[EVENT] Varangian Guard Reformed


King Gustav V walks down the halls, a military drill outside of Stockholm Palace gates. He walks in uniform out to the front doors. A doorman opens the doors for him so that he may carry on, walking out to a red carpet to where hardened and experienced men stand out in the square at attention, rifle in hand. These men are some of the best of the Swedish Military, all coming from all walks of life and all branches. The King inspects them, walking down the line.

"You are all under my direct command now," he states while going through their lines. "You will answer only to me – not to Parliament, and not to your Generals. You are all now discharged honorably and shall be given a position of my personal bodyguard." The mens eyes stay staring forward but in their minds they're bewildered – the king already has a personal guard, the Royal Guards. This wasn't just any other assignment.

"Anyone who wishes to remain in the military, say so now. If not, then I will gladly take you in." The King continued.

Over the next few months volunteers that are most elite of the Swedish military must qualify for an intense qualification and selection course. Those that pass will be part of the Varangian Guard and shall be paid well off. Their training will include land navigation courses, mountain warfare tactics, winter warfare, and even small-unit tactics with a focus in long-range patrols.

The recruitment will be open currently for only Scandinavians of Norway, Finland, Sweden, and Denmark. The goal of the Varangian Guard will be security services to Heads of Government, Heads of State, and other high-paying VIPs/HVTs.


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