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News roundup for the previous week.

In International news

  1. ASEAN security forum: “The discussions were really hard. Vietnam is on its own to have stronger language on the South China Sea. Cambodia and the Philippines are not keen to reflect that,” one diplomat involved in the talks said

  2. TASS: World – Trump appreciates China, Russia for voting on DPRK resolution in UN SC

  3. One of China's 'most-wanted' #fugitives returns after 19 years in U.S.: Huang Hong, 50, was a Beijing-based accountant for a state-owned firm from the neighboring province of Hebei accused of misappropriating public funds, who fled to the United States in 1998

  4. North Korea must not provoke international community, China says

  5. Indian troops surrender to Chinese warnings

  6. China and the other #BRICS nations pledged to fight protectionism and safeguard intellectual property rights, even as U.S. President Donald Trump considers action against what he sees as unfair trade practices by China

  7. Southeast Asia's top diplomats say will seek talks "as soon as possible" on a proposed nonaggression pact with China aimed at preventing clashes in the disputed South China Sea

  8. U.S. Army (halts?) use of Chinese-made DJI drones (Yep, Apparently US Soldiers have been ditching expensive US drones for DJI's)

  9. Chinese students triumph in RoboMaster 2017

  10. Taiwan reiterates sovereignty over South China Sea: It is beyond doubt that the ROC enjoys rights to these islands and their surrounding waters the ministry said, after foreign ministers of Southeast Asian countries and China adopted a negotiating framework for a code of conduct

  11. China says it's OK with 'paying the price' for North Korea sanctions – World – CBC News

  12. China opposes #sanctions against Russia, Iran, North Korea: "The Chinese side consistently opposes unilateral sanctions" against Russia, Iran and North Korea, the Chinese Foreign Ministry said. Trump signed the bill under bipartisan pressure from the Congress

  13. Wangcha Sangey – The Strategy behind India's Doklam transgression: Here is the Ugliness. (Bhutanese blog)

  14. Spain's Repsol said it had suspended oil drilling in a block off #Vietnam, where the prospecting in South China Sea waters claimed by China had infuriated Beijing and brought Chinese pressure on Vietnam to stop

  15. #Turkey foreign minister vowed to "eliminate" anti-China forces from his country: We treat China's security as our own security. We absolutely will not allow any activities opposing or aimed against China within Turkey or its territories

  16. 2 Years Ago, a Taiwanese-HK (Chinese) Couple Bought a Street in the Rich SF Neighborhood of Presidio Terrace for $90K in a Tax-lien Auction, Now the Neighborhood Wants The Sale Rescinded (Presidio Terrace was White-Only until 1948)

  17. China to finance 88% of Tehran-Mashhad railway electrification costing up to $2bn

  18. Chinese #tourist awarded US$461,000 after false arrest and beating by US border guards: The case provoked anger in China after pictures of Zhao, her face swollen from pepper spray and her eyes and forehead bruised, were widely published

  19. #Taiwan fumes as Indonesia sends fraud suspects to China: Taiwan, an island China considers a wayward province, has protested to Vietnam, Cambodia and Kenya for doing the same thing

  20. As Trump Unnerves Asia, China Sees an Opening: Would China benefit if Mr. Trump actually started a war with North Korea? Costly disaster for the United States, South Korea and Japan, in the end might well mark the end of the United States’ leadership in Asia

  21. More Details about US military ban of DJI's: U.S. special operators in Syria using DJI products, Military “issued over 300 separate Airworthiness Releases for DJI products" (Exemption Requests for buying DJI without going through bidding), Concern for DJI's ability to shut off drones remotely

  22. #Pope loves China, Vatican official says on trip to China: Pope Francis would like to heal rift. China says bishops must be named by the Chinese Catholic community and refuses to accept authority of the pope, whom it sees as the head of a foreign state that has no right to meddle in China's affairs

  23. In Indonesia, Chinese Deity Is Covered in Sheet After Muslims Protest

  24. China's Gong Lijiao ended her long wait for a global outdoor title when she won the #shotput gold medal at the World Championships, utterly dominating the competition

  25. Why China won't isolate North Korea

  26. China will intervene and stop America if it attacks North Korea first and will only stay neutral if Kim Jong-un attacks the US first.

  27. #Nepal and China have initiated process for the joint development of cross-border transmission lines which will pave the way for electricity trade between the two neighbours

  28. Superior Chinese Leadership: Xi to Trump: N. Korea crisis must have peaceful resolution, show restraint

  29. A new survey found that China is the most optimistic country in the world, with 87 percent of people believing their country is on the right track

  30. China's naval hospital ship makes first visit to #SriLanka" "As military cooperation between China and Sri Lanka strengthens, Chinese naval hospital ship Peace Ark makes its first visit to Sri Lanka,"

  31. #SCO, ASEAN Preparing Agreement on Anti-Terror Cooperation

  32. China has been making inroads in the countries in #India neighbourhood by increasing its investment and deepening military ties. (Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Maldives)

  33. China, #Russia Plan to Support Each Other Regardless of International Situation – Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov

In Domestic news

  1. Bike-sharing helps ease #traffic jams in China: more than 80 per cent of China’s 100 biggest cities had improved local traffic conditions in the second quarter of 2017. This is the first time the “congestion index” has shown signs of going down since Gaode Maps launched it across the country in 2014

  2. Why China’s aerospace experts have become Xi Jinping’s new political elite – Four former aerospace engineers are now provincial governors

  3. How the ‘Home of Overseas Chinese’ Is Memorializing Emigrants

  4. Technology introduced after devastating 2008 quake alerted people up to 71 seconds before Tuesday’s tremor in Sichuan

  5. China holds drill to shut down 'harmful' websites: Internet data centers (IDC) and cloud companies – which host website servers – were ordered to participate in a three-hour drill to hone their "emergency response" skills

  6. Give Them Space, Say Panda Scientists

  7. China's online population reached 751 million this June, up 2.7 percent from the end of 2016

In SciTech news

  1. A Chinese 3D print studio fuses ancient art with modern tech

  2. China's digital long march is rapidly gathering pace

  3. Peter Diamandis Claims "China… Next Tech Superpower"

  4. China's Rise In The Global #AI Race Emerges As It Takes Over The Final ImageNet Competition: Out of the 27 teams competing, more than half were Chinese-based research teams from universities or companies, and all the top performers were from China

  5. One Person’s Experience Of Having PCB Assembly Done In China (Good Quality, Fast, Inexpensive)

  6. Warm periods in the 20th century are not unprecedented during the last 2,000 years

  7. Chinese scientists' contribution to first US human #embryo editing experiment: Amid all the fuss in the news, some media failed to spot that Chinese scientists contributed a lot to the study

  8. Chinese quantum satellite sends 'unbreakable' code

  9. China Builds One of the World’s Largest #Geoengineering Research Programs: Backed by $3 million in federal funds, scientists are assessing how geoengineering would impact agriculture, glaciers, sea levels and more

  10. Beyond Military, Police/Firefighters/Emergency Services around the World are Increasingly Using Drones, with majority of them preferring DJI's drones fitted with specialized packages such as FLIR Cameras

  11. Jurassic's earliest gliding mammals undermine dinosaurs reign

  12. Chinese satellite sends 'hack-proof' message

  13. China Regenerative's #StemCell Research Sparks Hope

  14. How China’s cutting-edge drones are transforming the nation

  15. China’s rising tech hubs are inland, and there are a few

In Economic news

  1. China’s State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO) announced a new set of regulations which are intended to streamline the examination of patent applications in certain burgeoning fields of technology

  2. When it's bad, it's "Chinese" (even if it is Thai)

  3. How Zhang Zetian, 24, became China’s youngest female #billionaire: The ‘Milk Tea Sister’ has been actively promoting e-commerce giant JD.com and its public welfare projects

  4. China's top 100 #internet companies' revenue skyrockets in 2016: Tencent Holdings Ltd topped the top 100 list, with Alibaba Group Holding Ltd and Baidu Inc respectively occupying second and third place

  5. Chinese #smartphone makers closing the gap on iPhone, Samsung: While Samsung and Apple continued to occupy long-time number one and two spots in the global smartphone market in the second quarter of the year, Chinese Android OEMs Huawei, Oppo and Xiaomi are continuing to close the gap

  6. This former factory worker is now the world's richest self-made woman

  7. Why Chinese Manufacturing Wins

  8. China's Trillionaire Government Nearly Indestructible

  9. Chinese companies turn corner on #creditratings: S&P issued a total of 25 positive revisions and 24 negative ones against Chinese companies in the first six months, resulting in one net positive action across a portfolio of 290 companies

  10. China on track to overtake South Korea as No 2 video #games market by 2021, says PwC: Total video games revenue in mainland China reached US$15.4 billion last year and will grow at an annual rate of 11.2 per cent to a forecasted US$26.2 billion in 2021

  11. The 32 most powerful economies in 2030

  12. #AI to boost China’s growth, with manufacturing and agriculture to benefit, says report: AI could give China much-needed productivity boost, as the number of working-age population continues to decline, says a report by Accenture

  13. Chinese state gets taste for McDonald’s as symbolic power fades

  14. China Will Experiment with Using #Blockchain to Collect Taxes: China is leading the pack when it comes to nation-states embracing the distributed ledger technology, having added blockchain as a priority in its Thirteenth Five-Year National Informatization Plan in 2016

In Military news

  1. J-20 and PAK FA: China's senior military official has indicated his country's intent to develop full-fledged cooperation with the Russian Aerospace Forces

  2. New Air Force Study Warns of Chinese #Hypersonic Weapons: Air Force Studies Board report identified that the U.S. is not alone in its quest for this increased speed, an Air Force statement said. The statement went on to say that China and Russia are already flight testing hypersonic weapons

  3. J-20 and PAK FA: China's senior military official has indicated his country's intent to develop full-fledged cooperation with the Russian Aerospace Forces

  4. New Air Force Study Warns of Chinese #Hypersonic Weapons: Air Force Studies Board report identified that the U.S. is not alone in its quest for this increased speed, an Air Force statement said. The statement went on to say that China and Russia are already flight testing hypersonic weapons

  5. DF-31AG ICBM can carry multiple warheads, claims China's state media

  6. China fires 'dozens of missiles' in show of strength during live-fire drills near North Korea as tension escalates over Kim Jong-un's ambitious nuclear test

  7. China's CH-4 armed reconnaissance #UAV receives upgrades: cruise and maximum speeds of up to 180 km/h and 235 km/h respectively, with a maximum endurance of up to 40 hours. It typically performs its missions at altitudes of 3,000–5,000m

  8. China's #Missile Forces Could Make US War Planners Think Twice: according to Pentagon estimates, China possesses 1,200 short-range missiles, 300 conventional medium-range missiles and 300 ground-launched cruise missiles. According to the RAND Corporation's report, accuracy improved to 5-10 meters

Other Notables

  1. Why many overseas Taiwanese are calling the Chinese Embassy for help?

  2. At a Drone Motor Factory in China. What's it like?

  3. [Spoilers] My review on wolf warrior 2

  4. Worst Places to Live.

  5. How do you feel about casual Hanfu wear?

  6. Chinese Sugar Painting

  7. Wolf warriors has earned $470m in China after just ten days. Next week it'll top the Mermaid to become the biggest movie EVER in China. It broke the record for biggest second week earning in the world. It was made on a budget of $30m.

  8. Meet China’s #esports warrior princess battling to put women back in the fight: At 22, Li Wei broke down the barriers of professional gaming to enter one of its biggest arenas, and that’s when the war really started

  9. "紅花會萬磁王"原來冠軍被我內定 PG One萬磁王《中國有嘻哈》

  10. "Project Boundary" Video Game Official Trailer

  11. The first Opium War 1838-1842 | History – The Story of China

  12. Flag-waving Chinese blockbuster Wolf Warriors 2 smashes cinema records

  13. Higher Brothers – Wudidong (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

  14. "How do foreigners view China after visiting China?" Quora question with answer debunking racial/gender stereotypes

  15. Answer to Quora: What is the prospect of China becoming a democracy in the next 25 years, and what can the US and other democracies do to make it happen?

  16. Answer to Quora: Is China still a communist country, or is it just in name only?

  17. Awesome video showcasing China today

  18. Stunning aerial view of "world's largest" Jurassic age #dinosaur fossil wall

  19. China Leaving United States Behind On Green Energy Jobs | On Assignment with Richard Engel

  20. RoboMaster 2017: Geeks could be new idols in China

  21. ONCE UPON A TIME Official Trailer (2017) aka Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms

  22. Wolf Warrior 2 战狼2 (2017) – Chinese Movie Review

  23. [昨日青空] Crystal Sky of Yesterday animation trailer

  24. Singapore Explained

  25. Gordon Chang (now a mind reader): 'Fire and fury' comments were intended for China

  26. Who is Celina Jade? How the Hong Kong actress became China’s box-office queen: Her film, Wolf Warrior 2, grossed 3.4 billion yuan after 12 days of screening

  27. "That's how you successfully merged your life with #exercises. Look at him! Can you believe he is already 95 years old?

  28. Rise of Chinese film industry is scaring Hollywood

  29. 《九州·海上牧云记》 Tribes and Empires: Storm of Prophecy drama trailer [ENGSUB]

  30. Why the US Not China Threatens World Peace

  31. 中国有嘻哈第二期 – BRIDGE老大

  32. Exposing MSM fake news on China’s Korea policy

  33. Sydney Morning Herald (Australia) reporting is becoming more favorable for China and less so for the US. Seems that in NK vs US, Australia stands by the US. But in China vs US, Australia is leaning towards neutrality.

  34. A Fishy "Kidnapping" Story from HK

  35. The Chinese World Order (VPRO Backlight)

  36. 犬夜叉-超越時空的思念 二胡版 by 永安 Inuyasha – To Love's End (Erhu Cover)

  37. Documentary about Chinese Airforce during WW2, who fought valiantly despite the odds.

  38. 70 years on: A Journey to Inner Mongolia

  39. Shanghai Subway vs. New York Subway

  40. Why should Washington expect China’s help? – CGTN reporter

  41. Taiwan’s National Palace Museum Digitizes Its Massive Collection of Chinese Art

  42. 薛之謙 Joker Xue【潮流季】官方歌詞版 MV

  43. The Jiaozi, the first paper note ever to have been in circulation, 960AD China [308×537]


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