Secret Service will deploy drones to watch Trump during golfing vacations

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The US Secret Service plans to deploy a high-tech drone to guard Donald Trump when he makes an extended visit to his golf club in New Jersey in August.

The Secret Service declined to answer questions about the drone's specifics but said the test will help determine the potential for using several types of such vehicles in the future.

Most remotely-controlled drones on the consumer market can only fly for around 20 minutes before they have to be brought back to the ground for recharging.

"There is a growing interest in using drones for security generally and the technology has improved so much in recent years that you can throw these things up there pretty easily to provide quick and effective surveillance," said Will Knight, a senior editor at the MIT Technology Review.

CyPhy provided the Massachusetts State Police with drones to monitor security at the Boston marathon this year – the first time such technology was used at the event, which was targeted in a terrorist bombing in 2013.

"The tethered drones can keep flying for days. It's pretty exciting," he said.

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