Just another day at work part TWO

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This is the second part if my tale, my recounting if events of my recent past. The first one shares the same title minus the " part TWO". New to reddit and haven't studied the ways to link threads yet. Apologies.

My First Day:

After the rather disturbing mental " brake check" that the formidable Stanley gave me I was shaken. To say the least. I mean, here I am, possibly the highest IQ on earth, and I was dupes by a fucking movie. Come on!!

Again, my body was in it's new found auto pilot/muscle memory mode. I consciously hadn't the foggiest damn idea where u was going, but that didn't stop my legs from carrying me there. It also didn't stop me from scanning my right wrist and left thumb a total of eight times. I must have walked the length of eight or nine football fields. I walked for twenty three minutes, went down four levels and through twelve scanners that searched me for contraband.

This new level I was on, was very different from any that I have walked through or seen before now. The walls were unpainted. The lights were old metal shades hanging from the ceiling and the blue green paint that had been in the floor at one time was wearing thin. Bare concrete was showing through on the majority if the center area if the hall. I could smell mildew and fresh earth. There was also the strong, distinct ozone. As I walked I began to hear the faint sound of electrical humming. A low and bass heavy him that seemed to pass through my bones.

I neared the end of this long foul smelling hallway and as I was close enough to see the dead end, I finally saw the door. My door. My new office. My very own new office. There was a black plaque with gold letters written in a striking calligraphy. It simply said " The Office of Mr. C. Smith transportation and mechanical coordination. "

At the door, my fancy new auto pilot stopped. I stared blankly at the door noticing it had no handles or scanners. I gently pushed on both edges and it was solid. No movement. Stunned I took a step back and look all around my new door. There it was. About hip high and six inches from the right edge of the door was a small metallic tube with a blinking orange light inside. Without hesitation, I shoved my still swollen thumb in there and was rewarded with that stomach churning sound of a jail house door. BUZZZ HUMMM THONK! The door opened and I was greeted with a large room full of computers and equipment, a couch a water cooler and a coffee pot that was just then finishing a fresh pot of coffee .

" Awh fuck. I forgot my damn mug back upstairs!" I muttered under my breath. As I approached the only office chair in the room, I noticed my mug. How the hell did it get here? The coffee inside was still warm. I didn't trust it and promptly dumped the warm contents into the drain of the water cooler then proceeded to rinse out my cup. Even as I was doing this, I knew I didn't need to. I knew that it was fine, untouched except from moving three quarters of a mile to my new location by some unseen force.

I filled my mug and walked to my new station. Pinned to the computer monitor was a note written on one of those yellow post it deals. It said * Mr. S, I noticed that you had forgot your coffee in the testing room, so I decided to bring it down. Laura. P.S. I am your secretary. If you need me dial *775 on your office phone "

Still wondering his she beat me here and his my coffee was still hot after what seemed like three hours had passed. I looked at the clock on my wall and noticed that only forty seven minuted had passed since I left my new apartment.

I looked around my new office and noticed the computer displayed the same command line system that had been in the last computer I sat at. I began to type and explore my new computer. I searched the file system and dug through all the files I could see There were the standard programs ya know, word processor, calculator, modem, network explorer, etc. There were also .ZF3. files that I knew without knowing were this systems equivalent of windows .exe files. Most were seemingly normal, modem dialer, DVD/CD burner, and then there were some that were too far out to ignore. Namely the one titled Temporal Gates. ZF3 and Displacement augmentation .ZF3 as well as another called, get this, Brain and Body re- assignment .ZF3. I couldn't help myself. I attempted to open one of them. I clicked with my mouse, I entered the names in to the command line manually and even dragged and dropped. Nothing. Not even so much as a error message. I gave up and started looking through the extended storage and peripherals. There were storage drives with labels such as " Physical Anomaly a3gft" and one that seemed sketchy at best titled " demonic language translations and uses". I skimmed over the storage drives figuring some odd ass D&D fan boy had worked here before me and had given his drives crazy ass names.

I was starting to look for the computers attachment such a printers and whatever. I found the normal printer scanner and even fax machines. I also found some with labels like " Pod T3" , " Gate 7" and one that troubled e for some reason, " Portal D2"

It was at that point that I had a deeply disturbing feeling if being watched. I looked up and there stood nurse Adelaide. She had managed to enter my office silently. Well, maybe I was so engrossed in my snooping that I simply hadn't heard her enter . I rushed to stand and extended my hand for a friendly handshake. I stead she grabbed my hand and pulled me in for a quick hug.

" Don't speak. You are in very dark and dangerous places here. Be careful. " she pulled away and raised a hand to gently brush my cheek. " You remind me so much of my sin Christopher. Its your eyes, I think."

Stunned I simply mumbled " Thank you. Ms. Adelaide" she nodded and relaxed for my left hand gazing attentively at my swollen thumb." Its looking slightly infected. Let me give you an ointment and a one dose antibiotic." She reaches into her bag and handed me a small cellophane containing a single normal looking capsule. She also busted a small green vial open and rubbed the oozing contents onto my thumb instantly my thumb stopped hurting and I swear the swelling was going down.

" Wow, thanks! What's in that stuff?"

You don't have the clearance sweety. Just know that the cream and the kill are both safe for you. "

She turned to leave, pausing long enough to gaze at my face once more and mouthes the words " Be careful" as she walked out and vanished into the seemingly endless hallways. I turned and sat back down at my desk, glancing over at my new computer. Feeling a deep depression I noticed I had a new email. It was from Central Offices Wash D.C..

Opening the email I began to feel the depression lifting as I read the short concise note.

" Mr. Smith,

Welcome to ********* Grey services. We are proud to call you a member of our family. We hope that you will be happy in your new life choice. When you return home to your free apartment this evening you will find your new cell phone tablet and laptop. When you are not working you may access the internet. However, due to the sensitive nature if your duties, your traffic will be monitored on all devices. You may not remove ANY device from this facility. You have already signed a legal contract prohibiting you from ever speaking of your position here, or TV e details of what happens on thus or any other company owned property. If you choose to violate these terms you will be terminated. No warning, no write ups. One mention of this, or any of *****'s facilities and termination will be carried out within fifteen minutes. Remember, we have ways to monitor ALL of your communication. Again, welcome to our family. We hope to call you a member of said family for many many many years to come. Signed Mr.******" .Okay, if I talk I will be fired. No problem. At that precise instant I caught a mental image of a bullet exiting the barrel of a pistol. I knew now for certain what " termination" meant in this instance.

The rest of the day was rather dull as I learned the operating systems, or rather let my brain tell my consciousness what it already knew. I also familiarized myself with the small map of my authorized locations. The places I was allowed to go were labelled in green. All total I have access to 127 different rooms in eighteen wings if thirteen floors. Each one deeper under ground than my current location. And of course I was allowed to go up. Just not up too far toward the surface until my leave began.

Twelve hours later, I was mindlessly walking home, when I realized that I had ignored the elevator on my way down, and decided to take it home. I entered the small elevator and scanned my thumb. There were no buttons and no way to select the floor I wanted. Simply a thumb and wrist code scanner. The elevator doors closed and I felt the sinking feeling if a very fast elevator carrying me upwards at an alarming rate. Ten seconds later the elevator stopped and I exited. I looked around and noticed this elevator was just a few feet from my apartment door.

Edit: next segment added:

I awoke early the next morning. So early that I had four and a half hours to kill before I had to be in my office. I had a sickening feeling that my real job hadn't even started yet. That I was on a sort of probationary period. I was more than nervous about what my job would actually entail.

I had dreamt last night. Been months since I last dreamt. Thus wasn't a pleasant dream, and in fact was one I hoped. I would never have again. In thus awful dream I was fervently typing. Sweat rolling down my face, neck, back and arms. Wherever I was the tiny room had no windows, and no light could get through the door. It was smaller than a closet. More the size of a large pantry. Except it was empty minus me and a strange laptop, that I hadn't seen before. Still I banged away, telling my story, and being terrified, knowing I would die before anyone could read the words that were spilling from my fingers. As I typed, the back of my neck began to buzz, then my thumb chip started to spin in the meat beneath my nail, I knew they were close. Outside, I heard car doors slam. Three of them. I knew if I didn't finish the story and start the count down that nobody would ever know my story, or my fate. I hurriedly finished, pissed off that I was forced to glaze over many fascinating and terrifying details. I ended my amended tale and sent the bulk of it to a digital safe almost four thousand miles away. I had built thus digital suitcase with the intention of it printing my story to three form of digital web based media sharing sites. Reddit, a new and special Facebook page, and even the Huffington post. The last one was the hardest, but when you know everything, its easy to hack passwords. This digital suitcase text bomb, didn't have an I.P. address, didn't really originate from anywhere, while at the same time originating from EVERYWHERE. It was 110% untraceable, and 99.9% unstoppable. Of course, I would never know if it was successful. I then realized I was dreaming, and willed myself to wake up, as I watched the door swing open and seen twenty some odd bright flashes that had to be gun shots.

I woke up shaking and soaked in sweat. My heart, racing at an unbearable pace. My blood rushed through my temples with a massive pressure.

" Mother fucker! That was not cool! I gotta quit reading so many damn Clancy novels. Fuck that shit. God damned spy mentality bull shit. What the hell am I doing? Why did I ever agree to to this job? What is my new life expectancy? I know that I won't tell anyone anything ever, but what if the company is able to read my dreams, what if they don't believe my loyalty is real?"

I rose out of bed, wrapped a robe around my sticky frame and walked to the kitchen. The artificial sunlight was already coming through the " windows" giving my kitchen an eery glow. I shuffled to the coffee pot, flipping the switch and standing there just long enough to take a deep breath of the fresh smell. As the smell of dark roasted coffee filled my nose and lungs, I turned and shuffled to the small bathroom. I took my morning piss, noticing that it was a much darker orange than normal. Not thinking much of it, I turned the shower in full pressure and climbed in. I let the scalding water rush over me, washing the dream from my body. I lathered my long brown hair with an over sized amount if shampoo from a label free bottle. It smelled invigorating, hints if ginseng and mint. There was undertones of pine and citrus. A nice masculine scent with some good power. The conditioner was the same. I applied a generous amount and let it stand in my hair as I soaked up my still weak and trembling body. U then rinsed off in entirety as I stood shaking under the nozzle of my new favorite thing in my apartment.

I turned the water off and climbed out. Not taking time to dry off very well, I rushed to escape the heat and humidity of the small bathroom. Rushing towards he smell of that fucking wonderful coffee. As I entered my kitchen, I noticed that someone had left a box just inside the front door. I poured my coffee, and took a deep drink. Suddenly I craved a strong cigarette. I had quit smoking six months ago, and hadn't looked back. Today however I was craving so bad I couldn't take it much longer. I hastily set my cup in the small kitchen table. Walked into the living room and picked up the package some unseen being had left here for me.

It was an ordinary brown box, sealed with standard packing tape. No labels, no markings, nothing. There was no way for me to know what was inside the box, or where it came from. Somewhat nervously I carried it to the kitchen and gingerly set the box down. I walked to the silverware drawer and selected a sharp paring knife. I softly cut the wide packing tape, careful not to cut too deep. I unfolded the flaps and reached into the box. I found my new tablet, phone, and laptop inside the box. As well as something a bit more alarming. A carton of Marlboro full flavor and a carton of Basic menthol lights. My brands. His the hell did they know what I smoked, let alone that I wanted a smoke this morning. I mean, the box was in my living room before I took a sip of coffee and had a craving.

With shaky hands, I fumbled the cartons open and as I pulled a pack of Marlboros from the carton, I saw a small shiny square in the bottom of the box. I knew before I reached for it that it was a Zippo lighter. A gold toned zippo, with a crest that I had designed and engraved myself. Fifteen years ago, and then lost a few weeks later. Sure enough, that's what it was. I lit a cigarette with shaking hands and took a deep drag. I felt the nicotine course through my body, the sweet tingling and numbing sensation that comes with not smoking for a long period then smoking too fast. I took another deep drag, then another and another, til the cigarette was burned to the filter. That's when I noticed that there wasnt an ashtray here. I stood up and walked to the sink, dropping the smoldering filter down the drain.

I knew what I had to do. I knew that I was being monitored and that even my thoughts weren't my own. I also knew without knowing that they couldn't trace subconscious thoughts and actions. I forced myself to focus on my coffee as I glanced around my apartment. That's when I noticed that there was an inordinate number of smoke alarms. Nine. Two in each small room and one in the hallway. They all blinked in unison. That was odd enough, but as I drank my coffee I walked around, paying attention without paying attention. I noticed that some if the smoke alarms were rotating to follow me around the room.

I sat down and turned on my new devices. All three of them. I then proceeded to riot the phone and tablet, so I could install custom apps. I again, focused on enjoying my coffee and cigarettes while not actually thinking about what I was doing with my electronics. When I was finished, I set up a build environment on my laptop, while at the same time dissecting the operating system and finding eight trackers hard coded into the OS. I boxed those trackers and forced them to report a random string of web sites and nonchalant banter. Knowing it would save me for a shirt while only I hurried about my task. I turned my chair and laptop to where the screen and keyboard wouldn't be in view of the many cameras. I hurriedly banged out my roughed up code. I ran the build process and then that's where I was stuck for a short while. I couldn't attach the phone to the computer. Not yet. First I had to download some mp3's. I had to have a reason to plug the two devices together. I rushed and downloaded the entire Hybrid Theory album, as it was downloading I captured several megs worth of packets and hid my new program inside.

When the download was finished, I plugged the USB cable into both, and pushed the sings and their secret contents to a virtual sdcard I had built inside the freshly rooted phone. All I had to do was play the song that contained the code. The rest would happen automatically and invisibly. I found the phones built in media player and pressed play on my favorite song, " Crawling" .

As the guitars rang and Chester Bennington sang with Hus pain exposed by his voice, my secret code was installing an invisible, untraceable app. My newly written code would build a small GUI on my phone that would only appear to me with my personal security code, RFID tag and fingerprint. It was designed to log data, and cause slight interference with the cameras in my room. After a few minutes, the new app would also start a video loop, with live audio. So, I could stay where I was sitting, and listen to the rest of my newly downloaded album. I could then download the data from my bridge implant and dissect the built in code. From there maybe I could alter it to not record thoughts I wanted to keep to myself.

As the app began to display its looped video, I got to work. I unplugged the USB cable from the laptop, and plugged it into the USB port in my neck. Soon as I did, I could feel the data transfer begin. It felt pretty good. Luke an orgasm in my brain stem. I loved this new feeling. Better than any drug I had tried, and I had tried them all at one time or another. When the transfer was over and the wonderful feeling sadly ended, I unplugged myself from the phone and then plugged the phone back to the laptop. I pushed all the data to my little private emulated terminal and got to work. I found the lines of code that allowed me to have private thoughts. They were to only be activated when I was in my office, and in the elevators. I altered those lines just slightly to allow some of my deeper thoughts and feelings to be my own. I then hurriedly replugged into my neck and pushed the altered code to my bridge.

I wasn't worried. Had no reason to be. I knew for a fact that I had made my new code completely invisible. I also knew that even the central hub computer system that was called " life support " by the higher ups , wouldn't be able to see the altered code. In fact, I wouldn't even be able to see it if I wanted to. But I did have a way to be sure it was working. I activated the FM transmitter in my bridge and the receiver in my phone. As long as the notification bar of my new Galaxy S3 was black, my new code was active.

I carefully repositioned my self in the exact spot that I was in before I started the loop playback. I then ended the video playback, and continued to listen to my favorite band. I started to get dressed, and get ready for work. Almost three hours had passed and it was close to time for me to leave for work. I was anxious. But not about work, or danger or my altered company property. I was wondering if I would get a chance to see the blonde goddess again today. I hoped so. It had been eight months two weeks and three days since my fiancé had left. And another five weeks and two days since I had been with a woman. Sex was never that important to me. I mean sure I enjoyed it. Who doesn't? But I could take it or leave it. Rather I could give it or not.

I then noticed that I had a built in stereo system with speakers in my walls and ceilings. I looked for the the head unit, and discovered that it was the same eight hundred watt system I had in my real apartment. I walked to it, and seen that there was a line in jack laying in top. I had to jam. I plugged my phones headphone jack to the line input using the cord and started the Hybrid Theory album again. This time with some fucking power. I was very pleasantly surprised with the bass response that my hidden speakers carried. I slowly turned the volume know to full. I suddenly had a mental image of pissed off neighbors banging on walls and my door. I decided to see his loud the music was from right outside my door. As soon as the door closed the hallway was silent. Whatever these wall were made if, it wasn't normal cement blocks. Thankfully.

I reentered my apartment, and plopped down on the sofa. As I looked around, I did see an ashtray, it was one if those small black plastic ashtray that used to sit on half of the tables in mist restaurants at one time. I lit another smoke, this time a menthol as I reached for the ashtray.

" twelve minutes if music and peace before I leave for the office " I told myself. Again, my thoughts wandered to the gorgeous blonde from yesterday. I closed my eyes and could see here like she was there in front of me. I was not picturing her naked or in any sexual manner, just remembering her. I could almost smell her faint perfume as I pictured her , smiling and blushing at me.

Knock! Knock! Knock! Someone at the door banged. Figuring the walls that separate the apartments were this net than the walls to the hallway, I stood and rushed to the stereo to lower the volume. I the walked briskly to my door, and gently opened it. There was unibody there. No one at all. There was a small white envelope tapes to the door though. I looked around the halls, both ways and didn't see the messenger. Shrugging I removed the envelope from the door and tore it open. Inside was a note written in beautiful cursive letters and lightly perfumed with lilac and lavender. (Why did I know that?) I began to read the letter, wondering if it was written by her, the blonde.

" Dear Mr. Smith,

Welcome to the neighborhood. I noticed you yesterday as we were leaving for work. Something about you has piqued my curiosity. I would rather like to have dinner with you tonight. At my place after work. I will cook. I make some mean ass fried chicken! Hope to see you tonight!

Bye, The blonde goddess! : )"

Oh my gawd! I do have a chance with her! Maybe this will be a true relationship. I will let her know tonight that I am not interested in a one night stand. Either a relationship, or a friendship. Damn, now I can't wait to get off if work.

Work! Shit, I was running late. I grabbed my smoke and my lighter, figuring there was coffee and an ashtray in my office. I rushed out the door and to the elevator I had found last night. I stepped in and began my descent to the floor that holds my new office.

It didn't take long for me to get there today, I scanned my thumb and stepped in. There was a fresh cup of java and an ashtray beside my computer . I really need to thank my secretary. She's awesome!

I sat down and activated the computer. I mindlessly scrolled to the command line interface and vegan to type. I wasn't too sure what I was doing, but I was good at it. My phone buzzed for the first time since I started.

" Hello, office of Mr. Smith, transportation and mechanical department. How can I help you?"

" Mr. Smith this is Dr. Sayer. I trust you are adjusting well?" A thunderously deep male voice biimed through the handset.

" Yes sir, I'm doing fine thank you. His cab I help you today Dr.?"

" I need you to activate the gate on pod 12dt3 please. I know you're new so I can walk you through it if you want. Its not too hard and won't take very long."

" Okay Dr. Sayer, I just need to know you're department code, and you're sec code to access your clearance levels first. Sorry, but being new I don't want to cut any corners."

" That's fine Smith. Department Medical research temporal lab 77v, sec code is 5-4-3-7;-9-9-9-0-01-3-2-ghl-g-h , I'll wait."

I quickly types the department and sec code into the command line. A progress bar appeared and then a picture if Dr. Sayer popped up. Under the picture was a green bar that said "Pod access granted for pods 7b, 12fg, 98c3 & 12dt3. Access granted for all temporal transportation and all medical labs. No further notes or access codes at this time."

" Dr. Sayer, we are good to go now. Uhm, I believe I know what to do, but would very much appreciate your help in doing this."

Dr. Sayer chuckled softly and said " That's fine. First open a new command line from inside my security window. Then enter my sec code and press enter. Wait for the new parameter boxes to open. When they do let me know."

" Alright Doc, Its open."

" Now, enter this into the command line exactly as I say it. Temporal gate 12dt3 begin plasma function. Now wait for the next box then enter " Plasma function accelerate" separate that with a semi colon, and type ' begin magnetic manipulation' another semicolon, and then ' open gate ' ampersand ' begin transport of experimental serum 7789b32xdr."

" Okay wait just a moment please." I frantically typed, anxious to see what would happen. After the first enter key stroke, I heard the familiar sound of hard drives spinning up. Then the sound of a tremendous amount of electricity being transmitted. I heard a few beeps coming from the far end if my office, I turned to see what I thought was a solid wall become transparent. I was presented with a view of a large metal platform with the letters " POD 12dt3" painted on the floor. As I watched a bright light began to form seemingly in mid air over the painted letters. I could hear sounds similar to a large powerful MRI machine, whirr thump, whirr THUMP! WHIR THUMP! The sound continues to get louder, as the light gets brighter. Suddenly what looked like a bolt of lightning sprang from the center of the light on the platform and then another and another until the pod looked like a giant plasma ball lamp. Then, as fast as it started all if it stopped. The noise was gibe, the lights died down and there in the platform was a pallet of clear jars holding a viscous pink gelatinous fluid.

" Is it there yet Mr. Smith? Has my experiment arrived yet? Is the light off?"

" Yes to all Doc, " I said a little bewildered.

" Good. Thank you Smith. I will send my assistant to get it and bring it to the lab. In the meantime, welcome to the family." Click. He hung up.

I glanced at the transparent wall as a figure clad in solid yellow hazmat gear pushes a bright green pallet Jack into the platform, and loaded the slime. As the figure left the pod, my wall began to repigment and become a solid beige color again.

" Must be a damn screen. Like those fancy electronic tinted windows that GI clear when you flip a switch."

My computer beeped and I saw that I now needed to write and file a transport report. I slowly shook my head as I began to fill out the report

After filing this long, boring ass report, I was ready for some action. Some. Not as much as would soon ensue, but I should have been more specific when I wished for some excitement. Live and learn. I hoped.

The phone rang again. This time the noise that geminated from the base was…different. It seemed dark and foreboding. NY hand trembled as I picked up the receiver.

" The office of..""

" I know who the fuck I called Smith. Do you think I am so stupid as to dial a fucking number not knowing who I fucking called? No, I am most certainly not that fucking idiot. Today you need to arrange some things for the mix floor. "

" Er..uhm okay."

" Fuck. Not thus pussy ass bullshit. I thought the head of HR said you had a pair. Don't fucking disappoint me here. You won't fucking enjoy my wrath I god damn well promise you that you spineless little piece of shit. Do you fucking hear me? Do you?"

" Sir yes sir!" I hissed through a clenched jaw. " Just how the fuck can I help you today. And who the fuck is this anyway!"

" Who I am is not any of your concern." Now the dude didn't sound as angry. Maybe it was a gut check?

" Well then what do toy want me to do for you then?"

" I need you to personally go to the Z3 Pod and escort a prisoner to the infirmary. This guy is gnarly as hell and sneaky Like a fucking opossum. Stop by the sec office and tell them you need to requisition an E97 weapon. They will issue it and download the instructions to your bridge. You must begins the transport now and then leave your office, take the third elevator on your right down til it stops. The sec office is directly in front of the elevator. I will buzz ahead so they don't kill you when the doors open." Click. Silence.

Turning to my console, I bring up a new command line. Still thinking about the calk, my fingers fly around the keyboard opening g the portal request before I could pat attention to how its done. Then I watched as my wall turned clear yet again, and I swear my office moved. About ten seconds of blurring scenery later and I was staring at what looked like a jail cell. Nothing special. Then I saw a countdown clock above the cell set to 44 seconds and begin to tick down.

I hurried out the door to the third elevator. Scanning my thumb and wrist thus time caused the doors to close. It felt like the bottom had fallen out of the planet. I dropped down at a pace that made me feel half my weight. I defended for about a half a minute. Before the elevator began to slow.

" I'll buzz ahead so they don't kill you.." Echoed through my mind as I pressed my mass against the side of the elevator car and the door opened. I was rewarded for my obedience by a rifle muzzle pressed to my temple as a rough looking character grabbed me and spun me around to face the wall. My left hand was wrenched behind my back as my thumb was scanned.

" Its him. Do the download "

I felt that wonderful orgasmic sensation yet again as I felt the data transfer into my bridge. The feeling ebbed and flowed for a matter if wight or nine seconds before the cord was roughly yanked from my neck.

" Turn around Mr. Smith. You're safe now. Security is a real issue when projects Luke this take in new members. You'll get used to it. "

I rubbed my left shoulder as I turned around. Thinking to myself that I will never get used to having a weapon pressed to my head. I didn't know yet, but I was wrong.

"Here, take the weapon that Dr Sayer wanted you to have. If he says you need it, you just might need it. He's generally a pacifist. Something has him on edge though, so tread lightly."

The guard, who I now seen was dresses in full combat gear and riot shield, next to him stood a man the probably didn't need riot gear to end even the worst prison riot..

A heavy weapon was thrust into my hands. It appeared, at first glance, like a standard tech 9. But wait. There's no breech. No hand guard on the barrel and the clip was wrong. Thus weapon was different, I just didn't understand how. Yet.

As I held the weapon, my hands flew around it, breaking it down, and exposing it's difference. It didn't fire regular projectiles. In fact it didn't fire any projectiles like anything 99.9% of humanity had seen. It did however fire dense bursts of super heated plasma at a rate of 133 bursts per minute the clip held enough radioactive material to create the thousand lethal shots of nuclear hell hot plasma. Enough to blast even the largest redwood into smoldering splinters.

" Thank you, Sir!" I barked in a voice that wasn't my own. I suddenly felt like a passenger in a theme park ride. Scared, but knowing I wasn't in any real danger . WTF? I'm holding some kind of military secret weapon, and I'm not worried about why I might need this thing?

" Six doors down on the left of the hall. Scan and enter there. Do the airlock thing and then go across the catwalk. Fourth platform on the right is where tour prison er should be in fifteen seconds. " the guard in riot gear gave a stiff salute.

I reciprocated the salute out of respect. As I walked to the door that would change my life forever

I entered the air lock, closed the door and stood there waiting. From the thick window in front of me I could see a lightning storm that I knew was the poor soul that I had been tasked to transport . The door sprung open and I steppes onto the cat walk.

I approached the pod, wondering what horrors awaited me. I was slightly let down. Eh, the build up is always better than the movie itself, right?

Standing in the iron cell was a short figure, maybe five for six and hundred thirty pounds. Dark short buzzed black hair spike on its head. I could see glowing red cables around the waist, legs and arms of the prisoner. As I approached the cell, I knocked on a bar with my weapon muzzle.

Rap! Rap! " Prisoner! Take two steps backward without turning around. Place your hands at your side and stand still! "

The small man laughed maniacally. The sound of Hus laughter was off. It sounded rough, more growl than voice but not like anything I have hears before.

" You have no idea, do you boy? " the last word, "boy" was spoken with a hatred that made my blood run ice cold. " But you 'bout ta find out.."

" Shut up and follow orders or I will be forced to shoot you. Just take two steps back and place your hands at your sides. "

The prisoner laughed that creepy ass laugh again. This time he did as ordered tho. I extended my left thumb to the scanner as my right arm firmly pressed the rifle into the prisoners back. The cell door opened.

" Step our backwards. Then turn to your right and walk til I stop you "

" Sure thing boss! Don't beat me Boss! " the thing said with another burst of that damn twisted laughter.

As I was now leas than two feet from the prisoner, I began to notice he exuded a sticky thick oil Luke sweat from every piece of exposed flesh. He wasn't white, or black. Asian or Spanish. He was slightly purple, and what I assumed was hair on his head were actually spikes. Thick sharp looking spikes.

I began to wonder what he truly was as we approached the door to the doctors lab.

" I was human. My name was, at one time Steven. Now, I am what you all have made me. I can never go home. Never be normal again. Fucking medical trial my ass. Warfare us what it is. "

I grimaced in disbelief, but was sure he didn't know it. As the door to the doctors lab opened, I caught a view of "Steven's" face. His eyes were now solid black ovals, nose flattened and widened, his brow was lined with rows of bumps that look paid full at the very least, and most likely torturous.

" Ah, Mr. Smith! So nice to meet you!"

The doctor stood there, one hand extended to shake hands, the other holding a weapon similar to mine against the crotch of the prisoner.

" Nice to meet you as well doc." I replied and accepted his hand for a friendly shake. The doc was tall, almost seven feet, but skinny, almost to the point of being gaunt. Behind the good doctor was a Mesa of biblical proportions. Blood and vitreous covered threw tables and most of the floor. I saw the clothing the doctors assistant had been wearing town to shreds littering the floor and walls.

" Oh, yeah, that. Janitorial should be here to remove the mess soon. I warned him to not handle the serum by himself. "

" Uh, yeah sure. Hey do you sign something or do I scan somewhere to get finish this or what?"

" Oh, my manners. Sorry about that. Here. " he said as he extended a clipboard with a scanner " Its just so damn frustrating when subjects ignore protocol and foul up the entire day. Fucking idiots."

I could hear the Andy phone calk again. It was him. It was the same doctor that had been so calm and polite this morning. What the hell is going down here?

Doc took the prisoner by the bicep and promptly turned around, " That'll be all Smith. Thank you"

" Yes, sir," I said as I turned and left the lab. I tried my damndest to not think about what the prisoner had said. I meandered back to the guard station where I expected to return my new toy. I stopped and offered it to the man in riot gear.

" Keep it. Remove the clip. Jeep it in your office. Its not the last time you will need it."

Still numb, I turned and entered the elevator. Thus time I rose so fast, I felt three times my normal weight. The G-forces were so strong it was uncomfortable. The platform stopped and the doors opened. I stepped out, and removes the clip from the weapon as I walked to my office.

I quickly set the rifle down and tossed the clip on my desk. " Oh man. What's going on here?" I wondered to myself.

I went ahead and clicked the command line on my console to fill out the teat subject transport report. It took me two hours to file the damn thing. The only question not on the report were about the breath of the prisoner. Shut these fuckers were nosey.

The rest of the day was dull, boring and very much welcomed. I looked up at the clock on the wall and realized I had been in my head for three hours. It was time to go home.

I left my office, after locking the weapon In a safe that opened with my retina scan. I entered the elevator that would carry me upstairs to my new home. Not once did I think about my dinner plans with my new neighbor. I simply wanted to get home take a shower and see if I could fins some Jose. I needed a good drink. Hell any damn drink would do. I was shaken to my core. My new career choice had landed me in hell. I had no way out. Even if I did have an exit plan, I wasn't ready to leave. Not yet. Not before I got to know what the company actually had going on here. I sure as hell wasn't doing anything related to medical research. Or I thought anyway.

I went to my fridge and flung the door open. I was surprised by what I saw inside. A monitor with a mouse and keyboard. I touched the mouse, and a virtual shopping list appeared. Not phased I looked for booze. I really wanted a drink. I found it. Not my normal brand but Tequila none the less. I clicked on the fifth and was shown an eta of thirty seconds. I shook my head and shut the door as I lit a smoke. I walked in and sat in the couch. As I laud my head back and took a deep drag of menthol goodness my door bell rang. Opening the door I was surprised with a fifth of Tequila bearing the company crest instead of a normal brand name or label.

" Fuck it. Booze is booze,* I said as I turned around and closed the door. I didn't care where it came from. All I cares about was getting shit faced fall down drunk. And I did. In a very short amount of time. I ordered another fifth sometime before I passed out. Don't know when, Or how, but I must have.


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