That’s YOUR Job

Hello, TalesFromTheFrontDesk! For background, I work overnights at a boutique hotel in a major metropolitan city in the midwest. The hotel is on the 40th floor of our city's old stock exchange building. There are, however, lots of other companies in the building. Mostly trading companies. As such, security is pretty tight for our building with building passes and round-the-clock security guards. Due to our location and proximity to both the city's financial district as well as its popular tourist locations, we tend to get quite a few affluent guests. Last night, I witnessed what had to be the most egregious display of ignorance and overestimated sense of importance.

There's a temporary building pass we give to hotel guests to get them through the turnstiles and into the building, so they can go up to the hotel/gym (a full-service athletic club on the third floor) without having to be let in by a front desk agent every time. After hours (11pm-4am), you have to swipe your building pass when you get in the elevator to get it to go anywhere at all.

Around 11:30 last night, I saw couple standing by the bank of elevators. They had been standing there for a while, and I typically know that means they couldn't figure out the elevator. They turned to me and began to yell across the lobby to ask me why the elevator wouldn't work. The lobby is quite large with high ceilings, so it's very echoey. Especially when there's no one in it. They obviously couldn't hear me, but they kept trying to yell over me. So I leave the front desk and step up to the glass partition. I have not yet gone through the turnstiles. I tried explaining the situation to them from behind the glass partition.

At first, they didn't step any closer to me. But then they realized they still couldn't hear me at all, so they finally meandered up to me. Conversation was short, but was as follows

Me: There's a red sensor on the left side of the elevator. When you step in, you have to swipe your building pass on that sensor for the elevator to go anywhere. You'll hear it beep. That's how you know it worked. Guest (in a tone that was so conceited, I didn't know it was possible): Oh no WE don't have to do that. That's YOUR job.

I honestly skipped a breath. I know he thinks he's at a fancy ass hotel (and I guess, yeah, it's pretty nice), but he got a cheap rate online and he's only paying $150 for the room. We give people the building pass so that they don't HAVE to wait around for the front desk agent. Was he bothered that I didn't carry him on a Roman litter through the lobby and up to the hotel myself? Is that the problem? Cause I'd do it, but only if he paid me a couple thousand bucks. I had to swipe in through the turnstiles and badge him into the elevator myself.

TL;DR: Guy thinks he's too cool to use an elevator properly.


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