[OC] An Empire of Vengeance [Part 9]

Part 9

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Wooh, that took a while. Hope you like it – the style is very curt. A lot of things happening!

By noon, all teams were in position and patiently waiting. Michael was hunkered with Nathan, Carl and Denys inside the remnants of a house, silently observing the Talsan forward base for any signs of activity. A drop-ship had paid a visit a few hours ago and that had been the most exciting event so far; now they just took bets at how long they'd wait between fish sentry sightings. Michael couldn't help looking at his watch every 5 minutes, Carl was obliviously teaching the intricacies of explosives to Nathan, Nathan was staring into emptiness and Denys was… sleeping.

He'd been a little disappointed in their group's new name; they were near Boston, they should have called themselves the minutemen, but of course Alexander went with the silliest thing that presented itself. Then again, it wasn't as if the name was completely ridiculous – Alexander was many things but he was not an idiot, even if he often acted like one, and there was usually some depth to his demeanor. It was true that they were scurrying around like pests, hiding from the glare of all-powerful beings, and that despite those beings' best efforts at crushing them they just somehow survived and even thrived. Just like cockroaches. He snorted.

Nothing to do but anxiously, patiently wait now – a few more hours of boredom and then a few minutes of intense terror, just like in a real war.

Wall sentry Hussa was terribly sore; his afternoon shift on the wall was always the worst. He'd even missed the resupply drop this morning! The only exciting thing in over a week and it happened during his off-shift, boiling depths!

He looked at his helmet's HUD and at the time; 15:23:25. 7 more minutes and he'd be back inside where the cold dry wind would make his skin ache and crack. And then things became very confusing for a few seconds.

Hussa's comm unit belched static which made him wince from piercing aural pain that almost made him unable to hear the rolling drum of explosions that followed. The sky darkened almost instantly as he was engulfed by thick, sweltering smoke. He reflexively engaged his helmet's thermal optics but he only saw an opaque wall of red. He looked around in confusion for an instant until he heard another set of explosions; with mounting panic he tried to radio his commander but his calls were answered by static. He was just starting to scream into his mouth piece when a quarter ton piece of rocket-propelled barbed steel impaled him into the roof.

The alarms inside the command room of Forward Base #149 started screaming one after the other. The crew on station took a moment to spool up, so used to inactivity as they had been. They were still well trained and disciplined, and base commander Losi'reh was soon receiving status report without having to ask for it.

“Mam! Multiple explosions detected all around the perimeters! Optical sensors are blinded, including thermals! Motion sensors are unable to determine if they are getting false positives!” The technician's eyes rapidly darted from one display to another as he read off the reports.

They all felt a series of reverberations coming from up above, even though they were at the very bottom of the base, 5 floors down.

“What was that?” Losi'reh demanded.

The tech was racing through several alerts displayed on his screen “I don't know mam, we can't raise any of the sentries outside! Tremor sensors are reporting roof impacts in 4 different locations. It looks like some sort of attack, but the ceiling doesn't seem to have been breached!”

They heard a series of explosions from the roof; deep, angry explosions that physically travel led all the way down into the command room, overpowering the wailing alarms for an instant. Most of them looked up with deepening concern and work ceased.

The alarms kept wailing through the silence.

Losi'Reh's gaze snapped down to her comm tech “Raise the fleet, ask them to dispatch a quick response unit.” Her voice whipping the staff back into motion. She turned to her chief of security “Nuewa, get your team in riot gear and head for the roof. I need to know what's happening.”

Nuewa grimly nodded and darted for the armory, speaking into his comm unit as he crossed the door. Losi'reh collected herself as she pressed the all-address button on her comm console.

“Attention all personnel, we are under attack. Everyone arm yourself. Combat personnel are to guard and control all access points to this base. Non combat personnel are to evacuate to the designated shelters and set up defensive barricades as per procedures. Until further notice, all combat personnel are given authority over this facility's operations. In the name of Thershu, we will prevail.”

The comm tech turned around with worried eyes. “Mam, I can't raise the fleet. I'm only getting garbled signals and static.”

Jammed? How were they… never mind “Keep trying.” she got up and addressed the room's occupants “Everyone, get me as much information as you can, we need to figure out what's happ…” her orders were cut off by another, clearer explosion; this one was from inside the base

And then they almost couldn't hear the alarms over the mounting explosions that followed.

Alexander was charging down a corridor with Janisse and Greg in tow, his shotgun leading the way. The fish had reacted very quickly, but they'd been quicker; after clearing the wall sentries, the vanguards of their assault had planted breaching charges on the access hatches. A copious amount of grenades had followed, clearing the immediate interior. The race was now on – they had a little over 3 minutes left.

He figured that the most important room would probably be the deepest, so he was hunting for stairs. The air inside was very humid and water was pearling on his glasses, impairing his vision somewhat. Near constant gunfire and explosions filled the corridors. All open spaces were being systematically flooded with grenades; between all of them they'd brought over 300 little fuck-you's and it sounded like they'd run out pretty quickly.

He rolled across a corridor junction, spotting a group of fish coming down the right as he did. He motioned to the right and kept moving. Behind him gunfire barked, sizzling energy bolts replied, a human scream, something metallic bounced on concrete and an explosion tore across the junction. Only one set of footsteps followed after him. He didn't look back.

Michael and Nathan were following Denys and Carl. The two experienced cockroaches were rapidly advancing through the damp corridors, throwing grenades into whichever open room or corridor they came across, not bothering with locked doors.

Nathan yelped and a shot rang out. Michael turned around just in time to see a naked Talsan duck back into one of the previously ignored door. He took aim and waited for it to re-appear, but Denys took a few steps back and lobbed a grenade with a leisurely side throw into the now-open room. He didn't even wait for the explosion, turning to Michael.

“No time to wait those squirmy chaps out. You use those grenades.” He taped on Michael's grenade bandolier. “We have to keep moving.” He resumed his march onward, leaving Micheal feeling stupid.

He had just enough time to blink and turn around to see a barrage of sizzling energy bolts erupt from an adjoining corridor and burn Carl to shreds.

Denys instantly drew and bounced a grenade into the corridor at the unseen defenders. “The trouts are getting feisty.” He spared a look at Michael and Nathan. “You boys better get your war face on.”

They looked at each other, gripping their guns with sweaty hands. Wide eyed, In unison, they drew a grenade each.

Control room

Losi'reh studied the displayed camera feeds. The wild slaves were swarming in all directions like blood-hungry animals, throwing grenades everywhere, making a mess and butchering her people. She distantly heard the continuous status report and orders being sent out by her staff to the base's defenders. She felt mounting anger at the pests scurrying through her domain.

She gripped her comm console “Nuewa! Where are you? The slaves have almost completely taken over the first floor. Forget the roof, you have to take control of the stairwells and elevators!”

She heard gunfire and explosions and a series of barked orders in reply. Nuewa was breathing hard but he sounded calm. “Understood. We're falling back and setting up defensive positions on the 5th floor. I've ordered the Hunter unit activated.”

She jerked back in surprise. The Hunter? Is the situation really that precarious? “Understood. We'll turn off the lights on the upper floors.”

Well she reflected I will finally get to see one of those in action

The anger she'd felt slowly turned into hungry expectation.

Alexander snapped his shotgun right and shot, splattering another fish defender as it turned a corner up ahead. Janisse was at his back covering their rear; they'd had one too many pistol-armed fish technician try to ambush them from behind.

The lights went off all at once. Gunfire and explosions paused for but an instant, resuming in earnest. Alexander sniffled, and resumed his advance through the emergency-lit hallways.

He heard a gurgling scream. Gunfire. Another gurgling scream. Something wet and heavy crashing into something solid. It had come from… that direction, around the bend. He cat-ran to the corner and continued cautiously. The corridor ended onto a large storehouse of sort, maybe 20 meters wide and 30 meters deep. He quickly scanned the area; there were polymer crates of all kind in various stacks. At the far end there appeared to be a cargo platform, a way down? The center of the room seemed clear… no, he discerned a corpse in the penumbra, no, 2 corpses. Looked like Julian and Yussef. They'd been eviscerated, there was a lot of blood. He brought his shotgun up as he saw movement across the room – there was a corridor at the other end; Denys had just arrived, followed by Michael and Nathan.

Alexander silently motioned for them to stop, danger, move carefully; Denys nodded.

From both sides of the room, both teams stalked in, sticking to the shadows as best they could, alertly scanning the room for any hostile presence.

“MICHAEL!” Nathan threw himself at Michael as energy bolts appeared from the middle of the room, scoring the wall where Michael had been a half second ago. Nathan screamed in pain.

“NATE!” Michael reached for his friend. Denys grabbed him backward just as something large and angry cut open a crate right in front of him.

From the other side of the room, Alexander saw something shimmer, some sort of shadow was moving towards Denys' team. Something lethal. He opened fire at the air, Janisse followed suit.

The bullets splattered on something hard, sending ripples of images as they did. It looked to be about 3 meters tall, humanoid. They saw it turn around. They immediately jumped aside as a hail of energy bolts crashed into the wall half a meter away.

Alexander rolled on himself and got back to his feet. He heard crates crashing down, he heard a gurgling scream. He saw Janisse suspended in mid-air, looking down in shock at the wicked-looking pair of metal claws holding her aloft through her mid section. The headless robot's left arm and upper torso momentarily revealed as its invisibility field was disrupted by Janisse's body.

Alexander shouted and shot at the revealed assassin, soon supported by Denys and Michael. The robot turned sideways. Swivel-mounted heavy rifles on the robot's shoulders tracked Alexander and spat out energy bolts. Alexander ducked behind crates, hoping whatever was inside was energy bolt-proof.

Janisse let go of her weapon, too weak to hold on to it. The muzzle flashes of weapons growing dim, their barks growing distant. She looked up in a daze at the headless monstrosity – its upper torso was peppered with button-sized red eyes focusing in all directions. She saw Alexander disappear under a hail of energy bolts, she saw the shoulder guns turn and track Denys. She coughed blood. She pulled as many pins from her grenade belt as she could.

“Fuck” cough “you” she hissed. She exploded.

Alexander, Denys and Michael averted their eyes from the blinding flash. They heard a large metallic object THUD on the ground.

Alexander looked up and saw the felled monster.


But he instantly noticed something was wrong.


Command room

Losi'reh cursed as the Hunter fell “No!”

But then, through the cameras, she saw its eyes flash back on. The Hunter was rebooting.

A crooked smile returned to her face “Yes!”

Storage room 1A

The robot staggered back up. It was scorched and dented, and its invisibility field was off, but it only made it look mad.


Quick, think. Grenades not enough – what else? Alexander reflexively grabbed his 10kg explosive bag, but it didn't have a stand-alone detonator – it was set to trigger along with all the other bags from any of the remotes. He had to swap the detonator. He needed time.


“THAT'S IT? WE SHOULD BE ABLE TO STAY ALIVE THAT LONG.” Denys shouted back as he began firing at the robot, drawing its attention away.

Alexander quickly removed the detonator, fishing a spare one from his breast pocket, jamming it into the explosives. He arranged the dials to set the frequency.

Denys ran flat-out as he fired wildly in the general direction of the robot, blue bolts slamming into crates all around him. He absently remarked that the grenades must have impaired its aim.

Michael shot his magazine dry. He released it and struggled to attach a new one with shaking hands. Nathan was still moaning in pain a few meters away. He heard a crash and swiveled his head in horror. He saw Denys crashing into a stack of crates several meters away. The robot had backhanded him with enough force to send him flying across the room. He screamed as he finally drove the magazine in and stood in place, firing through his madness.

Alexander loosened the shoulder strap as much he could. He grabbed the bag with both hands and got up, saw Denys flung into crates to his left, Michael to his right, screaming and firing at the robot.

He vaulted over the crate he'd hid behind, bridging the 10 meters to the robot with 3 steps. He flung the bag across the robot, holding the shoulder strap with one hand. The bag flew around the robot's torso – he grabbed it as it came around, looped it inside the shoulder strap. The robot swiveled and back-handed him, sending him flying backward. He hit the far wall and fell to the ground, nearly knocking him out cold. His hand grabbed for the remote just as the robot came charging at him, clawed hand rising in an impaling arc. He triggered the explosive.

A deafening fireball projected the robot at him, sending it crashing on the wall above him as he brought his arms up to cover his head. It fell in a heap just next to him, metal splinters stabbing at his exposed skin. He realized he hadn't breathed in a while. He took a deep breath.

Control Room

Losi'reh stood agape, unbelieving what she'd just seen.

Cold fury overtook her. She slammed her fist on her arm rest and cursed the savage slaves thrice to the burning depths.

Storage room A1

Alexander retrieved his shotgun, spared at glance at Janisse's remain and silently thanked her for her sacrifice. He ran over to where he'd seen Denys disappear under crates.

“Denys, you still alive?”

The mound of crates replied. “This insufferable pain is telling me that I am.” Crazy Brit.

He helped dig him out. He looked battered but functional. He trotted over to Michael who was still standing, trigger pressed on an empty magazine. Alexander pressed his gun downward, startling him back to the present.

“We got it.” Michael realized.

“Yes, we got it” Alexander confirmed. He went to inspect Nathan. He had been severely burned across his left arm and flank, but he'd survive. He was in no shape to fight, however. He unslung Nathan's grenade belt and took his explosive bag.

“Michael, give Denys your bag and your grenades, then take Nathan back to the roof and get out.”

“I can still… I can still fight” he said, shakily.

Alexander shook his head. “You take Nathan and get out. Your fight is over.” A thought crossed his mind. “Michael, you still have that cellphone we gave you?” Michael nodded “Take a few pictures of that thing” he pointed at the half-destroyed robot “then take Nathan and go

He didn't wait to see what they'd do. Didn't have time; he glanced at his watch. 1 minute 42 seconds left.

He observed the area, his sight resting on the cargo elevator. How far down does it go?

He motioned at Denys, motioning at the elevator.

“I think that's our ticket to the basement.”

Denys eyed the elevator “Aye, so it is.”

“We need something to absorb the shock.”

Denys worked it out for a moment. “Aye, we do.”

They set upon gathering whatever looked soft or pliable from the shredded crates laying about, and piled it up in the center of the elevator. Alexander took out two small breaching charges and applied them to the elevator's rolling gears on each side.

He finished just as he saw Denys wrench free one of the robot's heavy rifle from one of its shoulder mount, eying it for damage.

“You think you can fire it?”

“Aye – the fish only rigged it for remote firing. There's still the manual trigger on it.” He held up the rifle for effect. It was almost a full meter long.

“Think it still works?”

“Only way to find out” he said, as he laid down on the pile of small boxes and clothes in the center of the elevator.

“Right” Alexander laid down and triggered the breaching charges.

Michael, supporting Nathan up with his shoulders, glanced back into the storage room, just in time to see Alexander and Denys disappear from view as the elevator's running gears and brakes were blown clean off.

5th floor (below ground), Storage room A5

Alexander and Denys had the wind pushed out of them as they smashed into the barely-sufficient impromptu padding as the cargo elevator crashed at the bottom level. A cloud of dust and debris blasted outward, temporarily blinding the squad of Talsans guarding the elevator shaft.

Fighting off the surprise, the leveled their rifles at the elevator and turned on their helmet's thermal vision. They saw a humanoid shape pointing something large and cumbersome their way. They reached for their triggers.

Denys was faster. A stream of heavy energy bolt, three times the power of the smaller rifles', cut down the fish guards where they stood. They barely had time to let a few badly aimed shot fly, which splattered harmlessly on the wall around Denys.

Stairwell S2, 5th floor

Nuewa's squad was under a constant barrage of grenades dropped down the stairwell. As soon as they tried to advance to stop the invaders from coming down, another death ball came bounding.

He ordered what remained of his squad to pull back. This wasn't going to work. He'd let the invaders reach the ground floor and then they'd use grenades of their own. He relayed his orders to the squad holding the other stairwell. Acquiesced, reporting they were in much the same situation. Nuewa bade them good tides.

He cursed. These slaves were way too ferocious and fast. He'd barely had time to get his ready force geared up and to the 4th floor when they'd made contact, and now they were holed up down below with no way out. They had to hold, or die.

A thunderous crash echoed through the corridors, mixing with the near constant explosions and gun fire. His stomach dropped – he tried to hail the team guarding the cargo elevator. Only static replied.

His eyes grew wide as he realized there was no one posted between the ground floor storage room and the command room. He passed command to his sergeant and ran for the armory as fast as he could.

Command room

Losi'reh raged at the vermin destroying her command. She sprang up and commanded her command staff to take up defensive position and make ready to repeal attackers. Even through all this madness, she still took pride in her people as they wordlessly left their work stations and took cover behind consoles, drawing service pistols, taking resolute aim at the door.

They waited. The alarms continued to wail.

They thought they heard something hitting the door. Something was happening. The grip on their weapons tightened.

The door flew out of its frame riding a blinding fireball, flattening the comm tech into a lifeless stain on the far wall. Everyone opened fire into the smoke, coloring it electric blue from a half dozen energy pistols. 4 grenades bouncing into the room. No one saw them through the smoke. No one heard them over the sound of the sizzling bolts.

Losi'reh was thrown backward into a console. She crumpled to the floor and strained to retain consciousness. She heard gunfire, Human gunfire, silencing a Talsan's plead for mercy. She perceived a pair of boots stopping next to her head. She craned her neck, forced her eyes upward. She was looking at some sort of tube. She closed her eyes.

Metallic steps rang out. She heard a Talsan's roar. Her eyes snapped open – the boots turned in place, the was leveled at something within the door frame. She heard a scream of surprised pain and something heavy crash into a console. Gunfire. The distinctive sound of a kinetic shield. She felt picked up hurriedly, brought up and standing against her will. She focused on what was in front of her; Nuewa, wearing an assault frame, pointing the arm-mounted heavy rifle at something behind her.

She heard a heavily accented voice speak low Talsan.

“You move one inch, this girl dies.”

She was that girl.

She saw Nuewa hesitate. She welled whatever energy she had left and forced the words out of her throat.

“In the name of Thershu, we are dust before them.”

Nuewa's eyes widened, but his resolve hardened. He screamed obscenities as he charged. She felt pushed toward him, saw the surprise in Nuewa's face. She felt compressed between Nuewa's form and something bigger and heavier behind her. Nuewa's left arm grabbed her on, moving her to the side, shielded by Nuewa's own body. She heard the frame's actuators strain at his other arm threw something back at the wall. Maybe… they'd get out of this alive.

Alexander's eyes puzzled at the commander's words “In the name of Thershu, we are dust before them.” but realization washed over him like cold water just as the power-suited fish screamed and charged at him. He let go of his shotgun and used the fish commander's body as a shield, pushing it into the charging fish. He felt himself picked up and thrown back like a twig, as his shield was pried from his right hand.

For the second time in the last 3 minutes, he flew backward onto a wall. He raised his head to look up at the armored fish, leveling his heavy rifle at him. Alexander grinned and held up a grenade pin.

The fish's eyes grew wide as he looked down, at the grenade clipped on one of his armature's straps. He didn't have time to look back up.

Alexander shielded himself as best he could but still felt shrapnel impact his skin, drawing blood.

He coughed and struggled back up.

“Den…” cough “Denys, still with us?”

He heard a groan from somewhere on the other side of the room.

“Unfortunately.” he croaked, but he got up.

“Alright… shit, I hope they don't have more surprises like that…”

His ears stopped ringing and he heard the best sound in the whole entire world; human boots running down a corridor.

Emilia and 3 of her squad burst into the room, scanning for hostiles. She nodded at Denys and walked toward Alexander.

“Sometimes I wonder why we even bother. It's quite clear you are able to fight this war all by yourself.”

Alexander chuckled, then winced as the pain stabbed him. He laid against the wall, resting his hands on his thights.

“Please don't make me laugh…”

He pointed at a nearby console.

“That, open it up. There should be a sealed black box with some wires sticking out. It's what we're here for.”

Emilia nodded to her team. The proceeded to tear the console open, rummaging through its innards, soon pulling free their hard-earned prize.

He nodded toward the power suit.

“We need to carry that back as well. It looks heavy but… two of your guys should be able to do it.”

Emilia eyed him, uncertain – it DID look heavy, it would slow them down a lot… but Alexander usually didn't make frivolous decisions.

“James, Henry, you're on salvage duty. Bring this thing back home. Don't need the fish.”

Alexander finally caught his breath and addressed the room. “If you still have your explosive bags, leave them in here.” He heard a few bags drop the floor. He nodded in satisfaction.

“Alright. Cockroaches, time to scurry out.”

Michael had sent Nathan down the zip line first. He was afraid he wouldn't be able to hold on, but he made it all the way down. Just as he was about to follow, he heard the air horn. A tired smile played across his face.

They'd cut it close – they'd clambered back up to the 3rd floor and had the main gates opened about a minute after satellite coverage had resumed. He knew the drop ships were on their way now, but they had enough time to escape.

Everyone had scattered in various directions. He stayed behind, alone, hidden, with the remote detonator for the 30 bags of 10 kg of explosives they'd left behind.

He waited for the drop ships to unload fish troops. He waited for them to head inside, rescue survivors, find out what had happened, capture any prisoner they could find.

Then he triggered the explosives.

1 week later

“Holy Jesus, just HOW many Dog food cans did Carl have?”

Jeremy was making inventory of the lost warrior's belongings.

“Well… we DID always pay him with that crap, didn't we?” Eveline repented nearby.

“Yeah we did… oh, hello? What's that hiding under your bed… come here little box.” Jeremy grunted as he pulled a box tucked all the way under Carl's bunk. He undid the flaps.

“Holy shit Carl! You were holding up on us! Family-sized extra cherry fruit salad! Peaches! And, Oh god YES! King size chocolate bars! He must have been hoarding for YEARS! Guys this is…” he paused for a second, he breathed out the rest of his phrase “…the jackpot…”

He was silent for a moment.

“Guys, these all have names on them.”

Steven looked up from his bunk “Who's names?”

“Ours… our names.”

“What?” he and Eveline got up and came closer. The rest of the squad present came to see what was going on. They inspected the cans and bars bearing their names. They all had one can and one bar addressed to them.

“You're right… these all have our names on it. What the hell?” he said under his breath.

Jeremy inspected the box more attentively. His hands began shaking.

“It's our Christmas presents.” he said solemnly.

Eveline squeaked “what?”

Jeremy held up the box, Carl had scribbled “X-MAS PRESENTS” on it.

“Carl was going to give these to us on Christmas.”

Everyone was silent. Someone wiped their eyes.

Eveline, eyes glistening, a vanguard tear strolling down her cheek, spoke, quiet as a whisper;

“God damnit, Carl…”


Next-generation hidden services protocol(aka v3 onion services). Tor !!!!!

The cryptographic building blocks use updated or more secure signature algorithms and hashing methods. For instance, the older SHA1/DH/RSA1024 was swapped with SHA3/ed25519/curve25519. Directory protocol has been improved and now leaks less metadata to directory servers. This is, in part, to avoid attacks where a hidden service can be censored easily based on the descriptor. To prevent predictability Tor uses, different, pseudo random variables. Time period, public keys, shared random values, etc. “Better onion address security against impersonation; more extensible introduction/rendezvous protocol; and a cleaner and more modular codebase.” As time goes on and more users test v3 onion services, additional prop224 features will likely make their way to Tor and the Tor Browser. They announced that, in the future, some of the next updates will include advanced client authorization and improved guard algorithms.

Spooked by Russia, States Plan to Update Voting Systems

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Of course, threats to democracy and fair voting – such as gerrymandered election districts and disinformation campaigns on Facebook and other social media platforms – go well beyond election technology.

Experts have warned for years that state and local election equipment and security practices were dangerously out of date, but state and local election agencies short of cash have often lagged in updating their systems.

State officials, who zealously guard their control of elections, have greeted federal efforts to address voting security with wariness.

He said the shared guidelines would allow for the deployment of election software on products like tablets and iPads, which could be ready as soon as the 2020 election, rather than force 50 states to put together their own systems.

Many of those machines are at or past the end of their service lives; Georgia conducted November's elections on voting machines running Windows 2000, and parts of Pennsylvania relied on Windows XP.Most states still use paper ballots that are counted by hand or by machines.

A number of states and jurisdictions are replacing old equipment, and Los Angeles County – with 5.3 million registered voters, the nation's largest election district – has designed an election system from scratch, and is asking manufacturers to bid on supplying it.

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[M4F] Poison Ivy or Perfect Clones? Your Choice!

So, I've had a couple of roleplay prompts rattling about in my head. Try as I might, I could not pick one over the other. In the end, I decided to post both together to let you fine folks peruse through them and decide for yourselves if either takes your fancy. Both are long and detailed prompts at different ends of the spectrum, but I've always been a descriptive creative writer who prefers to writer 500 words as opposed to 50 while I'm captured by my muse.

To be perfectly clear, I'm not looking to rush through a scene and I'd rather take my time to give you my best as opposed to just throwing out a quick paragraph per response. You don't have to rush either. I'm extremely patient. Now, onto my prompts…

The first idea is actually based around DC Comics' Poison Ivy character (which is who I'd like you to portray if you choose to take this on) with me portraying a high-security guard in Arkham Asylum. I like to call it:

Why Does the Poison Feel So Good?

James knew he had to leave this bathroom soon. It was only 15 minutes before his shift started and he still had to get through the procedures inherent in doing a shift inside the Maximum Risk wing here at Arkham. But he just didn't feel ready. He splashed cold water on his chiselled features before staring into the mirror, his icy blue eyes looking back at him in the reflection.

He understood the need to bring in staff from outside Gotham. The Joker was causing true chaos throughout the city right now and police resources were being stretched paper thin by trying to stop everything from turning to absolute shit. Unfortunately, that also meant that the vast majority of Arkham's security staff were now patrolling the streets.

And so here he is, doing a shift at Arkham Asylum for quadruple pay. He should be happy. He has a pregnant wife at home. A boost to his finances is very welcome. The thing is, they've posted me at Poison Ivy's cell. This actually goes against protocol. Female guards are generally used to keep the alluring former Doctor's in her prison due to her pheromones being much less effective on the fairer sex. But emergencies call for emergency compromises and so, here is just one man set to try and keep a true femme fatale in check.

Letting out a resigned sigh, the guard exited through the restroom door and turned left in the direction of Dr. Isley's cell. Within a few minutes, he was at the security gate, where a Chief looked surprised to see a man heading for this infamous room. “They're really getting desperate, huh?” the officer said, beginning his scans. James merely nodded tersely, wanting to stay focused on the task at hand. “Well, take my advice, kid. Give her as little information about you as possible. For her, information is leverage and leverage equals control. Trust me, you don't want that.”

A green light lit up on a console, followed by an affirmative beep. The old gears of the heavy mechanical door began to clunk and whirr, before the two halves began to creak apart. It wasn't long before he could see the smaller, rectangular, dimly lit containment cell within the much larger room. Despite the man's nerves, he began to step inside…

Kinks (for this scene): Seduction, manipulation, rough sex, blow jobs, handjobs, dirty talk, light bondage (optional)

Limits: Watersports, scat, outright abuse or rape

Next up is an idea with a more sci-fi/futuristic style to it. The basic premise is a near-to-intermediate future where cloning has become quite a refined process. So much so that scientists can now clone perfect women to certain templates to effectively serve as sex slaves. They have of course been designed to enjoy this purpose, with different personalities built around that core ultra high sex drive. These clones are available at special centres – similar to car dealerships – where men can go to pick their ideal clone, and potentially customise via a catalogue of looks and personality traits, if they have the budget! My working title for this offering is:

Made To Order

David entered the main entrance of the FemaClone facility with a great deal of trepidation. Like any straight man with a pulse, the concept of a custom made, eager sexual partner had always intrigued him since the day the option became widely available. However, he had always used the hurdle of poor finances to convince himself that he wasn't really that interested at all. That was until his media mogul father recently passed away. While David had always been his own man and avoided any links with his famous relatives in the Reindhart clan, that didn't stop his father's estate from adding more zeroes to his account than a coding convention. And now, it was almost impossible to resist the temptation.

He tried his best to look like someone absent-mindedly browsing as he casually checked out the modern plain white, smooth architecture with copious amounts of purely aesthetic sheets of glass. It seemed to be working well until he wandered to close to one of the “welcome desks” in order to pick up a leaflet. As he should have guessed, this caught the eye of one of the saleswomen sat there.

“Welcome to FemaClone, sir! How may I assist you today?” the woman chirped. David was reluctant to engage, but knew he'd gone too far to stay silent now. “I…I guess I'd be interested in the basic package?” He said without much thought, hoping that would dissuade her to some degree.

“Certainly sir. I assume you're referring to our classic models? They may not be as refined as modern breakthroughs in cloning technology, but they're definitely still special!” She shilled. “Of course, I'll need your name in order to do the basic checks, please?” David paused, reluctant to go through the unavoidable reaction. “David Reindhart”, he grumbled. “Oh,” the woman beamed “Any relation?” David just sighed.

And so the clacking of keys began for several moments, with multiple beeps being emitted from a monitor. Then, her eyebrow raised. She'd seen his bank balance. David knew what was coming next. There was a considerable pause before she spoke again. “May I be so bold as to suggest the Platinum package, Mr Reindhart?” She asked, practically frothing at the mouth just thinking about the potential commision. “Unlike all other models, these feature malleable DNA. This allows them to modify all of their features within the parameters of all of our templates. It's true cutting edge technology.”

This caught him off-guard. As unsure as he still was about this entire process, he couldn't deny that the lure of having a sexual partner who could adapt to his desires was pretty much irresistable. “…Sure. Why the hell not?” Just as he'd barely got the words out, a contract was already slapped on the desk.

“Excellent, Mr Reindhart! Please sign here, here and here. Thank you very much. The universal credits will automatically be deducted from your account.” He couldn't help but doubt his huge purchase. The rep's eyes lit up one more time. “Oh! I forgot to mention the free inclusion of the InstaClone service. Please wait in front of the pod over in the left corner for the arrival of your purchase in mere moments. Thank you for shopping at InstaClone!”

David “thanked” the person who just did their best to try and financially bleed him dry and made his way over to the brilliant white, human-sized pod in the corner. His mind was reeling, wondering what exactly his money would get him…

Kinks (for this scene): rough sex, handjobs, blowjobs, dirty talk, cock worship (optional) body modification (completely optional), bimbofication (completely optional)

Limits: watersports, scat, outright abuse or rape, violence, snuff

To elaborate on those kinks marked as “completely optional”, those are stated merely to highlight them to those who enjoy such things. I won't force them to be included. Likewise, although body modification was heavily hinted at in this prompt, it can be completely ignored if it makes you uncomfortable.

Feel free to ask me any questions about anything I didn't make clear here. Finally, if I don't respond for a few hours, I'm likely just asleep. It doesn't mean I'm not interested.

Wow, that was long. A genuine thank you to anyone who got to this point. I hope to see some envelopes!

I am convinced the security guard in Mandalay Bay had something to do with the Vegas shooting & MGM knows something we don’t know.

I believe the security guard went up to this room by himself for a reason. I worked at major hotels in the past, security is always paired up. So for this security guard to go the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay in the middle of the night by himself and knock on the shooters door before the shooting occurred is odd. In addition, all security guards have radios and cell phones. For the security guard not to call anyone before or after he got shot and took the police that long is absurd. Also, the fact the shooter had access to the service elevator is strange. Side note, the security guard is an armed guard as well which could play out to be the 2nd shooter. Since it does take many hours and hours of training to be that good of a shooter. To shoot from the 32nd floor down at concert few blocks away, middle of the night, loud concert, people moving around, noise effects, light effects, wind, etc. and to do what the shooter did. And to have only one piece of napkin for notes. Someone in the military would be capable of doing all of this and illegally assembling weapons. The security guard disappeared from his scheduled news conference on "Hannity" and then somehow the shooters house in Reno got robbed. You would think the biggest mass shooting in U.S. history during an investigation they would be protecting the shooters house and have tabs on the security guard, but no. (Maybe the security guard robbed the shooters house because evidence was in the house) Furthermore, MGM & Las Vegas PD keep changing timelines. MGM might know all of the above and are saving their own butts by not releasing too much information. We don't even know what day he checked in and it's been more then week since the shooting. From my hotel experience, it takes 20 seconds to look that up. MGM doesn't want a massive lawsuit from every concertgoer, people staying in hotel, etc. Would hurt MGM brand. Maybe they know something small or big who knows. Also, for the shooter to kill himself before the cops even got their. And for the shooter to only shoot the security guard and not kill him. Makes me wonder, was the security guard the 2nd shooter, and did something happened during the shooting where the shooter shot the security guard and the security guard killed the shooter. MGM has to know more, there would be footage of him getting checked in, did he have bellman help with his bags upon checkin, if he did maybe the bellman were in on it because it takes many bags for that many guns, did he come in a taxi-Uber, interview the driver. Where is all the camera footage? I mean none of this could be true or all of it. I could add way more to this and some other theory's make sense. But all in all this case doesn't make sense and someone is lying. Thoughts?

(Sorry for not using names but I refuse to acknowledge the shooter)

About the Las Vegas shooting: Here’s a list of the latest MSM-reported evidence, “corrections,” and mysteries:

I've provided an Archive link for each article:

Paddock was allowed access to service elevator:

http://abc7chicago.com/sources-vegas-gunman-had-access-to-service-elevator-as-perk/2517488/ (https://archive.is/Pe6Os)


First revealed, perhaps inadvertently, by Steve Wynn (@7:00): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gxBZPCfJvMc#t=7m

Interview with Stephen Schuck, maintenance worker ("Today" show, Oct 11, 2017) [5:26]:


Las Vegas SWAT interview, no apparent head injuries to Paddock:

Dave Newton: "I didn't see any apparent wounds to his head. But I did see a lotta blood that had come outta his mouth."

https://www.cbsnews.com/news/las-vegas-officers-describe-storming-shooter-stephen-paddock-hotel-room/ (https://archive.is/AhxQx)

Details of Stephen Paddock's autopsy reveal his brain was normal, no signs of disease. This also implies his brain was intact during autopsy suggesting the cause of death was gunshot wound to chest:

http://www.newsweek.com/autopsy-las-vegas-gunman-brain-fails-find-abnormal-report-682704 (https://archive.is/augCw)

MGM disputes the newly changed official narrative, claiming that the 'revised' narrative does not match up with the facts:

http://nymag.com/daily/intelligencer/2017/10/mgm-resorts-disputes-police-timeline-for-las-vegas-shooting.html (https://archive.fo/YF7FL)


http://www.post-gazette.com/news/nation/2017/10/12/Official-says-Las-Vegas-hotel-didn-t-report-gunfire-to-police-until-after-Stephen-Paddock-opened-fire-on-festival-crowd/stories/201710120196 (https://archive.fo/99oNo)

Jesus Campos was notoriously difficult to actually speak to about any of this. Fox news announced they had an interview with him, scheduled for yesterday night. Jesus Campos disappeared before the interview:

http://www.foxnews.com/us/2017/10/13/las-vegas-security-guard-jesus-campos-disappears-moments-before-tv-interviews.html (https://archive.fo/xoF60)

Jesus Campos now missing:

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4978254/Vegas-guard-disappears-moments-talking-press.html (https://archive.fo/nBETy)

About the Las Vegas shooting: Here’s a list of the latest MSM-reported evidence, corrections, and mysteries:

I've provided an Archive link for each article:

Paddock was allowed access to service elevator:

http://abc7chicago.com/sources-vegas-gunman-had-access-to-service-elevator-as-perk/2517488/ (https://archive.is/Pe6Os)


First revealed, perhaps inadvertently, by Steve Wynn (@7:00): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gxBZPCfJvMc#t=7m

Interview with Stephen Schuck, maintenance worker ("Today" show, Oct 11, 2017) [5:26]:


Las Vegas SWAT interview, no apparent head injuries to Paddock:

Dave Newton: "I didn't see any apparent wounds to his head. But I did see a lotta blood that had come outta his mouth."

https://www.cbsnews.com/news/las-vegas-officers-describe-storming-shooter-stephen-paddock-hotel-room/ (https://archive.is/AhxQx)

Details of Stephen Paddock's autopsy reveal his brain was normal, no signs of disease. This also implies his brain was intact during autopsy suggesting the cause of death was gunshot wound to chest:

http://www.newsweek.com/autopsy-las-vegas-gunman-brain-fails-find-abnormal-report-682704 (https://archive.is/augCw)

MGM disputes the newly changed official narrative, claiming that the 'revised' narrative does not match up with the facts:

http://nymag.com/daily/intelligencer/2017/10/mgm-resorts-disputes-police-timeline-for-las-vegas-shooting.html (https://archive.fo/YF7FL)


http://www.post-gazette.com/news/nation/2017/10/12/Official-says-Las-Vegas-hotel-didn-t-report-gunfire-to-police-until-after-Stephen-Paddock-opened-fire-on-festival-crowd/stories/201710120196 (https://archive.fo/99oNo)

Jesus Campos was notoriously difficult to actually speak to about any of this. Fox news announced they had an interview with him, scheduled for yesterday night. Jesus Campos disappeared before the interview:

http://www.foxnews.com/us/2017/10/13/las-vegas-security-guard-jesus-campos-disappears-moments-before-tv-interviews.html (https://archive.fo/xoF60)

Jesus Campos now missing:

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4978254/Vegas-guard-disappears-moments-talking-press.html (https://archive.fo/nBETy)

[OC] Do Not Contact [Part X]

First | Previous

A pulse shot through her left arm as Helena finished the daily combat training on board the Vasco da Gama. The standard-issue watch every soldier wore was connected to the control room of the ship, and Helena checked the touchscreen to see an order had come through. The three words were unexpected. "Report to bridge". No soldier she personally knew had ever received them with no warning, and she had never been allowed above the 7th deck of the ship. Most of the upper floors were reserved for medical bays, administrative offices and engineering, control center, officers' quarters, and the bridge. Storing her gun in the armoury, she glanced at her wrist once again before quickly heading for the elevators. The blinking words were still there as she took the first lift up to the end of the privates' training facilities. From there, she sped through the hallway on the right and opened the nondescript door of her room. Her cabinmates absent, she quickly changed into her daily uniform and left for the main elevators, going up through the upper floors alone. When she finally reached the bridge, she walked out of the elevator and pressed her palm into the security scanner at the plexiglass door outside. A small screen to the right identified her – UN SEC-ID:1753698_IRIKLIDIS, HELENA – and the clearance light blinked green as the door slid open. On the other side, she walked to a desk on which she again pressed her palm. The secretary behind it scanned the information it had produced as the two soldiers beside stood guard.

"Private Iriklidis, General Korlov is expecting you at the bridge," she said, and pointing to a large hallway on her left, "Go through to the very end. You can walk in," and immediately turned to address the engineer who had arrived behind Helena. One of the soldiers nodded and made way for her as she cornered the bulkhead and entered the long hallway. Left and right the plaques on green metallic doors indicated their contents. Logistics & Support, Communications, Weapons Systems. The large door in the end was transparent and beyond it she could see the tall commanding figure of her General, among the crewmen of command centre. Helena walked in as Yuri Korlov spun around. Military hierarchy required an instant salute.

"Sir, Private Iriklidis reporting to bridge, Sir!"

"At will, Private." A strange thought occurred to Helena. Despite having served under this man, and occasionally seeing him in the distance, she had never actually heard him speak. His accent was still affected by his Russian heritage. "Private Iriklidis, I know it is unusual for a General to call upon a foot soldier to his presence. Of course, it is also unusual that such a presence would benefit the war effort." Karlov turned and motioned her to follow. Around them, the servicemen and women took no notice of the two and carried on their duties. Only then did Helena appreciate the view in front of her. A window three times as wider as the one in her starboard mess hall gave a panoramic view of the stretches of dark space beyond.

"A magnificent desolation," said the general, noticing the perplexed shine in her eyes. "It is mostly aesthetic. We rely on radars and computer assisted imagery much more than on the window. But it looks nice, and we all need something to stop us going crazy, right?"

The question was rhetorical and Yuri scanned a file he grabbed from a desk.

"Helena Iriklidis, 34 years-old, born in Athens, Greece, former Captain of the Hellenic Army, twelve years of service in the branch, more honours than I can count from your own country and NATO. We have been monitoring you for a while, Helena, but we still can't figure out how you joined as a simple private in the Expeditionary Corps."

Helena was caught by surprise at the line of inquiry,

"Administrative mistake, Sir. The Hellenic Army lost my papers in the early rebellions, after Secretary-General De Souza's call-to-arms, and I had no option but to volunteer as a private, Sir," she explained.

"I see. You've served in the Columbus and the He, but only saw action here. You're consistently one of the soldiers who most evacuees sends up. You can get your bearings in an alien city and clear three blocks in the time it takes most men to clear one. You train every day – gym, shooting, spacewalking; all more than your mandatory hours."

"There's not much else to do in the ship, Sir." At this, the general let a sly grin sculpt his rough face.

"No. No, there isn't. And that hard work, besides your previous military history, has brought you to my attention. Private, I brought you here to propose your participation in a new mission. A classified mission," he clarified, "which deals with our foes in the void. What do you know of the current purpose of the Terran Expeditionary Corps?", he asked.

"Well, Sir, only what every soldier is taught when recruited. It was established by the Supreme Earth Command to be the frontline branch against our enemies. That its ships would travel to the fringes of the galaxy, set up various stations and probes in the way, and explore uncharted territories until they reached the battlegrounds. Their soldiers would evacuate these systems and halt enemy advance, until an offensive could be mounted," she concluded.

"Very good, private. Textbook material, I could say. That was our original plan, and until a few weeks ago, our policy. Evacuate the planets before burying the nukes and blowing them up with whatever invading forces took over, and save the Galactic Union, the Grand Council, and our hostage planet on the way. But you see, twenty days ago, as it explored a new sector, the Christopher Columbus unexpectedly made direct contact with the enemy for the first time. You wouldn't have heard this in any official communication, of course, much less any rumours, as soldiers have no contact with the other ships, but it did happen, and the exchange was very interesting indeed. Up until now, every information we had on them came from our extraterrestrial allies, but the situation has changed." He paused. "Dramatically, one might say." He moved closer to the huge window and pulled her closer. "Private, you remember the near collapse of society when mandatory conscription was installed and martial law declared. You remember the riots, the chaos, the panic, the terrible things which befell our kind before we could organise into our present structure. You know what this war has cost us, and it has been much more than just casualties." He looked at the soldier, waiting her response.

"I do, Sir."

"And who do you blame for that?" he asked. "I'm not your general now, speak freely."

Helena swallowed hard before speaking cautiously.

"Sir, I blame no one, I volunteered for this. But many soldiers, most who perhaps would have never enlisted, or even touched a gun otherwise, seem to hold our leaders, or the UN, or Supreme Earth Command, or all three, responsible for those terrible weeks on Earth and for their current situation, fighting an enemy which did us no harm. At least, that what I hear around, Sir."

"Interesting," replied Karlov, "how selective memory can be. How it can elicit certain grudges and brew them for years. What you tell me is, naturally, nothing new to me. A general must know his army, and most humans, civilian or military, seem to have forgotten we were forced into this war. Our planet would be destroyed, and could still be, if we didn't fight for the Grand Council of the Galactic Union. There was no choice to be made. Three trillion citizens, dozens of species, and they must blackmail, humiliate and rob us of our values. I've been here since the beginning. The late Russian President, who met the Admiral Rhollok in Switzerland and formed the first UN SEC, was my friend. I can tell you, Private, that those criminal members of the Grand Council are not grand in any respect. They are vile, wicked creatures and the true responsibility for our grievances, our losses and our situation lies with them and them only. The mission I propose would bring justice to this galaxy. True justice. Human justice. We have been coordinating with the other ships and with the Supreme Command. No one wants to see this justice carried out more thoroughly than them, than those who carry the burden of our darkest period, and this plan comes from the top. The very top." Yuri Karlov handed her a beige brief. On the cover, in bold letters, were the words "TOP SECRET". "We have clandestinely sought a barren planet near this system. Under the guise of another evacuation and explosion, a meeting has been arranged in three days to better understand the viability of a deal with the enemy. Basically, Private, I want you and a group of other soldiers to meet with the void."

Helena could scarcely believe her ears. Her eyes, however, going through the detailed information in her hands, confirmed it completely.

"General, Sir, I'm honoured, but… but are you sure this should be done? What about our allies?"

"Private, I've told you they are only our allies because such was imposed on us. The Council must, they will, pay for their affront. And in three days Humanity will make its first move as an independent species in an unjust war. In any case, this will all be done in secret." He pointed to a small desk close to the window. As a few bright stars burned in a faraway distance, in a long gone time, her commander closed his remarks. "You must leave the brief here, but I will give you until tomorrow to make a decision, or else I'll start calling other soldiers. I shouldn't need to tell you that if you discuss this conversation with anyone other than myself, you will be court-martialed and summarily executed. For now, go to your room and sleep on it. Rest. Leave your doubts in bed, and rise in the morning for the new age of Man."

"Yes, Sir."

Transcript of George Webb Video Series Part 178: “Hillary’s Leakers, Hackers, and Henchmen” [@Georgwebb / #HRCRatlne]

  • Day 354.1. Did Debbie Have a Place in Jackson Heights, NY? – YouTube
    • This is Day 354 and this is going to be Monday inquiry
    • The reason why I say inquiry is I'm not going to make any statements
    • So this isn't speculation of any kind I'll turn that off this isn't conjecture
    • I'm just inquiring for leads
    • And the way an investigation moves forward is you have a working theory you make inquiries
    • You go visit places and that's how it works I think everybody's seen CSI
    • So I want to clearly distinguish that this is inquiry, not something that I am speculating
    • So this is Monday inquiry
    • And I know I should have had metadata Monday would have sounded better
    • We might go to metadata Monday some day but this is Monday inquiry
    • And what I'm gonna inquire about now is these addresses that we got for Imran Awan
    • It turned out that he had a Jackson Heights address that came out at the trial some we quickly located that two at Mohammed a Awan, an alias he used in Jackson Heights
    • And we mapped it to a location
    • Of course then the contributors in the crowd immediately looked at other locations around that spot, which were Awan businesses
    • There's a one production company Awan studios all these different Awan potentially cutouts–the CIA type cutouts, but maybe not
    • Maybe places to have drug parties and get people hooked on your drugs, maybe not
    • That's why it's called Monday inquiry
    • So the place in question is this place in Jackson Heights here it is the William Penn Apartments we get you were introduced to them yesterday
    • And there was this identity here which was Mohammed A Awan, which is the same age as Imran Awan
    • And he had some of the same people that he knew this Nawaz…so some of the people were similar
    • But I speculated or inquired as it may be that this was just a cutout in Washington and a cutout in in New York
    • So that's somebody anybody coming in from Pakistan to fulfill any role in any kind of cutout business could just step in a the identity of Muhammad A Awan
    • So if you could you could have eight programmers with different variations of Mohammed Awan, that were just using those different identities while they were here on projects for instance
    • If they were doing projects that intercepted on the pay-to-play server, over here in Brooklyn
    • So that's the idea–that these are this is just a cutout-name that you can keep inserting people and rotating people through and– it's a gift that keeps on giving over and over again
    • And that way you can bring in lots of people on just one thing name
    • Now of course people immediately geo-located to other places near where that was
    • And here comes this future tech diagnostic–I don't know what they do yet I haven't had time to research it
    • Future tech diagnostic at this 7702 34th Avenue apartment B11
    • Almost like– vitamin B11 right which is on people noted as an unusual apartment number
    • So if you look at 7702 34th Avenue in Jackson Heights and you compare that back to the address down here, which is going to be 35th I believe, excuse me over here 35th Avenue, it's believed right across the street
    • So you think well Jordan: why would you pick out that address?
    • Well it turns out–now I don't know if this is true, but there's this Awan Studios right here down here
    • And this is some of the pictures here
    • Now this is the perfect place for a pink cocaine party
    • I know everybody's saying that
    • But the most interesting thing is that some people are saying that it maps to an address that Debbie Wasserman-Schultz had in 2008
    • Now if that is true, that is significant.
    • Because obviously if there's strong connection between Imran Awan and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz
    • So that's something that we need to check
    • 7702 34th Avenue apartment B11 Jackson Heights
    • We'll see
    • That's what it's all about that's why it's called Monday inquiry
    • We're not making a statement that says she lived there we're not making a statement that says Imran Awan's connected with this club
    • There's also Imran Awan or Awan brothers productions I believe a film company is still don't have the address of that right
    • Now but just looking into all these connections of potential cutouts in Jackson Heights
    • There's also this it's almost I but I posted on Twitter
    • It's almost a script like Friends it reads almost like friends: just change all the names to all the conspirators in our thing– you can see–RAO Speedwagon Abbas on the couch, never wanting to leave, always asking for food,
    • That's like a little sitcom, and it's called Jackson Heights, and it's about this well it's just all of our characters pretty much I mean if you look at the character sketches it's written around the people in our conspiracy
    • So it's really quite uncanny
    • If you can look on Twitter for that
    • Now here is the really amazing thing that happened this morning:
    • This is an incredible speculation, not it's not speculation this is inquiry
    • But if this turns out to be true, even I it stretches my imagination for what could possibly be going on here
    • But the theory is the theory is…is that these pink cocaine parties are being and run in four major cities, maybe more
    • Houston, Chicago, New York, and Florida
    • And the team if you will that's running them and possibly also DC the team that's running them for the UAE and for the princes and…of the UAE is this Jaquaya's team or a team like Jaquaya in Fairfax County the Robertson team
    • Now there's the Robinson we talked about yesterday Dwayne Robinson Robertson who was the person who radicalized Mateen before we had the 50 people killed and in Orlando
    • It was that cover killing for the prostitution ring–a gay prostitution ring in Orlando–who knows?
    • But it it could be it could be that this laptop was given to Jaquaya, to go to these different parties, to set up these different parties using Craigslist
    • And a Jaquaya-like person let's say a JTTF operation, which runs pink these pink cocaine parties at these major hotels
    • Now the tie-in here–the person who saw this–the tie-in is the connect kanika murder or the kanika death of the girl going into the freezer in Chicago
    • Now the contributors' working theory is that this person who invited her to the party kanika to the party–his name's Shaniqua Shaniqua boy I'm forgetting the names but I know what Shaniqua begins the last name begins with a w
    • Anyway there is five pictures this person was convicted five times and the last three arrests of this person I believe it's Shaniqua Winters but I know that's gonna be wrong
    • The last five arrests of the last three arrests it said not specified
    • That is the hallmark when you see not specified that is the hallmark of JTTF coming in
    • Calling the local prosecutor calling local DA and saying "hey she's a part of a JTTF op where the joint terrorists task force–we terrorize America, make that non-specified"
    • So she had that JTTF signature on her rap sheet
    • Now I don't know if that's her
    • May was well just get it now because
    • So if I mean it could be the loretta Hendricks <<video cuts>>

  • Day 354.2. Monday Inquiry Fun – Awan Bros Film, Awan Studios, and Student Visas – YouTube
    • This is Day 354 part 2
    • And sorry that video keeps getting cut off when I start talking about JTTF I am NOT doing that I don't know what's happening
    • But anyway I saw an interesting comment of the last video about Debbie Wasserman-Schultz having these addresses up in in Jackson Heights and part of New York here, as well as some some other ones may even Hina Alvi now
    • But this caught my eye this is a Pakistani music television show called Coke Studio and it's about three Pakistanis living in New York
    • So I just thought that was an interesting interesting show
    • And then there's a whole bunch of references here to getting visas for people bringing in visas and this reminded me so much of the person I went through Canada studying this visa thing
    • She had obviously been close to a person who had was suspected of was on the international terrorism watch list ended up not only getting a visa to the United States but also a passport to the United States by going and saying he was a student at a fairly older age I think thirty eight or nine of the New York Film Academy
    • So it definitely seems like this Schumer Wasserman Clinton–passport, visa and passport turnstile
    • And then adding to that they're putting them in they're using a most cheap labor putting them into these different businesses and then they have the hammer of deportation over them
    • So it's just kind of interesting it's and it also could be money laundering in the sense that when you have a lot of money you put it into a bank and the bank re-loans it out to somebody else and now you've laundered the money
    • So I just thought this was an interesting set of interesting common with a lot of specific references to a lot of different documents
    • I don't have time to do both all the drill-down on this but–there's lots of pointers going to this ace software solutions in Queens Village, New York
    • And I think this is also Jackson Heights as well
    • We talked about the studio that they had the Awan Studio I think that's coming up here
    • Rhere's here's a Schenectady address for visas and documents which is close to more upstate New York by Albany where the the Attorney General is
    • And just some different addresses here with people's– contributing money from Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington DC and then saying their employer is up here named Mohammed Awan on five five five Bartlett Street apartment 322
    • I don't know if that Jackson Heights or not that's from the Federal Elections Commission
    • And then there's student visa type applications where you say "ok I want to bring this person Hina Alvi in and this Nalya Hyatt and they're gonna do a certain project
    • And that's how you do and I believe how you do an h-1b visa and it was for the National Institute of healthier NCBI and I forgot what NCBI does
    • I don't want to say infectious diseases but I know that's wrong
    • Anyway I wanted to do a quick follow-up because this is the kind of thing I was talking about with metadata
    • These addresses lead somewhere they're not saying my employers Mohammed Awan five five five Bartlett Street apartment 322 Jackson Heights from somebody working down in Pennsylvania Avenue
    • It just I don't know why that just makes it seems like if you're on Pennsylvania Avenue you're not a software engineer but maybe you are a software engineer
    • Maybe you're working on NGP van or some– game or or something
    • But it just it seemed like it was worth drill down and I know there's people out there that can look this stuff up
    • This is the comments from the video one this morning
    • So I'm gonna just leave it there as kind of like a video appendix to video one
    • This is part two and let people look into this and I'll report later on what we found

  • Day 354.3 7702 34th Avenue Jackson Heights, NY. DHS Programmers, and TSA? You Decide – YouTube
    • It's day 354 and I'm here in Jackson Heights behind me is 7702
    • Not talking about any one apartment so obviously no foul there
    • This reminds me with this this playground across it reminds me of that the Lower East Side neighborhood with Lucky Luciano, with the oranges
    • I'm just saying, if you remember that episode: if you go down that way I got off this Grand Central Station took the seven, I went ten stops to 74th Street, and I walked up 77th Street right there, about a half a mile to get here
    • So this is pretty good access–it's also the stop for LaGuardia Airport
    • So that made me think Joe Crowley. Joe Crowley. Joe Crowley
    • But all of a sudden I mean I just I get overwhelmed with the idea of programmers–I just felt like there was programmers–I felt like there was DHS programmers here
    • I don't know why. I maybe it's people that are working in TSA out at LaGuardia that could be
    • But I'll I was overwhelmed with the sensation of DHS programmers
    • Michael Chertoff's DHS programmers don't know what just instinctive
    • But I'm gonna walk up to 80th Street
    • Now I'm on 77th we do up to 80th which is only two blocks away we're gonna be at 79th here in a second
    • And there's kind of a nice little streets kind of blocked off on 80th there
    • And I'm going to the house that I've got several reports that says Debbie Wasserman-Schultz had a place here
    • Now I don't think that actually would have been Debbie Wasserman Schultz's place, but maybe she wants to go yachting with on the boat–top secret out in Flushing Meadows
    • The marina there, where I think it's where the World's Fair used to be the Flushing Meadows marina
    • But anyway Joe Crowley I think goes out on the boat with–is it the guy who Wackenhut?
    • Is it the guy from old Wackenhut days no Wackenhut if you don't know Wacken that most people know Wackenhut because it's a funny name from the– security services of major government buildings
    • And a lot of people say G4S became Wackenhut
    • It was just renamed but for those people who don't know Wackenhut
    • I believe the original wagon got an original idea of hiring gangs as a security service, well anyway Al Capone's first iteration in trying to hire gangs as a security service–basically a private police force masquerading as a security service–was in Florida
    • I believe that's where Wackenhut started
    • And then Wackenhut got renamed
    • I don't know if the it's a fake name and it was really whackin meaning your victims
    • But some people say oh no the Pinkertons way before that with Rockefeller the Rockefeller was going for oil and I think Al Capone was going for something different
    • But here we are an eightieth and we don't have far to go we don't have far to go
    • So anyway I'll tune back in when we get there
    • This is where I think Imran really lived on eightieth
    • 3732 we're not going there to intimidate anyone

  • Day 354.4. Imran Intercepting GSA Bids? Underground Railroad of Bids From DC to NYC? – YouTube
    • Day 354 this is about the GSA and and potentially what could be happening at what I am now calling the passport and visa apartments at 7702 in Jackson Heights 7702 35th Street
    • Now I'm not saying I looked at the PDF file of all the visas that have come through and all the h-1b visas
    • Now this is the this is the train between Washington, the Underground Railroad that's between Washington DC and New York
    • If you can get the bids from Washington DC for GSA across the board
    • Across 30 or 40 different Federal agencies and I can Underground Railroad them up here to New York
    • And I'm going to hear that truth train coming that truth trains are coming
    • Then I can intercept I can intercept
    • So imagine those are packets of information each one of them each one of those is a bid–a Federal bid a GSA bid each car is a bid
    • Well I can look inside each car and see what the bid is and then say do I have a software or hardware solution that I can underbid, by even one or one or two dollars and by Federal government you have to go with the lowest bidder
    • So if I'm in GSA where I can get those bids and understand everything that's on the line-item
    • If it's a software bid I can bring in folks that are cheaper from overseas
    • I've got the visa power over them I can send them back any time h-1b
    • I can get a get a much lower cost structure
    • And then have more profit for myself and that's the pay to play
    • Now is that what Eric Braverman was talking about with pay to play? I don't know
    • The same thing is true for hardware as it is for software is that what that a software company is at 77 or the one that people identified it on 35th Street? Right across the street from 34th Street?
    • Is that that for software is that what they're doing on software I don't know
    • Hardware is the same thing no a little bit more complicated if I have something like a stingray or something for law enforcement I can send that box a broken one or whatever to Pakistan
    • And have it reverse engineered and then bring it back and start a company here on my own company
    • Frank Giustra partners right and just for my friends pay-to-play?
    • Is that what Eric Braverman was talking about with pay to play? We really don't know
    • But those are the possibilities when you start seeing people being brought in on h-1b visas that are undercutting GSA contracts and GSA's bids it just kind of all congeals together
    • So that's what we're looking into here on rainy day Monday rainy rainy Monday here on the Hudson

  • Day 354.5. I Don't Think Debbie Used the Townhouse Much, But I Think Imran Might Have – YouTube
  • Okay so here we are on 8th 80th Street this 37:32 is here but this one over here is very nice decorated all nice for the Halloween season
  • So Debbie Wasserman-Schultz is a public figure
  • So I'm on a public street
  • I'm not intimidating–she's a news figure
  • So I have every–as a journalist I have to do the story where she lives
  • I can't do the story where I live–who cares about that
  • So anyway it's my takeaway–I saw this magnet school this Joseph Pulitzer magnet school that was really close to the other location
  • And it just reminded me so much of every city I've been in where this poor immigrant families are coming in with businesses like this
  • Convenience businesses or or just any kind of like–low-end cutout type businesses
  • And they want better for their children they want their children to go to that magnet school telecommunications in programming school
  • Joseph Pulitzer school and it's right across the street and this is the the Gulen thing all over
  • Again, Gulen this is the whole system which is I'm gonna have you do my nasty stuff through these cutout stores but I'll promise you your kids will have a better life than you did
  • And they'll be successful in the new and the new country and that I really believe is what's going on

  • Day 354.6. Luke Rosiak on Fox Tonight? – Some SAR Reports Questions – YouTube
    • Day 354 here at Fox
    • We've got the ticker board right there there's–the zipper
    • You can see the studio up there down here
    • We've got Sean Hannity tonight it's going to have Luke Rosiak from The Daily Caller
    • Luke Rosiak just by looking at the metadata of his articles you can see who his sources are that are good and who his sources are that are a little shaky
    • The source he has at Capitol Police as well as the Fairfax County pretty good pretty good right on the money–they keep leaking little parts of all the different police reports
    • The house report the IG report the CDW report all those basically come from Capitol Police right–the John Wilkes phone booth etc
    • Where it gets a little shaky as his other contact I believe that other contact is actually Omar Awan
    • And we get funny names like champagne Cristal champagne Charisse Peppingion
    • I don't know maybe not a real name
    • Gilani we get Kalani a lot of Gilani I don't know all the people we haven't seen pictures of those are where I think Luke has a little trouble with his sources
    • But hey Who am I to talk I am a little more out there and working theory than he is
    • Done a great job Luke I think you're doing great
    • The key tonight to watch will be metadata metadata metadata on the suspicious activity reports
    • It's kind of like that movie office space with the TPS reports this case has
    • Now come down to the SAR reports did you get those SAR reports? Hey Congress did you get those SAR reports?
    • Because that's going to tell the story hundreds and hundreds of pages of transfers probably from the Congressional credit union in Rayburn of the three different or the four different places yet the credit union may have been that may have been the four laptops
    • We still don't know it could have put a laptop in each one of those locations, taking data off
    • We still don't know, but the key is that they would have had to do those transfers probably during business hours or during a settlement period right at the end of the day
    • So that's why Imran is caught at 8 o'clock, potentially, in the Rayburn office building in though John Wilkes phone booth
    • Now what else do we know about the credit union and that building is straight down?
    • Now I don't know if it's directly below that John Wilkes phone booth or not
    • Rhere's a set of bathrooms that go down there that means piping maybe that's how they got the wire down, maybe it's still the high voltage room we don't know
    • But again, these are all things that can be checked with public public in for an open source information exactly where the credit union is on the Rayburn office building the Rayburn office buildings are the biggest one the one with a C and then it looks like an O and then another C
    • So it kind of likes two C's welded together and then it's an inner courtyard
    • So people can start looking at that if you figure out
    • If you get a sample suspicious activity report a sample saw report right TPS reports
    • Again, right no you're gonna have to work the weekend that guy a Bob yeah
    • So if you get a sample report and see from the FBI it's about I think about three pages per illegal login
    • So all Luke has to say is the number–all Luke has to say tonight is all Sean Hannity has to ask is how many pages of suspicious activity reports Luke
    • Not giving away anything all he has to do is say three hundred and forty one
    • And you could do the math you can see how many illegal transfers there's been
    • All he has to do is say drill down from hundreds and hundreds and get to the number of SAR pages that the FBI has given
    • That forces everyone to come up with an explanation that forces Gowen to come up with an explanation of "hey what are these hundreds and hundreds?"
    • "Are they total amount transfer" would be good
    • You can say bigger than a battleship– you can play around with the dates– bigger than a mansion would cost play around with don't but make sure you get an amount along with the number of transfers
    • It's not $100 a month it's not $100 a month thing for all the time he's been in Congress
    • I'm gonna guarantee you I'm saying it's over 25 million
    • If Sean Hannity just asked that question do your sources tell you if it's over a 25 million Luke or under 25 million
    • Can I ask you a yes-or-no question yes or no over 25 million in transfers from the Congressional credit union in Rayburn or under?

  • Day 355.2. Checking In On RAO Speedwagon Abbas – YouTube
    • Day three double five three double five it's gonna be three triple five pretty soon
    • No, just kidding. Or triple fives triple fives–like that email that Debbie Wasserman-Schultz uses the faier five five five to send up here to five five five Bryant Street in Brooklyn from five five five talking to her brother over at the office of the Attorney General
    • And there's a couple more triple fives in this whole loop
    • Oh yeah there was the two five five five Pennsylvania this this Patricia person that's sending all this money
    • So anyway that came out at yesterday's stuff
    • I was here last night talking about my bro: we're all good it turned out to be somebody else's video that had cut it up and made it look goofy
    • So we're good
    • I just told her I am revoking my permission of all my videos to any other person who have given it to as of now
    • You need to take down any videos of mine including anything referencing my brother
    • So I'm just announcing that
    • So the the next thing is really RAO Speedwagon Abbas RAO Speedwagon Abbas
    • RAO Speedwagon Abbas still is logging into the Congressional server we think we think every hour the Congressional server the caucus server
    • RAO Speedwagon Abbas might never have been vetted
    • Or he if RAO Speedwagon Abbas was vetted, he was vetted by Imran Awan
    • Not a good situation
    • So I have taken it upon myself to do a little additional vetting of RAO Speedwagon Abbas
    • I'm gonna go to Baltimore right now
    • We're gonna go look at Johns Hopkins University we're gonna look at see
    • It's funny how Imran and RAO Speedwagon Abbas and also a Keith Muhammad Atif all graduated together
    • All those aids clustered together it was all the way over in the right hand column of that page of that PDF file
    • I'm not saying it's not a real PDF file
    • But for some reason RAO Speedwagon Abbas use the name Imran Abbas
    • Now if my name was RAO Speedwagon Abbas I would say RAO Speedwagon Abbas graduated on this day from from–from Johns Hopkins
    • I wouldn't I wouldn't be afraid
    • I wouldn't be ashamed of my middle name as Speedwagon I'd be a and it's kind of like someone's like REO Speedwagon Abbas
    • So gonna go check on RAO Speedwagon Abbas he would certainly be on the cricket team he would certainly be in the yearbook he would certainly have a maybe a few tickets in the area he certainly would have a lot of pictures of selfies because it wasn't that long ago he certainly would be sending stuff to friends
    • So let's do a little drill down on REO Speedwagon Abbas
    • And if we want to do muhammad oughtta as well
    • They've got something going on here Times Square portal you can go into a time portal here in Times Square look go through a time bar let's go over to the time portal this could be exciting
    • Weekly themes. Ok. Step inside. Oh you get to talk to people all around the world. You get to talk to people all around the world. Here's here's all the places you can talk to
    • So let's see who do we need to talk to you for the pay to play?
    • Let's see we could talk to Gaza Palestine herbal Iraq Amman Jordan
    • We could find some Stinger missiles there in Amman Jordan
    • Iran we could find some gold for oil Ariel Gulf oil loophole there
    • Mumbai India we can threaten some of the customs officials their way and explode different customs offices if we can't get our contraband through
    • That's fun that's fun.
    • We can even check in on some of our Shinkolobwe uranium that's been stolen from our country down here and kill gallery Rwanda
    • Anyway let's check out RAO Speedwagon Abbas–if he's gonna be logging into our Congressional servers once an hour, I think somebody–I'm not Mike McMahan–but somebody's got to check in on RAO Speedwagon Abbas

  • Day 355.3. Looking For the Three Amigos in Baltimore, MD – YouTube
    • Day 355–this is part three
    • I'm here in beautiful Baltimore
    • See the artwork behind me and a beautiful Baltimore Penn Station
    • I'm not far away from Johns Hopkins University
    • Please keep all the cards and letters coming about Rao Speedwagon Abbas–trying to find all we can about Rao Speedwagon Abbas
    • Of course Imran Awan is interesting as well and of course Mohammed Atif is interesting I want to get the three amigos I'm looking for some kind of evidence that they were here the three amigos on a cricket team or the three amigos maybe at a local bar or the three amigos in a library or the three amigos an IT team–the programming team hackathon packet fun whatever
    • So keep sending the cards and letters I'm alive and well here in Baltimore Maryland

  • Day 355.4. I Guess I Was Right About Inter-America and Syed Pir Mohammed Shah – YouTube
    • OK Day 355 a lot of stuff just came out in the Congressional hearings with Luke Rosiak
    • It was nice to see representative King representative Jordan representative DeSantis and of course Louis Gomer
    • Have a have some time with Judicial Watch
    • And Luke Rosiak who's done fine fine fine reporting on this topic
    • And then Pat Sowers
    • I love the Masonic ring Pat
    • So anyway I'm sorry but Pat you shouldn't have been on that panel
    • Or you should have stepped up and told the truth
    • And said look here's the deal
    • But anyway I'm getting away from myself here
    • A couple of things–Luke mentioned all these wild internet people there's wild wild speculators on the Internet
    • Yeah they mentioned like there's the suspicious activity reports where people are sending money to Pakistan–
    • When I said it was this guy pure Mohammad Shah was a member of PSP which is the Punjab police force about April 15th
    • So–about four or five months ago
    • And oh by the way it turns out it is actually he did confirm today Luke did confirm that the money transfers from Imran Awan were to Pakistani police
    • And he hasn't even said the name Pir Mohammed Shah yet
    • SYED PIR MOHAMMED SHAH is who it's going to be
    • The other thing I've been saying for about four or five months now is that Imran Awan started working in Congress in 2000 not 2004 like it had been widely reported
    • I said the company was Inter-America
    • I said my source was deep blackberry
    • I'm all by the way I'm in Johns Hopkins University's close by
    • The medical center's close by
    • MEDSTAR's close by
    • MOLLY MCCAULEY is close by
    • RESOURCES FOR THE FUTURE is close by all those good things
    • So anyway that's why I'm in Baltimore but I just wanted to say that–inner america turns out he did work it in our american in the year 2000
    • Now the part that hasn't come out yet is that it's Anthony Wiener is the sponsor
    • And it's gonna be in New York, before he goes to Florida before he goes to Florida
    • That's some part of the reason I went to New York this weekend is to a little of that background
    • So Luke, I'm disappointed in a way, because there's three things:
    • The crushed hard drives no mention of that–who provided that
    • The twenty blackberry still hasn't come out
    • By the way that I'm gonna be right on that one again
    • If the story's come in my direction why do people build all these sand castles on falsehoods the story is coming in my direction the story is coming in the direction of the truth
    • But Luke you say people are wild on the internet but then you confirm exactly what I said
    • So and you're still not as far along as I am and I have reported four months ago
    • It's Anthony Weiner in our American my Kepner Anthony Weiner
    • Inter-America
    • But he did confirm that it was in her American mm and you're way ahead of everybody else
    • So I appreciate that I appreciate you reporting it was Pakistani police that Imran was sending the money to
    • I just want you to say Syed Pir Mohammed Shah and just– to round that off we're we are making progress and I want to say thank you
    • Now to Luke for laying the foundation and laying in that– the fact that i've been saying for months that– Imran has been in Pakistan for three or four months at a time thank you for laying that foundation with the representatives today
    • The drop box has been going to people in Pakistan that programming teams are in Pakistan
    • This is a concerted effort to win programming business in Pakistan for these programming teams
    • All those things–you laid the foundation well Luke and I want to thank you for those things
    • I still have a little bit of a problem not recognizing me for the crushed hard drives and being right all the time
    • That's what I hate about this it's like all of a sudden I'm a wild internet guy
    • But I'm right all the time and you're still not to where I am but that's
    • I love you to death Luke, keep reporting and we'll go from there

  • Day 356.2. Cristal Blue Persuasion? CACI Contrator to GSA? – YouTube
  • Day 355 part 2, here at beautiful Johns Hopkins University up there is the library where I shot those photos of the Abbasses
  • Well I didn't actually see Rahu Abbas in the yearbook from 2000 let's say 2000 to 2006 I put all those out on the internet
  • So maybe they're out there maybe Rao Speedwagon abbas RAO
  • Speedwagon Abbas has a picture somewhere of him being on this campus as some fun activity that he did
  • I just went to the library I shot the photos of the books–I put them out there
  • I didn't see any Imran either and I didn't see any Atif either
  • So those guys have any pictures whatsoever about their days in college here at Johns Hopkins University I would love to see it
  • Now there is someone though there is someone though who went to school here a lot! A whole lot
  • Some people say she went here 16 years
  • I mean she's got every degree in imaginable
  • Now guess who that is? Guess who went here 16 years? Johns Hopkins University guess who went here 16 years?
  • She needs more names she needs more names as of today because anybody who goes to school that long needs more names
  • It was I just had called her Cristal champagne remember Cristal champagne Charisse Peppingion
  • But this woman this woman this attorney making two hundred thirty thousand dollars a year at FDIC is so persuasive to me such a persuasive person
  • She now is she now is crystal blue persuasion remember crystal blue persuasion the song Cristal blues persuasion she's
  • Now Crystal Blue Persuasion Champagne Sharise Peppingion
  • Now I'm gonna question the key question is did crystal blue persuasion pepperoni champagne all those–was she a tutor for Rao Abbas?
  • Was he was here was she a tutor for them we see a tutor for Imran Awan was she a tutor for Atif?
  • Was she a tutor for anyone else, who ended up doing programming for her husband at CACI C A C I
  • It's easy to say CACI CACI is a key defense contractor key defense contractor
  • And it just so happens her husband Sloan and I don't know exactly what his first name is I think it's Richard
  • But we'll see is the key Software Architect at CACI
  • Now remember Crystal blue persuasion Champaign Pepperoni Charisse Pippin Peregrin Took is living in the top of that Lynette house three houses away
  • Three houses away from Imran Awan where he has the server the big server three houses away
  • And remember I did the surveillance and there's all the track marks between the two houses
  • Now I'm not saying there were between those two houses but there was a lot of track marks between that Lynette house
  • It'll almost look like a dog track–it's like it with a lot of traffic to me that Lynette house and that Hawkshead house
  • Now crystal-blue persuasion Charisse Peppin Yawn champagne is living over there, and Imran's living a couple of houses away
  • And Rao Abbas is in the basement Rao Abbas is in the basement
  • So my question today is did Imran do any contracts?
  • Did he do any GSA contracts by any chance?
  • Did you work on any projects for kaki CACI?
  • Would he have used those contacts and connections to develop programming teams in Pakistan?
  • What do you have used a drop box to drop code and so forth bids gsa bids two teams in Pakistan
  • Would imran could have actually taken advantage of crystal-blue persuasion Champaign Pepin young Charisse could have taken advantage and hacked her computer
  • Or hacked her husband's computer to get in and get bids for the for Pakistan ISI?
  • We don't know!
  • Pakistan 111 we don't know
  • But we do know something–as the Bell Tolls here and Johns Hopkins University–that crystal-blue persuasion Charisse champagne Peppa Ellen may have gone here a long time, like 18 years

  • Day 356.3. DHS/USCBP/USCG NADRA Nanosats Application Development – That's Why Imran Is In Pakistan – YouTube
  • Day 356 this is part three you could almost see everything coming together right now
  • A lot of people are already going oh I see how it's gonna end
  • Molly McCauley just lives right down here the gal who was murdered–resources for the future big NASA scientists–that's a satellite piece
  • Guess who ended up developing GPS?
  • Johns Hopkins University Johns Hopkins University
  • A lot of programmers here at Johns Hopkins
  • You can see Hackerman way there Hackerman way
  • You might want to have a little special spot toward the back that you could kind of wall off when you're doing hacking
  • Anyway you could almost see Imran getting the contract for DHS for using the Nano SATs,
  • Using the Nanosat information,
  • Uusing the NASA information
  • Coming up with a big screen NADRA system–writing that interface,
  • Going to Pakistan for three months of the year with this programming team
  • Recruiting here out of the four or five different safe houses
  • The thing is almost writing itself
  • Of course he's with Andre Carson in his office, because that's the cash cow that's the guy who has the purse strings for the NADRA application for DHS
  • There's gonna be other applications that are written that funneled down from DHS
  • Those are going to be all the applications all the chaired off applications
  • So you have Coast Guard yeah infiltration will be across 30 different DynCorp backbone agencies
  • So the PTech and now Imran Awangate or Awan-contra whatever you want to call it
  • And the beauty of the whole thing is it's all done under the color of law
  • So just like local police used to run sting operations this is a global this is a global system for interdiction and surveillance
  • And guess what if you're the one running the drugs and the guns, you know where everybody is at all the time
  • So you can have them look the other way
  • Just that simple
  • The whole story is actually just writing itself
  • And I don't know what I'm doing here it's just too easy

Independence Now! Catalan Masses Defy Spanish State – Policía Nacional, Guardia Civil Out of Catalonia!


Workers Vanguard No. 1119 6 October 2017

Independence Now!

Catalan Masses Defy Spanish State

Policía Nacional, Guardia Civil Out of Catalonia!

For a Catalan Workers Republic!

OCTOBER 3—Two days ago, the Spanish state unleashed massive repression aimed at preventing an independence referendum in Catalonia. Over two million people defied the savage police mobilization to cast their ballots, and 90 percent voted in favor of an independent republic in Catalonia.

The Castilian rulers of the capitalist Spanish state will brook no opposition to the sacrosanct unity of the Spanish prison house of peoples, which denies the right of self-determination to the Catalan, Basque and Galician nations. The state of siege imposed by Madrid is a powerful confirmation that the national oppression of Catalans—and of the Basques—cannot end short of independence. Autonomy is a fraud—Madrid retains the whip hand. The only principled position for revolutionary Marxists is to demand the immediate independence of these nations and to rally the workers of Spain and Europe to this struggle.

In the lead-up to the vote, the Castilian chauvinists who rule the country from Madrid declared the referendum illegal, with the full backing of the European Union. Thousands of Policía Nacional (National Police) and paramilitary Guardia Civil (Civil Guard) cops were sent to suppress any move toward self-determination by the oppressed Catalan people. The Catalan government’s funds were seized, many of its leaders arrested and offices raided. Millions of ballots, posters and official ballot boxes were confiscated. Tens of thousands of protesters who took to the streets are threatened with sedition charges. Hundreds of websites promoting the referendum were taken down by the Spanish authorities, including those of the Catalan government. Anyone deemed responsible for conducting the referendum is facing jail time and massive fines.

Thousands occupied schools overnight and massed before dawn to ensure the referendum went ahead. As the polls opened, riot cops smashed their way into polling stations, beating voters, dragging them out into the street and seizing ballot boxes. People outside were hit with rubber bullets, tear gas and police clubs. Nearly 900 people were injured.

Despite the police terror tactics, the Catalan people remain unbowed. As we go to press, a “national stoppage” called by the Catalan government, business associations and unions to protest the repression has brought Catalonia to a halt. It is urgent for the working class in Catalonia and throughout Spain to rally in defense of Catalan national rights. Working people throughout Spain must demand: Drop all charges against independentistes! Guardia Civil and Policía Nacional out of Catalonia!

The brutality unleashed by the Spanish government against the people of Catalonia is reminiscent of the long years of the Franco dictatorship. The Catalans and the republican Basques played a vanguard role in the Spanish Revolution of the 1930s. But the triumph of counterrevolution in 1939 under Generalissimo Francisco Franco resulted in decades of bloody repression of the working class and of the Catalan and Basque nations. Thus, after Franco died in 1975, the struggles of the oppressed nations were mainly expressed along national lines, in contrast to the 1930s, when the working classes of these same nations fought directly for power.

Spain’s right-wing governing Partido Popular (Popular Party) is descended from the Franco regime. Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy declares that the Catalan independence referendum violated the 1978 Spanish constitution. Maintaining the unity of the Spanish state is central to the chauvinist, anti-democratic constitution of 1978, which established the monarchy as bonapartist overlord. The social-democratic Partido Socialista Obrero Español (PSOE) and Stalinist Partido Comunista de España (PCE, now buried in Izquierda Unida) criminally supported the establishment of this reactionary constitution while mouthing platitudes about “self-determination.” To maintain the “indivisibility” of Spain, bloody police-state repression has long been used against militant fighters for Basque independence, including by PSOE governments.

Tens of thousands have rallied in Euskal Herria (Basque Country) in support of the Catalan referendum, and the Basque independence movement has been given a boost by the developments in Catalonia. The Basque and Catalan nations, each of which straddles the border between France and Spain, are oppressed by both these capitalist states. Solidarity protests have also taken place in the Catalan and Basque regions of France.

As we wrote in the document of the ICL’s most recent International Conference, “The fate of the provinces forcibly retained within France strongly depends on what will happen on the Spanish side of the border. We call for the independence of the Basque Country and Catalonia, in the North and the South” (“The Struggle Against the Chauvinist Hydra,” Spartacist [English-language edition] No. 65, Summer 2017).

Workers Must Fight for National Liberation

The struggle for the liberation of the oppressed nations can be a powerful motor force for revolutionary struggle of the proletariat against the Spanish capitalist order. But the central leadership of the countrywide trade-union federations, headquartered in Madrid, is imbued with the putrid anti-Basque and anti-Catalan chauvinism of its own capitalist rulers. Thus, the day after the Catalan people voted for independence, the national leaderships of the two largest trade-union confederations in Spain, the Comisiones Obreras (CCOO) and Unión General de Trabajadores (UGT), issued a statement opposing any “Unilateral Declaration of Independence.” They wrote: “We do not endorse that position nor that political strategy.”

Such chauvinism is not only an obstacle to the struggle for liberation of the oppressed nationalities, but also undermines struggle by all workers in the Spanish prison house of peoples against their own capitalist exploiters. The Madrid government’s offensive against Catalonia has emboldened the Spanish fascists, who have held demonstrations under the call “Catalonia is Spain.” These forces represent a deadly threat to all workers, immigrants and oppressed minorities in Spain, and the working class must mobilize to stop them.

In Catalonia in recent weeks, hundreds of thousands have defied the Castilian rulers, their constitution, courts and cops—the so-called democratic order. Secondary and university students went on strike, while farmers drove their tractors into the cities and formed blockades to protect voters. But most significant were the actions carried out by unions in defense of the referendum. The port workers in Barcelona and Tarragona refused to service the ships being used to accommodate the Policía Nacional and Guardia Civil. The firefighters union also took action, forming security cordons around voting sites.

The working class has enormous potential social power that must be marshalled in support of the struggle for independence. It is absolutely necessary to defend Catalonia’s bourgeois pro-independence leaders against the repression from Madrid. However, workers must be politically independent from these capitalist politicians and their parties. These include not only the bourgeois nationalists of the Partit Demòcrata Europeu Català (PDeCAT) and of the Esquerra Republicana (ERC), but also the left nationalists of the Candidatura d’Unitat Popular (CUP). Although claiming to be socialist, the CUP is a petty-bourgeois party that has propped up the bourgeois government of PDeCAT and the ERC in the Generalitat (Catalan parliament).

For the Catalan bourgeoisie, independence means being able to rule over those whom they exploit for profit. They will deploy their own forces of capitalist repression, such as the Mossos d’Esquadra (Catalan police), against the working class. It would be suicidal for the proletariat and oppressed to rely on the Catalan bourgeoisie in the fight for national liberation. For a Catalan workers republic!

The way forward was shown by the Bolshevik Party in Russia, which won the oppressed nationalities to its banner by championing the right of national self-determination. As Leon Trotsky, leader together with V.I. Lenin of the proletarian 1917 Bolshevik Revolution, wrote:

“In order to achieve liberation and a cultural lift, the oppressed nationalities were compelled to link their fate with that of the working class. And for this they had to free themselves from the leadership of their own bourgeois and petty bourgeois parties—they had to make a long spurt forward, that is, on the road of historic development.”

—The History of the Russian Revolution (1932)

Down With the Imperialist EU!

The Catalan bourgeois nationalists have long looked to the European Union (EU) for their salvation. Following the referendum, Catalan government leader Carles Puigdemont declared: “I must appeal directly to Europe…. The European Union can no longer continue looking the other way.” In response, the European Commission made the EU’s position clear: “Yesterday’s vote in Catalonia was not legal.” It went on to reiterate that “this is an internal matter for Spain that has to be dealt with in line with the constitutional order of Spain.”

The EU is determined to keep the current European borders intact, fearful that the breakup of Spain or any other member state could bring down the whole EU house of cards. As Marxists, we are opposed on principle to the EU, which is a reactionary consortium of capitalist countries. The EU aims to increase profits by squeezing workers throughout Europe, while its dominant members—Germany and, to a lesser extent, France—use it to further subordinate the weaker European countries. Our opposition to the EU is proletarian internationalist. We fight for workers revolutions throughout the continent, culminating in a voluntary Socialist United States of Europe.

Following the global financial crisis of 2008, the EU dictated vicious austerity to Spain, while having the common euro currency deprived Spain of the option of devaluing its currency to alleviate the crisis. The then-PSOE government in Madrid willingly enforced the EU’s austerity measures. For their part, the Catalan nationalists in the Generalitat also administered brutal austerity against workers and the oppressed.

The EU has also pushed union-busting across Europe. In 2014, the EU’s Court of Justice decreed that the Spanish port unions are in violation of EU rules on “free enterprise.” The Rajoy government issued a decree to force compliance with the EU rules. In response, thousands of port workers throughout Spain, including in Catalonia and the Basque Country, waged a series of strikes earlier this year against these attempts to smash their union.

Reformist Left: Wedded to the Bourgeois Order

Sundry reformists in Spain have for years opposed independence for Catalonia, while pretending to fight for self-determination. The Corriente Revolucionaria de Trabajadores y Trabajadoras (CRT), affiliated to the neo-Morenoite Trotskyist Fraction-Fourth International, vociferously claimed to defend the “right to decide” in the referendum while openly opposing Catalan independence. They wrote: “We don’t call for a Yes vote because we are neither independentistas nor do we share the republican and constitutional process proposed by Junts pel Sí [bourgeois-nationalist parliamentary coalition] and the CUP” (izquierdadiario.es, 27 September).

The Izquierda Revolucionaria/Esquerra Revolucionària (IR/ER) of Peter Taaffe’s Committee for a Workers’ International (CWI) likewise trumpeted, “The Catalan people have the right to decide!” but were careful to assure chauvinist opponents of independence that “anyone who does not support independence has the clear choice not to vote for it.” Then, on the day before millions voted for an independent Catalan republic…these consummate opportunists came out for independence.

The Taaffeites spent years inside the social-democratic PSOE and fully imbibed its national chauvinism. As recently as 2014, the IR/ER explicitly opposed independence in a pamphlet titled ¡Por el derecho a la autodeterminación, por el socialismo! (For the Right of Self-Determination, for Socialism!): “The task of the workers movement, there as here, in Euskal Herria and Catalunya, in the Spanish state as a whole and in Europe, is not to build new states and erect new borders, but to build socialism on a global scale.”

The breakup of the Castilian-chauvinist Spanish state, with its monarchy and Francoist nostalgists, would represent an enormous step forward for the struggles of all working people in Spain against the capitalist rulers. The struggle for national liberation of Catalonia and the Basque Country is integrally linked to the fight to overthrow capitalist rule throughout Spain and France. What is needed to lead the workers and oppressed in this fight are Leninist-Trotskyist vanguard parties, national sections of a reforged Fourth International. Down with the Spanish monarchy! For workers republics!