Pay off officials for government whereabouts and reward them with the money I've given you. Make the population love She Whose Rolls Define Fate, and push out anyone whose presence might be troublesome for our future plans. Create a network of monasteries on the Milk Road to track enemy movements and bless trade.

"Slip something more into our laxative food when you feed the high ranking Shenzhen officials so that some people more sympathetic to Taungoo can be in power ready for our plans. We don't need to kill anyone, just make them get explosive diarrhoea before important decisions. Shove the food down their throats if you must, but always remember that the Canton ministers must suspect nothing. Anyone who's caught is just simply there for a pit stop before going to the Song. Remember that our objective is to invade Shenzhen quickly and unexpectedly once you have returned with the intel. I’m sending you along with all this gold and some military-trained warriors because I know you to be like quicksilver hand. Go and make use of your skills for the Empire.[/REDACTED]

"Sun, I hereby appoint you as the field operator for this mission. Go and spread the protection of the Great Goddess to the vulnerable masses and the culture of my great Empire far and wide. May the exchange of ideas and goods bless the both of our empires, and may Aime always protect you. I trust that your skills and expertise will always equip for any situation you encounter."

"Yes, my liege." replied Sun.

Invested: /u/TheHeroWith1000Faces, 1 Warrior and 77 gold

Result: Bianjing converts to Aimeism [REDACTED] Real Result: Gain boosts to plot against Canton next part. Specifically to move troops there and to flip Shenzhen [/REDACTED]

[Mission Concept] House of the Devil

House of the Devil is an amalgamation of the Blood Money levels A House of Cards and Dance with the Devil.

Map Design – The Shamal Hotel featured in A House of Cards will be the main structure of the map, but will now also include the parking garage, sub-basement, and top floor penthouse as seen in the Shark Club building in A Dance with the Devil.

The front entrance to The Shamal will remain mostly the same, albeit with the modern Hitman flair – more NPC's, more details, more freedom. It will be expanded and redesigned to look more elegant and classy.

Around the side of the building is the entrance to the parking garage. This will look similar to the parking garage entrance in the Blood Money version, and the layout will be mostly the same, however the first floor lobby and security desk will not be included.

The sub-basement features the Hell party, a masquerade type party with a demonic theme. The penthouse suite on the top floor features the Heaven party.

The main floor of the building features a casino and a middle-eastern themed restaurant, just as its Blood Money counterpart did, except the casino is on the same level as the lobby instead of down a flight of stairs.

the sub-basement, parking garage, lobby, floor 7, floor 8, and the penthouse are all accessible via elevator.

The Story – There are 5 targets in this mission. Anthony Martinez, Vaana Ketlyn, Henrik Schmutz, The Sheikh, and Tariq Abdul Lateef.

Schmutz was a former Ether employee and stole vital DNA samples and research. He intends to sell this research to Ether's number one competitor – APEX International.

APEX's CEO, The Sheikh, will be arriving in person to field the purchase of Schmutz's stolen DNA samples and research.

The Sheikh's head scientist, Tariq Abdul Lateef, will also be present to inspect the samples and research prior to handing over the payment.

The three are expected to meet at some point this evening at the Shamal Hotel, but there is a complication.

Anthony Martinez, a corrupt CIA agent working multiple angles for his own financial gain, is attending a masquerade party at the Shamal as cover – he plans to hijack the DNA research, and well as the payment, and sell it on the international black market.

In order to accomplish this, he has enlisted the help of Vaana Ketlyn, a major player in global black trade, who will help him fence the research in exchange for half The Sheikh's intended payment. The two have a history together of mixing business with pleasure.

Our client is a third party who wants the DNA research recovered and destroyed before it falls into the wrong hands. What you do with The Sheikh's payment is entirely up to you. The client also wants The Shiekh, Lateef and Schmutz eliminated, which will deliver a major blow to unethical DNA

The Mission – Apart from the inclusion of two extra characters and a number of new opportunities, the House of Cards portion of the mission will play out largely the same. The Sheikh, Schmutz and Lateef will play out very similar routines, with a few modifications to fit with the updated game play of the new title. Martinez will at some meet with Ketlyn in the sub-basement to discuss plans on how to acquire the research and money.


The Jaws of Defeat – Vaana Ketlyn has spared no expense with her Heaven and Hell themed raves, but the real spectacle is the live shark swimming around in the water tanks surrounding the dance floor in the sub-basement. As a former world-renowned circus performer, it wouldn't be out of the ordinary for Ketlyn to perform a death-defying stunt. Perhaps there is an opportunity to up the stakes? – Vaana will perform a stunt routine involving the Shark. Rig the safety equipment to cause her to fall into the shark tank and be devoured. Her opioid-impaired party goers may very well think it's all part of the show.

A Dance with the Devil – Anthony Martinez and Vaana Ketlyn have a decade-long history of business relationships, with plenty of pleasure mixed in. Apparently, it has been two years since they last saw each other in person, and judging by their recent phone calls, their reunion may be an emotional moment. Nevertheless, they are both professionals and will likely focus on the job at hand… unless they can be persuaded. Catching them in the moment might be a good opportunity to eliminate them both at once. Spike Martinez's drink with an aphrodisiac, and send flowers to Ketlyn. During their meeting, set the sound system to play a slow romantic song. They will issue security staff to clear the dance floor for a private dance. Dispose of them in any way you see fit (dropping the lighting rig is one option).

Poor Reception – The Sheikh has been complaining that his phone calls are being dropped due to poor reception inside the building, and that he is tired of walking outside to take calls. This may be a chance to get him right where you want him. Acquire and use Lateef's cell phone to call The Sheikh, and kill him when he goes outside to take the call. You can carry the cell phone with you and call him from anywhere, but if you prefer remaining true to the original, you can snipe him from Lateef's hotel room.

Room Service – Lateef will need to thoroughly examine the DNA samples and research that Schmutz plans to sell to The Sheikh, but since The Sheikh insists that he and Lateef are not seen together, Schmutz will visit Lateef in Lateef's hotel room with the briefcase, but they apparently have never met and do not know what each other looks like. Posing as Room Service may give you an opportunity to slip into the room ahead of their meeting and prepare for Schmutz's arrival. Getting a Room Service disguise and an 8th floor Master Keycard will grant you access to Lateef's room. Lateef will insist that he did not call for room service, but 47 will make up some excuse about expired dairy product in the mini-fridge and needing to check the expiration dates. From there, you can either distract Lateef so you can hide in the room, or kill him and take his disguise. Eventually, Schmutz will show up and you can either examine the briefcase and let him go, examine the briefcase and discreetly plant a remote bomb and then let him go, examine the briefcase, stand up and kill him right there, or jump him the moment he walks in the door.. among any other number of things.

No Deal – The Sheikh is not a trusting man, and does not completely buy into Schmutz's claim that he has betrayed Ether by stealing the DNA research. As far as corporate espionage goes, this would be a deadly game for Schmutz to play, were he to double-cross The Sheikh. Schmutz has every intention on following through with the deal – his loyalty is to the highest bidder, and nobody will bid higher than The Sheikh. But, sabotaging the DNA samples and research and allowing the meeting to go through will no doubt cause The Sheikh to have Schmutz eliminated. Sneak into Schmutz's room, ruin the DNA samples (poison) and then allow Schmutz to meet with Lateef. Lateef will appear surprised that the samples are no good, but will pretend like everything is ok. When Schmutz leaves the room, Lateef will call The Sheikh and inform him that Schmutz is lying. The Sheikh will have his guards intercept Schmutz and lead him to an outside area to kill him. You can; kill Lateef after he calls The Sheikh, kill The Sheikh before he walks back inside after taking the phone call (only possible with a sniper rifle), and allow The Sheikh's men to kill Schmutz.

More on the way, just out of time to type it up for now.