Tonight, I wanna throat punch a guest

He comes down at 12:30, we are over sold -3, an overnight housekeeper working her butt off cleaning 6 dirty rooms we somehow have still and need those rooms for check ins.
I have no rooms available, and he doesnt like the location of his current room, but didn't let us know when he checked in 5hours prior when we might have had a different room location available.
His AC is not working, I offer to send my security guard to fix it as our AC system is old and we have to manually turn it to blow cool or warm air. He starts going off at me with the "what if's" I keep letting him know we will deal with that if it comes to that. He keeps wanting me to move him free of charge to a suite, I let him know we still have no rooms available. He huff's off, comes back a few minutes later saying. "I can book a room online right now says you have plenty available". Our system been closed off for 3rd party booking for well over 2 hours when I closed it off myself. I asked what website because it is closed off on my end. He evades the question, states he works in hospitality and for bigger hotels than this and I get an F for customer service, because I can't magically make a room appear for him. I offered him breakfast on his for being upset on room location, but he has "meetings" on a sunday morning. I cant discount his room like he wants because he booked 3rd party. Seriously if you worked in hospitality for a little bit you understand 3rd party bookings. He rants some more and huffs off again. My security guard came back said AC is working and stated when guest ranted at him, "Yeah they will have rooms today, Sunday, after 3pm like your phone states" See our security is a different company and they can be a little more blunt than us people at the front desk.
I am done with tonight..and this was just one of the issues I delt with so far…..2.5hours in to my shift..


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