Where to start the process?

Hi all,

So this may get lengthy so please bare with me.

My mom has been running her own residential cleaning service for many many years. Recently I have been looking at starting my own company (Security Guard services) as hotel security has been my niche for 10 years.

In my internet travels I've learned that there is potential to expand my moms business into commercial cleaning (car dealerships, offices etc). I ran the idea past her and her reaction was "finally someone willing to help".

So my question is, we are looking into if there is a need or demand in her area. How do we go about researching price points, demand, etc? From there what would be the next priority? Website, business plan, hitting the pavement to find the contracts?

Thanks for any input, it's greatly appreciated!

Side note; another obstacle is I'm in a different province than her and her company.


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