Being confronted in the bathroom

Obligatory, this happened yesterday afternoon.

So, I just accepted a job as a Correctional Officer less than 1 month ago. Here in NWI, we undergo roughly 6-7 weeks of training. As we are entering a minimum/maximum security facility, the dress code is business casual (polos, dress pants, MUST BE black socks, and closed toe shoes that cannot be tennis) and we MUST visibly wear our ID badges.

After class, I often have errands to complete. This particular day, I'm grocery shopping (and bothering my not-boyfriend while he's working). Wearing black dress pants, a nice white blouse and black blazer, my IDOC badge visible on my shoulder lapel, I duck into the bathroom at Meijer's. My stomach is in knots from the 2 cups of Joe I had. I browse the internet, do my business, flush and begin washing my hands in the sink.

A woman enters. She is middle-aged, already irate, and glares when our gazes meet in the mirror when she passes behind me. I think nothing of it and begin to use the hand dryer. She's made a bee-lined for the handicap stall and immediately backs out.

"Do you work here?" At this point, I'm in the process of walking out and give her a confused look. "No." Her lips press into a impossibly thin line before she scoffs. "Yeah, I highly doubt that." My confusion deepens. "Well, I'm not sure what gave you that impression, but I don't work-" Her glare intensifies; cutting me off, she launches into her tirade. "This restroom is FILTHY. The toilet is not flushed, there is pee on the seat and floor and no seat guards."

By this point, I've lost interest in the conversation, especially since the octave of her voice rises with her complaints. Again, I state firmly and calmly, "I do NOT work HERE." I walk out.

With a frothing growl, she immediately exits with me. "You KNOW, it really irks me that my husband RISKS his life so you nggers can have jobs when all you're interested is propagating white guilt with your BLM and reparations. I'm glad Trump is cutting your welfare, you lazy black btch."

Before I could do much as tell her about herself I hear, "who the f*ck do you think you're talking to?" Cue my not-boyfriend, in route to use the restroom.

The woman, clearly flabbergasted and taken aback, but much less hostile (despite what HE said) when confronted by her fellow peer. "I want to see your manager." "Yeah, and? I'm a manager," (he wasn't but he was wearing someone's else badge of the same name who WAS a manager) "Your employee refused to help me." "What employee?" The woman points at me like an insolent child. "Her." He looks at me, then her. And repeats his question. "WHAT employee?" Again, jabbing her finger at my face, "HER."

Meanwhile, I'm fuming, knowing I have to conduct myself professional off-duty due to our ethics agreement with my employer.

"Ma'am, you just insulted a law enforcement officer, and, if I heard correctly," (as she was yelling quite loudly, audible to him since my foot had the door ajar), "we have the right to refuse service for your bigoted, racial remarks. Please leave or I will have security escort you out."

I'm not entirely if she was just too flustered to say anything, but she squinted at my ID, glared at me hard, and purposefully shoulder checked me. I'm sure that she did move up the chain of command to complain, but fortunately he was getting off, had someone else's name tag on, and immediately left the store with me.

Somehow, I usually get mistaken for an employee, despite having a car AND my headphones in, checking off a grocery list with my phone, but I've never had such a poor experience like this. First time for everything, eh?


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