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Here is your Daily Dose from the Red Pill Pharmacy 07/29/17:

Article (archived) Time Outlet Why it's fake
This is what you get when you elect Republicans 1:30 P.M. The Washington Post The article is clearly trying to establish that the White House has failed and failed and failed this last week, despite their numerous efforts to keep Congress on their side. The article disregards any remarks actually made by the White House this week, as well. The article also says that Republicans has 'the worst idea in electing Donald Trump', while that isn't accurate to the prespective of a Democrat writer; we would be nothing without Trump right now. The article also jumps to the conclusion that Trump is trying to get Sessions to quit, when no apparent effort has been identified. The article blatantly and boldly goes to say "Republicans don't know any more about politics than an average sixth grader", when we actually won the fucking election.
How Schumer Held Democrats Together Through a Health Care Maelstrom Not listed The New York Times The article even lists that Senator Schumer made scret meetings, while it criticises Republicans for "meeting in secret" in regards to healthcare. The article tries to paint the caricature of Schumer as a good, loving person, in an attempt to distract the public from his ruthless, racist attitude.
Is the American republic built to withstand a malevolent president? 10:05 P.M. The Guardian The article falsely reports that Trump purposely banned Transgenders from recieving support in the military, when Trump was not the one who made this effort. The article also identifies every "flaw" within the White House and tries to compile it together, shortly, in a "word aliteration" tactic to make the White House seem hectic right now.
“Diversity is a strength”: a retired admiral tweets against Trump’s proposed trans ban 3:20 P.M. Vox Once again, Trump has no power over this decision, it was at the sole disposal of the Military leadership departments, blame them. Trump only tweeted this to announce it (and probably boldly take the blame), he was just the messenger, the real guys behind this are the Military leadership committees that respond to the President. Probably the most key item that the media tries to cover up: the President's powers are very limited.
Majority of Americans Support Transgender Military Service, Poll Finds 5:11 P.M. NBC For the last time, Trump had no or very little power over this decision. Also, the article tries to paint a general "blanket" caricature that Republicans (using a false poll) are against Transgender rights. Republicans mostly believe there are 2 genders, but if you want your dick cut off, that's your business.
An evangelical leader’s suggestion to Trump: Wash Scaramucci’s potty mouth and fire him 6:11 P.M. The Washington Post The article uses only one example of an evangelical minister in order to "blanket" over the public that everyone disagrees with Trump's cabinet and advisers.
TRUMP ATTACKS REPUBLICANS AS 'FOOLS' WHILE SUPPORT AMONG BASE DROPS 3:57 P.M. Newsweek The article tries to "blanket" Trump as attacking ALL Republicans, when in fact, he was constructively criticising the Senate Republicans for their decisions in letting the Democrats control something they don't even have a majority over. The article does this to force the reader to believe in false tensions that were made up between Trump and the Senate (none of which exist with the exception of McCain).
U.S. police chiefs blast Trump for endorsing ‘police brutality’ 4:09 P.M. The Washington Post The article CLEARLY misinterpreted each and every single one of these statements. Each of these Police Departments are required to say these kinds of things in order to distinguish them from political support and keep them professional, it would be a liability if they didn't say anything; but no, the Media has to take advantage and hold these Departments publicly hostage, twisting their words as saying they are against Donald Trump, when Donald Trump might actually be the only thing keeping them alive right now.
Police push back against Trump's law-and-order speech 0327 GMT CNN The remarks made by these Police Forces are solely for the purpose of professionalism, not disagreement. They are intended to distinguish the Police Departments from any politically-related matters, mostly to promote them in doing their job.
The Police Department Cheering On Trump’s Call for Excessive Force Is Already Under Federal Oversight for Discrimination 8:36 P.M. Mother Jones Wait, wait, wait! I thought the Police were AGAINST Trump's remarks….. which one is it!?!?!?!?!
Trump Directs Threats Toward Poor People's Healthcare So He Can 'Win' Not listed Forbes The article's sick, disgusting remarks paint Republicans as only being rich idiots who only make political decisions for bragging rights and patting themselves on the back. None of which have support on any of these absurd remarks.
As Trump debases the presidency, the religious right looks away Not listed The Washington Post The article tries to blanket Republicans as only Christian and blindly supporting ALL of Trump's claims. There are many things that Trump says and does that many Christians disagree with, the article refuses to address any counter-arguments in an attempt to establish itself as a never-failing, superior organisation to these "sick Christians", in another attempt to attack Christianity itself.
Coast Guard spends more to protect Trump at Mar-a-Lago than the military spends on trans health care Not listed ThinkProgress The article tries to establish a "dual-topic" to distract the reader and keep them on track by constantly swapping between topics. The article also refuses to cite that, granted, there are only 1,000-3,000 military-related workers and staffers who require "Transgender medical" assistance, each of which's exact monetary values have been EXTREMELY over-estimated and exaggerated. Trump also had little to no power over the recent Transgender-Military decision that was made.
DONALD TRUMP IS A TERRIBLE PRESIDENT, ACCORDING TO HIS OWN TWEETS ABOUT OBAMA 12:09 P.M. Newsweek The article's sick, disgusting remarks try to paint Donald Trump's remarks from 5 years ago as being compared to Obama, in a clear attempt to distract the American Public from any of Barack Obama's flaws. It's a clear narcissistic tactic called "Projection", which is moving the goalpoasts or changing the subject to avoid accountability.
A trailblazing transgender midshipman navigates an uncertain path in the wake of Trump’s tweet 3:54 P.M. The Washington Post The Post was just looking for one example of someone who seems like he is but isn't even disgruntled by this recent decision. Pathetic.
The GOP steps up to check an out-of-control president 5:58 P.M. The Washington Post The article tries to associate the GOP with greedy lawmakers that are trying to destroy the very checks and balances that make up our Constitution, the very thing that the Democratic Party has been fighting to destroy for 148 years.
Donald Trump Threatens to End Insurer Payments If Health Bill Not Approved Not listed TIME The article refuses to cite a single tweet or remark made by the President in a clear attempt to manipulate said unlisted statements or social media announcements.
Barack Obama is officially one of the most consequential presidents in American history 9:51 A.M. Vox The article attempts to shield and defend Obama, only picking seemingly positive roles that Obamacare played, such as being "resilient" despite numerous Republican efforts to take it down. None of these attributes would promote Obama's image anyway, but according to the article, it does. The article attempts to manipulate history in order for the reader to be distracted that historical Democrat efforts toward healthcare were literally designed to re-enslave African Americans.
Trump once summoned Priebus to kill a fly in Oval Office: report 9:23 P.M. The Hill The article literally cites the Washington Post, not even naming the source. This is clearly made up, plus, even if this did happen, who would know about it?

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Previous essays:

Besides the email-tampering and the deleting, Hillary Rodham Clinton is in direct violation of the following elements of United States Code:

Statute Violation USC Suggested Action
18 §371 Faking or disguising contributions during a United States election. Prevention of future office.
18 §2339B Providing material support or aid toward terrorist organisations, this includes illegal immigrants. The sole disposal of the Justice Department.
18 §956 Kidnapping or Maiming people overseas, or advocating for such. The Death Penalty based on §704, which was amended in 1996.
18 §201(a), (b) and (c) Bribery of public or federal officials. Federal Courts will decide.
18 §241 Use of intimidation to prevent people from exercising their federal rights. Fines and imprisonment.

Hillary Clinton can also be tried for Bank Fraud (like everyone else that she worked with) dating all the way back to the Whitewater Scandal. These fines excel up to $8 Million.


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