Operator wish for Year 3 (EKO – Cobra)

Hello, in the following text I will describe my wish and the ideas for the Austrian operators of the Task Force "Eko Cobra".

So the desire is basically simple, I would like to be the operator of the Austrian special unit "Eko" Cobra. For the simple reason that they have a high standing in Europe in which you teach tactics to other countries. Not to be forgotten, you are the only special unit that has successfully prevented an aircrafts in the air. Now a little to their history. The unit was founded on 1 May 1973 due to increasing domestic dangers for the country or surrounding Austria. Inland, you have already mastered tricky hostages or other problems with good, and this continues to this day. Among other things, the "current" tasks of the EKO Cobra have been to help the German units during the G20 summit and to provide security for foreigners. In order to become an official of the EKO Cobra, a multi-year training is required, and the normal police service is required in advance. The most commonly used weapon of the EKO Cobra is the "Steyr AUG", also various different sniper guards are used.

To get an approximate operator representation.

As a defender, I would imagine that the operator has similar devices as Kapkan, which do not explode, but more light barriers, to which the operator gives an acoustic signal, or a map marker where the sensor has been triggered. In contrast to the Kapkan trap, however, this sensor should not have a continuous beam of light but a triggering at the trigger and one on the wall. This would be, for example, a set of 3-4 sensors in my opinion. Of course these "sonsors" from IQ should be found. The defense operator should have 2 points in speed and 2 points in the armor as this would be a very good balance. As a weapon, the "Steyr AUG" would be recommended as it is the standard weapon for this unit.

As an attacker, I would imagine a device which can be placed in order to play the sound of the opponent (movements, shots, etc.). This would allow players who rely extremely on sound from their reserve and thus lead them behind the light. It would also provide for deflection, e.g. On the left side all the time are sounds, and on the right side the right players can approach slowly. The number of items I would limit to a maximum of 2. These devices should, of course, be blocked by a jammer (Buff Mute) Also, as the defenders approach you should be able to see through good hear that they are not real steps. (Could be recognizable with slight acoustic noise, for example). As operator stats, my mind speed 3 points and armor 1 point would work very well because this operator can quickly / As a weapon I would also recommend the "Steyr AUG".

As a map I would suggest a kind of imprisonment, since there is not such a thing yet. From the terrain, the map should be multi-storey, have some individual rooms (cells), some of which may have holes through the walls. You could also plan a larger sall that could represent the kafeteria. Other rooms could be showers, meeting rooms and sports facilities. From the principle map construction I would imagine that it is mostly very angled, and it is not always possible to cover the spot from the other spot. As spawns for the attackers, I would imagine a spawn in a nearby watchtower, one in the sports field on the outside and one at the entrance gate, where the prisoners in the normal case are delivered.

I would be happy about your opinions and wish you a nice evening.


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