“You CAN do something for me.”

I hate third party websites, they are the bane of my existence. Everyone here probably already knows that once midnight hits, those sites do not do same day booking.

I'm working the night audit and it's pretty slow so the rates are at the lowest my location goes ($129). The only way I can go lower is to give discounts, otherwise it's up to my discretion if I want to lower someone's rate, which I don't do very often (usually I'll knock off the $18 parking fee for those who are nice).

All is well when this guy walks in around 2am saying he had a reservation. I look him up and sure enough, his reservation is for the next day, not that day, because he had booked it through Expedia after midnight. I inform him of this, and that although I have rooms available for the night, he would have to pay for it separately.

Me: "I'm sorry, sir, but your reservation is for tomorrow's check in, 3pm."

Him: "No, I booked it for today. I already paid."

Me: here we go "unfortunately, you booked after midnight and Expedia does not do book same day after 12. If you want to stay tonight, that's fine, but I cannot refund you for tomorrow's reservation, you'll have to call Expedia."

Him: mumbling something about how this doesn't make sense and looks at his phone to pull up his reservation "It's right here, I made it for today." points to the date

Me: "yes, I know it's technically X date but this reservation is for check in as of today, X date, at 3pm. Not right now. I can make you another reservation, however. Tonight's rate is $129."

Cue 5 more minutes of this, trying to get him to understand that I can't check him in at 2am, that's basically an entire free night.

Him: angry "is there anything you can do for me?"

Me: "I can make you a reservation for tonight, it's $129. I can take off the $18 parking fee but otherwise it's $129."

Him: "there's something you can do for me."

At this point, he's angry with me and I just don't like his overall tone. I'm not offering him a discount because he's been so aggressive, and mildly threatening.

Me: "There's nothing I can do. Tonight's rate is $129."

Him: "You CAN do something!!"

Me: "There's nothing I–"


Me: "No, you listen to me. There is nothing I can do. It's $129."

Him: "I want to speak to a fucking manager."

Me: "it's 2am. The managers are sleeping. I am the manager on duty and I'm not going to sell you a room. I'm refusing you service."

Him: "you're a fucking bitch–"

At this point the security guard who was standing near by in case he needed to step in, steps in, and tells the guy it's time to leave. He is escorted out still calling me a multitude of slurs. Classy.

Honestly, I've never had to do that with a guest and being in the bar area of a city, I've gotten a lot of rude/angry/drunk guests. I'm usually pretty accommodating but this guy was nasty from the second he walked in the door. I really wish there was a way to type out how this guy sounded, but I'm sure many of you have had guests like him.

How can anyone go into any store/hotel/whatever and start telling the employees what they can and cannot do? I could and would have given him a discount if he had been nicer, but his attitude just put me off from the get go.

PS. He never came back in for his reservation the next night, meaning he no showed and was charged anyway.


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