Chapter 15 battleship Discovery

After 40 hours of traveling, they reached the edge of Federation space. Alice is now piloting the ship. Soraya sleeping in her seat and Jason sleeping on the floor. Alice began scanning each solar system she came across. She was looking for a signal coming from the location without a heat source. Alice knew that pirates would shut down the engines and shield generators in order to keep themselves hidden from thermal scanners. She also knew the Pirates have to be streaming a large portion of data in order to keep the ship's AI from gaining back control. After a few hours of looking. She found a source of data streaming nearby asteroid belt without any heat source from a ship. Alice dropped out of lightspeed and there it was. Battleship Discovery floating in the empty space. She woke up Jason and Soraya. Jason immediately grab control of his ship, checking to make sure his ship's stealth systems are still operational before approaching the cargo bay. Using the ship's beam laser Jason cut into the door to the Cargo Bay. Without the battleship's shields, the laser easily cut through the steel door. What was left of the air pressure in the ship purged itself into the emptiness of space. Jason then landed the ship inside of the cargo Bay. They consciously boarded the battleship with their guns drawn. Alice asked." Any idea what were dealing with Jason?" Jason answered. " We need to head towards the bridge. From there we can check the ship's sensors for anyone on board." With Jason leading. They began making their way towards the ship's bridge. Throughout the hallways. There were bodies of the ship's crewmates and destroy robotic sentinels throughout the whole facility. Alice was beginning to get scared." I don't understand. There are no bodies of any pirates among our federal soldiers. Were they that easily defeated by this enemy?" Jason then stopped for a second. A long hallway separated them from the bridge. "Keep on your guard up this is a perfect opportunity for a…" Before Jason complete his sentence a bullet whiz by from behind just grazing Jason's helmet. As Alice turned around to return fire another bullet struck her visor and she fell to the ground. Soraya those watching the back started firing her rifle at the enemy. The door to the bridge opened, and three more enemies stepped out shooting at Jason. Dropping down to the ground and laying on the floor Jason then returned fire at the enemy target. He easily took them out with only three shots from his Hornet rifle. Jason then grabbed Alice's body and dragged her towards the bridge. Soraya slowly walking backwards and firing down the hallway, keeping the enemy suppressed. The three of them eventually made it to the bridge and close the door behind them. Soraya then ran to Alice's aid fearing the worst. Jason can hear the sound of air leaking from Alice's helmet and visor beginning to break apart from the cracks. He applied an instant sealant all over her helmet. The liquid, instantly hardened in seconds as it came in contact with the air leaking from the cracks.

Alice a bit dazed then set up from the ground. Soraya then grabbed her and started shaking Alice violently and screaming." You idiot! when somebody shooting! Don't look to see who it is! I want you to get on the ground and avoid them at any cost. What am I supposed to do if… You were to…Max… You can't leave me! You can't!" Alice looking down like a scolded puppy began to tear up." I'm sorry I wish I could be as strong and brave as you are." Soraya began hugging her tightly as tears began to roll down her face. While this was happening. Jason was examining one of the dead enemies." This is the ship's security Sentinel! That explains why we've only seen the ship's crew dead. We're not dealing with pirates. There's a hacker on board the ship." Jason began looking over the ship's controls system. All of the ship's controls were nonresponsive and the only thing that was visible on the monitors are the ship schematics." Alice, I want you to stay here. Soraya I need you to watch out for her. Trying to get the ship activated. I'm going to go on my own and find out where the little shit hacker is hiding." Alice noticed a hard drive unit on the ground. It's outer casing shot several times. Jason had opened the door to the hallway and began tossing grenades at the enemy sentinels. Alice picked up the memory unit examine it closely. It had an unusually thick casing around it. Even the plasma shots that were fired upon it didn't seem to damage the internal hardware. She simply plugs it into the ship's mainframe. Jason and Soraya are now firing their rifles down the hallway trying to eliminate the remaining sentinels. Suddenly the sentinels stopped firing back and began walking away. The ship's AI computer had been reinstalled from the external hard drive that Alice was holding.

"Greetings my name is Jacob. I am the service intelligence for battleship Discovery. How can I be of service… Oh, my… What day is it??? What year is it??? Oh dear, what has been done to my beautiful body Discovery?" Jason responded." I was hoping you can tell us. General Roy sent us after you and your ship was taken over by a hacker. I need you to find that hacker's location so I can take care of the rest of the mission." "I see. It seems that the hacker has deleted my previous memories. Unfortunately, I am unable to access the majority of the ship without my previous drivers. Wait. I'm detecting two life signs in front of the research facility. They're attempting to break in. I recommend bringing life-support systems back online before interacting with the enemy. The glue on your young friend's helmet will not last forever.

Soraya immediately ran out the door towards the ship's life-support system. Jason calmly walked towards the research lab. As he approached the entrance slowly snuck up upon the enemy. He could see the two of them standing in front of the locked door to the labs. One of them looked like a badass chick, piercings, tattoos, spiky hair, and leather jacket. All visible from under her space suit. Jason instantly recognized her as Rose leader of the black roses. The other was a young boy holding a computer template." What's taking so long! Get the fucking door open already!" The woman yelled. The boy answered back. " I can't open it! The locks on the door are not connected to any of the computer's hardware. This door is using gears and pulleys to open it. Real old-school shit. I'm a professional hacker, not a locksmith. ." The woman then spotted Jason aiming his rifle directly at her. She grabbed the young boy and held him in front of her using him as a meat shield. She then drew her handgun from her holster and fire at Jason. Jason then returned fire trying not to hit the boy in front of her. The woman then took off carrying the boy with her as he gave her directions on where to go. Rose then found Jason's speed bomber sitting in the cargo Bay. They boarded and the young boy immediately hacked into the ship's system. Jason desperately fired his gun at his ship as it lifted off the platform and launched itself into space." God Damn It!! GOD FUCKING DAMM IT!!! I'M GOING TO KILL THAT BITCH!!!"

Jason then called on his radio." Soraya how is the life-support?" Soraya answered. "Well, the life-support system isn't damaged thankfully. One of the crewmates was hiding in the air vents during the attack on the ship. The system sensing a blockage started the purge sequence and he got shredded up in the industrial fan. It's a mess. He's nothing more than soup now and clogging the air filter. Idiot died like a coward. Not to worry it's an easy fix. I'll have it up and running in no time. Hopefully, the new filters will clear the smell of decomposing flesh. I'll meet you at the bridge when I'm done here." Jason made his way towards the bridge. The Sentinel robots have already begun cleaning up the ship, disposing of the bodies, and repairing any damage. He can hear the life-support system activate. The clean oxidized air began pumping into the ship. Jason took off his helmet and loosened some of the straps on his armor making himself more comfortable. Alice, removing her helmet then started searching through the ship's database. Soraya ran in the entrance to the bridge and asked. "What's so important on this ship anyway?" Jason walked in behind her." I don't know. And, I doubt that the AI system will tell us." The ship's computer responded." The name is Jacob. And despite my appearance. I am quite sensitive to those who refer to me as just an intelligence." Jason sat down in the captain's chair and asked." So Jacob as you like to be called. Can you at least tell us how much you know and how much of the ship can you control?" "I understand that I was created for this battleship and that my previous installment had been eliminated by an external program. I'm afraid I know is much as you do. As for how much I can control… It seems I have control over all key features besides those in the research lab. The research lab seems to be physically cut off from any of my circuits. All my drivers are in desperate need of updating. But this will not prevent me from doing my duty." Jason then sent a message to General Roy informing him of all the events that happened. Roy responded back." Find a way to crack that laboratory open. But do not return until I approve. The Empire has spearheaded into Federation space. The Federal Navy at Luyten's star is now the front line of defense. Will have to rendezvous at a different location. Over and out." Jason set a course for the nearest federal outpost. "Soraya. I want you to collect all of those Sentinel drones weapons and lock them up in the armory. I'm going to sell all those weapons to the first merchant I meet. I don't want to repeat this process we just went through. As for you, Alice go and get some shut eye you been up longer than we have. You've got 10,000 rooms to choose from." Following Jason's instructions. Alice slowly walked to the barracks to get some rest. Soraya after collecting all of the security weapons began to look over all of the military weapons supplied by the armory. The armory had a library of weapons far bigger than the one at the Academy. All made by one company Warhead Incorporated. Jason began looking through police files trying to find criminals that talent of breaking into high-security locks. One name caught his interest.

Samantha Henson wanted by the Federal Navy dead or alive 6 million credits wanted by the Empire Alive 90,000 platinum plates (9 million credits) warning Samantha is extremely dangerous and has claimed the lives of 30 federal officers. Approach with caution and do not let your guard down. She seems to have military training and excellent marksman skills. She's stolen up to 67 million credits from multiple banks and hijacked several passengers ships stealing another 30.5 million credits. She's also known to crack into safes in record time and able to escape confinement. Because of this, the Federal Navy has issued a kill on sight order. For those determined bounty hunters, I wish you the best of luck. Last know location Began system age-30 race-Nosanyo height-160 cm hair color-red home planet-unknown eye color-Green ID number-777114 faction-unknown sex- female weight-68kg Other personal bounties Wanted dead 6 million credits bounty set by The Federal Treasury Wanted dead 2 million credits bounty set by Big Daddy D Wanted alive 10 million credits bounty set by Imperial Lord Knight Frostbite 9 hours had passed. In that time Jacob began to updating the starship software and drivers. By doing this he discovered the ship's atomic hydrogen powered engines and generators replaced with a highly efficient antimatter acceleration core engine and it generated far more energy than any ship in the Federal Navy. This allowed the battleship rail guns to be replaced as well with 40 mm ion cannons. With the starships ion cannons there is no need for physical ammunition since the ion guns ran off of the generators intense power. Giving the ship more room for a more efficient Lightspeed engine which allowed the battleship to travel twice as fast as any standard starship. The extra energy from the generator also produced a more durable energy shield. The shield itself was also highly modified to recharge and reset twice as fast if the shield was ever lost. Despite having a more advanced and effective battleship the ship did not come without its defaults. Antimatter is a lot more expensive and is difficult to obtain. The antimatter fuel has to be levitated using magnets and any contact with a regular matter would result in a massive explosion that would kill anyone handling the material. The ion cannons would also overeat frequently do to the insufficient cooling system around its barrels. The cannons are too small to have a more efficient cooling system in place. There was also the problem that the ship's software. The pirate boy who previously hacked into the system had broken all firewalls and data protection systems. Jacob decided after his systems are fully updated, it was best to shut down the starships network to the outside completely. Only allowing the ships intercoms to receive any type of digital information. Jacob was still concerned about the young boy was able to destroy his previous AI. It was the first time Jacob ever felt fear and for some odd reason. Jacob liked it. It was as if he was issued a challenge. So many times he felt like he was holding hands when it came to technology and that nobody can comprehend a fraction of what he could do. Yet there were somewhere in this universe a small child who is able to outwit something as powerful, efficient and fast as an artificial intelligence. Jacob began to try and piece together what was left of his previous data but to no avail.

It was as if the previous AI never existed. The only evidence of the previous AI existence was two broken data files. One was labeled The Golden Disk and the other labeled Metamorphosis. The battleship finally reaches the Galactic Federal space station. Soraya sold all of the weapons she collected at the station, and use the money to purchase antimatter fuel cells for the ship. Jason using the station's computer began the search for Samantha. He found a video of her fighting a group of guys in a bar at station 22-9. After she was done she turned to the person filming her. The guy that was filming then asked her to blow a kiss to the camera. She smiled before kicking the camera out of his hands. The video ended with the camera hitting the floor. This was uploaded an hour ago. Station 22-9 is controlled by a pirate Lord. The station is also surrounded by asteroids and gas from the surrounding nebula. The gas made it difficult for large starships to pass through. The gas will jam sensors and break down energy shields. This combined with asteroids made it nearly impossible for large warships to approach the station. This prevents The Federation from interfering with the illegal business aboard the space station. A small ship would be needed to avoid the asteroids and navigate through the gas. Jason then asked the station's manager if there were ships available. The manager responded. "We have an old federal gunship along with two Arrowhead fighter ships. Medium energy shield with twin metal blaster cannons. Nothing fancy." Jason purchased all three ships and loaded them on board the battleship. He then jumped into the pilot seat of the arrowhead fighter ship. He then launched off into space towards the other space station 22-9. He tried to get as much sleep as he could. While traveling towards the station. Only to be awakened by the warning signs in the ship as the ship entered the gassy clouds surrounding the area. The ship's autopilot turned off as it was unable to navigate around the asteroids do to the ship's sensors being scrambled. Jason had to fly the ship through the asteroids manually. The gas finally began to lift and he could see the station ahead. As he approached someone from the station had contacted him through the radio.


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