Brand New Officer – Need Some Interview Advice

Hello everyone! I'm 30 years old and I am looking to get into the Security Industry. I have a D License and I have some experience from about a year ago where I had a do nothing job at a Sysco facility. The job didn't challenge me in the slightest, and I was more of a data entry person who wore a security uniform than anything else.

Now I want to get my G License to become an armed guard. I am interviewing with Loomis at the end of the week. If the Interview goes well they said they will pay for my G License training and I can work for them, which is good because I am barely making enough money to keep my head above water with the job I currently have.

I have two questions I wanted to ask, and I am delighted that this subReddit exists so that I can ask them. Any advice you have would be greatly appreciated.

  1. I am normally a very good interview. I don't get very nervous and I am a good talker. But what pointers could you guys give me about the interview itself? I really want this job and I don't want to mess up and accidentally say something that can ruin my chances. What are some pitfalls I should avoid?

  2. I am short on cash and I am not sure how this works. I have a handgun that will work as my own service weapon, but what else should I be expected to buy before my first day? Is there a place where I can get these things cheap?

And of course, I'll gladly take any/all advice you guys want to throw my way.


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