Prior Service AF with VA disability rating wanting to get back into military!

So Ill give you guys the rundown on myself. Joined DEC 2008 got out SEP 2014 Honorable Discharge with a 1J REENTRY code. I have a 80% disability rating with the VA but they are all for small things that are at 10% and I have 2 things with my right and left shoulder that are at 20%. I have never had any surgery and NO PTSD, Allergies or asthma. I am looking to go into either the Air Force Reserve or Guard and trying to see who has all recently been able to get in with a rating percentage? Also I was prior security forces and would rather not go back to that job but go in as a loadmaster or In-flight refueler. Thats all I want is to be a flight crew member. So that leads to my next question anyone who had a rating able to make it through MEPS and then able to make it through your flight physical as well? Hoping for a few success stories! Living in the Portland, Oregon area so I know Mcchord is definitely in my crosshairs.


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