[EVENT] Shannon-Garda

The River Shannon runs across Ireland, separating the West from the East. To the North East, the Rí Breifne, fortifies their border with our vassal along the Unshin River. Such actions both guard their realm and those travelling through it.

We can mimic such behaviour with any luck for similar reward. To begin with we must secure the borders of our realm, the Rivers Shannon, In much the same way as the clan to our North East has built fortifications along their stretch of the River Unshin to protect their rivers from banditry.

The forts will be modelled after those seen by my Nephew in Italy, strong and angular to be staffed by 10 Connacht Musketmen, garbed in the Connacht indigo-blue. We hope our presence alone will deter any attempts to raid or rustle cattle from our land, and provide a reassurance to merchants.

King of Thomond,

Ally, friend, we come with a proposal. It is in both of our interests to see the River Shannon fortified and defended – secured against foreign incursion into our lands, for the sake of those that must cross it often – such as merchants, diplomats and travelling mistrals.

We have at hand a plan to position our troops along the river at each bridge and ford, a small fortification to act as their barracks whilst on post. Fitting eh? The Burkes – whose name derives from that of the Norman for Fort – to be building their namesake? Regardless of such poetic conjecture, the plan would only be a success, if the entire River could be guarded.

We are more than willing to provide this service to the southern stretch of the river, between your border and the Fitzgerald's in the Earldom of Desmond – no doubt their familial relation to the Lord Deputy gives them ample opportunity to engage in such banditry unpunished. But we cannot afford to provide such services for free – no doubt you will feel the benefits of such protection, both from our soldiers and from the political defence we provide. Therefore we propose something most outrageous: you swear fealty to us.

Now the terms of such things would be our protection and support for you in all things, in return for a measly 5% tax on your income. Do not fear that I will become tyrannical or restrict your autonomy – for as you well know both my Mother is from your dynasty, my Late-Brother's widow too – our families are so entwined that such things are impossibilities.

Now we will give you time to consider such a proposal, do write back soon.

Richard Óge Burke, Rí Chonnacht, Chief of the Name

Thomas Butler, 7th Earl of Ormond,

The King of Connacht has planned an action to bring policing and security along the length of the River Shannon. A portion of this river is held by your Earldom. We give you this choice, hand over the lands containing the river, or swear fealty to the King of Connacht.

Richard Óge Burke, Rí Chonnacht, Chief of the Name

P.S. We are saddened to hear of the loss of your personal friend King Henry VII.

[M: The Shannon is approximately 40km within my realm, with 20k in Ormond, and 20km in Thomond. I am setting aside money to pay for 1 fortification every 2km to protect these river's crossings, at 1,000 Ducats per Fort.

  • 20,000 for that within my lands

  • 10,000 for the Ormond lands

  • 10,000 for the Thomond lands

Roll wise, I need to know if Thomond will swear fealty, if Ormond will give in to either of my demands, and if the plans to build fortifications are a success.]


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