Chesapeake Police Strike Continues, Officials Respond

The last few days have been extremely busy- news breaking left and right. Two major stories – the final fallout from the Atlantic Commonwealth fight, and the "Blue Flu" as many cal it. This article will cover the police strikes, which have severely affected the state, causing anarchy and violence on a level that many could never believe possible in this country.

In an ironic twist of fate, the Chesapeake Governor, /u/RazorReviews signed a bill that increased the state police's budget by 10%, as part of the state's budget. He noted in a speech that he believed that the cause of the strike "largely has been a misunderstanding". He also noted that "I understand the plight of the police, during Lenin's October revolution Law enforcement was a major ally in their struggle. The Police are Wage laborers much like the the factory man and the cashier, I have no bias against police". Finally, he offered 90% of his salary, and 100% of the Attorney General, /u/eddieb23's, salary, to be added into the funding for police in the state. In an earlier address, the Governor declared a state of emergency. noting that his cabinet will do whatever it takes to restore law and order to the state, while also getting the police back enforcing the law.

Several other smaller developments happened last night as well- the state Attorney General called a press conference. He said "I am asking that police chiefs and union leaders sit down with myself and the Governor immediately to air their grievances. I would like to get down to the root cause of the issue. I do not intend to arrest the police offers who serve in our communities". The Assembly has also been called into emergency session, after the closure of the Assembly to prepare for the next election- something that we cannot recall happening anytime else. So far the Assembly has not conducted any business in its special session.

Then the Lt. Governor, /u/Ninjjadragon, issued a directive in his capacity as acting Secretary of Public Safety and Homeland Security. DoPSH Directive NO. 2017-4. The report activated the state's National Guard, as well as the state's defense force, and locked down the state capitol building – with the Assembly, Governor, Lt. Governor, cabinet, and assembly inside, along with their families. It also locked down all state buildings and prisons. It also did something that is a little unorthadox – "citizens who are not active duty troops or reservists living within the Commonwealth of Chesapeake are hereby ordered to report to their nearest military base and are to remain there until approved to leave". IE some 60 million people are to report to military bases and stay there until the crisis is over- perhaps up to 2 weeks. When confronted, the Lt. Governor said "They're going to the safest places possible, we don't have enough military to cover a state made up of 60 million people". It is unknown if there is enough space at these bases for the entire state's population, minus, in his words, "the police officers and their families who likely won't obey and the mobs, criminals, etc that will outright ignore the order". Time will tell what happens.

Several other states have also responded. Great Lakes Governor /u/ IGotzDaMastaPlan said (in part) in a statement "The police striking need to return to work and resolve this peacefully, accepting responsibility for the damage they have done. The bill which most cite as the reason for the strike has been in effect for a long time, adding body cameras to the gear which police routinely wear. Body cameras are almost universally adopted across the nation and have cut down heavily on the police brutality which the nation saw beforehand." He also offered the assistance of the Great Lakes State Police to the Governor, should they be needed, and noted in response to a question that "If the situation worsens I will consider sending the National Guard". The Chesapeake Governor has not taken the Great Lakes Governor up on his offer.

Western State Gubernatorial Candidate (and current Senator for Western State) /u/Venom_Big_Boss announced his own plan to fix the issue. His plan included budgeting the funds for 3,000 new state police officers, and also "expand the support service and counseling for officers and victims of domestic abuse in Western State with a budget increase of at least 20%". Then he said that "Our state needs to attract the interest of skilled and caring law enforcement from across our nation. And if cuts in other states effects your quality of life I highly encourage you consider moving and seeking a job in Western State". No word on if the Senator will lobby the Governor of the state, /u/nonprehension, to implement any of his proposal.

We are awaiting another wire update to see if a solution to this crisis is at hand. Rest assured, the Times will continue to report on this story, and anything else which comes up, to you – our loyal readers!


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