[OFFICIAL] Daily LEO Job Listing for Thu, August 03rd 2017

Law Enforcement Jobs Open Thu, August 03rd 2017

This is a daily posting that announces new law enforcement positions added to LEO Pulse. This is not meant to be all-inclusive, especially lacking in state and local-level jobs (at this time).

Existing law enforcement jobs can be found on the LEO Pulse Job Search page.

Police Officer Positions

Position Agency Location(s) Pay Grade Closing Date More
Police Officer Commander, Navy Installations Naval Business Center, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania GS-5/5 August 8th 2017 Here.
Police Officer Air Force Personnel Center Edwards AFB, California GS-2/11 October 31st 2017 Here.
Supervisory Police Officer Air National Guard Units (Title 32) Phoenix, Arizona GS-8/8 August 17th 2017 Here.

Criminal Investigator Positions

Position Agency Location(s) Pay Grade Closing Date More
Criminal Investigator Office of Inspector General Alexandria, Virginia GS-13/13 August 9th 2017 Here.
Criminal Investigator (Deu) Bureau of Industry and Security Washington DC, District of Columbia GS-13/13 August 15th 2017 Here.
Regional Criminal Investigator (Export Control Officer) Department of Commerce – Agency Wide Beijing, China FP-02/02 August 15th 2017 Here.
Criminal Investigator (Senior Forensic Special Agent) Office of the Special Inspector General for the Troubled Asset Relief Program (SIGTARP) San Francisco, California GS-13/14 August 16th 2017 Here.

General Investigative Positions (may not be law enforcement)

Position Agency Location(s) Pay Grade Closing Date More
Protective Intelligence Investigator Washington Headquarters Services Pentagon, Arlington, Virginia GS-13/13 August 7th 2017 Here.

I am a bot. These jobs are not all-inclusive and are taken from the resources available from LEO Pulse.

Any questions or concerns, message the moderators.


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