A customer’s IT doesn’t want to open any ports forward for our camera installation. Any alternatives? Full details inside

My company provides a remote guard service to our customers and as part of our service, we install security cameras at the customer's site. Usually, we can get the IT staff to open 60+ ports forward with minimal fuss or pushback. We have a few customer's with IT staff that adamantly refuse to open any ports forward for us. We need those ports forward in order to pull video streams into our monitoring servers. I need to find a solution. Does anyone know of a good alternative? Ideally, it should be free, but if it requires hardware or a service I can pitch it if it resolves the problem. I've been looking, but haven't found anything that I thought applied to this type of situation.

Because this happens all the time, there's not any specific technology that is being used. It occurs most often from car dealerships, but I haven't found a reason why they are so adamantly against ports forward.


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