Frustrated neighbor stalks alleged gangsters.

From a post of a person who lives in Pleasant Plains:

And the GANGSTALKING goes on: Can ANYBODY identify the following vehicles hanging out on Fairmont Street NW between Seventh and Sherman throughout the night with their headlights on parked at curbside AND?OR the occupants inside monitoring their cell-phones or I-pod screens as if engaged in surveillance/tracking??


Ironically, since reporting this situation to the police, it has been getting WORSE! Anyone providing helpful information as to WHO these people are, WHAT they are up to, and WHY they are doing what they're doing will be greatly appreciated and can remain anonymous as far as I'm concerned. I just want the information. Regardless, I will keep posting this as long as they keep doing it!!

I have already sent a FULL listing of the "perp-plates" for the past four years to Commander Stuart Emerman of the Third Precinct Station. I agree it has TOO much "drama"; particularly IN and around 743, where management has had to hire an ARMED security guard service to patrol the premises in the DAY. It's needed MOST at NIGHT, when ANYBODY and EVERYBODY is coming in through the defective doors of front AND back to rob, VANDALIZE, deal drugs, and just sleep in the hallways!!

In the four years alone that I have resided on Fairmont there have been TWO SHOOTING MURDERS, one involving an attempted ARMED ROBBERY,a drive-by into 743, a car VANDALISM, an ATTEMPTED ARSON, and several near vehicular accidents from WRONG-WAY driving!!!! The GANGSTALKING is the LEAST of the problems, but the MOST FREQUENT.


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