Dublin is a super interesting city.

I visited Dublin this summer and there's couple things that were different from my previous experience in continental Europe and London. It would be very interesting to read what Irish people have to say about these.

1) Why there's so many EU/USA flags in Dublin? I've seen them on buildings, usually with Irish flag in the middle. Do Ireland aspire to be or is a kind of a 'bridge' between these two? Is there lots of support for both unions?

2) Why do people drive relatively old 'unfashionable' cars? This is super cool for me, I don't like showing off or going in debt just to own a new vehicle. I was just wondering if it's because people don't have money, don't like debt or don't think they need a great looking car?

3) Why there's so many security guards in shops? This was the first time I saw security guard in McDonald's. People in Dublin seemed to be friendly and not agressive at all. Or maybe I was just lucky to avoid trouble-makers?

4) Do you have 2 languages because you want to be practical(English) and proud(Galeic)? In other words, is English your identity or is it just a consequence of geopolitics and history? I think it's a great model and every country(in the world 😉 should adopt this universal+national language combo.

5) Are people in Ireland 'proud' of their country in the same way people in some places in England are(St. George's cross widely used as a decoration, scepticism about benefits of immigration and EU membership, "our country rules the world" etc.)? Irish people didn't seem to project superiority in that way, all I noticed was kindness and maybe a bit of sloppiness in customer service – but nothing serious.

These are my subjective non-judgmental observations. Feel free to comment on or denounce them if necessary.


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