Empirac governmental system

There are many different types of governmental ideologies. However, most of them neglect to care for all citizens or are treated unfairly. Additionally, these ideologies are built on trust with little verification of a decision. I have come up with a new and what i think to be a more stable and fair ideology, one where all people are token care of, have freedom and rights, respected and have the choice to pursue whatever interests they want. The most important aspect is that any choice or problem presented will be rigorously and fairly considered and verified with guidelines that are logical, fair and just. Lastly, there would only be one currency that doesn't change in value and would fairly and equally be given annually to everyone. Also, if anyone wishes to have more possessions or currency, they would have to educate themselves into whatever field they and apply for a job.

Now that the basic foundations of the governmental ideology has been considered, lets go into alot more detail about the structure and aspects. The first part of the structure is the citizen of the government.A citizen has the following basic needs, resources(eg. water, food and clothing, ect.), shelter, Education, health care, recreation services(eg. sports, games ect.), a job and currency. All the aspects are what make citizens live and prosper. In this system, resources, shelter, education, health care and recreation activities are free to everyone. However, if a citizen wants for example, a larger house, that citizen will need to enroll in education for a specific field they want and then apply for a job which will increase the citizens currency. All citizens have a certain amount of currency given to them each week. This currency will be just enough to pay for everything the citizen needs plus a small extra for other things. Again the citizen would have to get a job to increase their currency if they want more. The currency once given to the citizens will be either saved or spent on some possession. The money from the buyer will not be collected to the seller, instead its as if it is being discarded. The buyer would be given currency for doing the job of being a seller. This system allows currency to never change in value and the government would simply have an infinite supply of currency for the citizens. Also this currency system is fair because it is based solely on how much the citizen wants to apply them self and also, every citizen is tooken care of nonetheless.

The second part of the structure is based on the fact that all citizens need to have peace, security and order. This starts with the first chain of command, officers. Officers job is to help and protect everyone. There are many different types of officers such as detectives, peace and guard officers. Next is the chief officers. There job is to make sure that the officers are doing there job. The officers will have to present and verify what they have done such as getting a criminal, or bringing in a suspect. The chief officer is responsible for verifying and keeping order to the officers. The next up from command is the captains.They are responsible for making sure that the chief officers are verifying that the officers are doing there jobs correctly. Also the captain handles any major decisions in a local area. Briefly, I would like to explain another aspect of this system, the government is divided into locations. The smallest being sections, then sub-sectors and lastly sectors. The captain is responsible for security decisions being made in sections. After the captains, their are admirals. Again admirals verify that the captains are doing their jobs and the admirals make security decisions on a sub-sector scale. Next are generals. Generals confirm that the admirals are making decisions properly and are responsible for sector scale decisions.last of all is the commander. The commander is responsible for the security of the entire government. The commander will make the most major decisions. The entire structure of the security system is based on the fact that every participants decisions and actions are verified fairly and logically.

The third part of the structure is closely tied with the security system and is all about making just and fair decisions for everyone and again to be verified rigorously. The first part of the justice system is the local council. The local councils are a collection of trusted citizens who make the decisions of problems brought before by the security system or the citizens themselves. Additionally, the local councils would help verify that the officers, chief officers and the captains are doing there properly. The local council is responsible for all citizens including security, in the sections. Next is the grand council. The grand councils purpose is to verify that the local councils is just and fair, as well as help verify that the admirals are doing there job correctly. The grand council is responsible for all the local councils and admirals in a sub sector. Next is the imperial councils. The imperial councils is given the responsibility to verify that the grand council is just and fair as well as helping to verify that the generals are doing their jobs. The imperial council has the responsibility of the grand councils and the general in a sector. Lastly is the empirac council. The empirac council is responsible to verify that all the imperial councils are just and fair and that the commander is doing its job correctly. The empirac council makes the most major just and fair decisions for the entire government.

The fourth and final part of the structure is the Leader. the leaders responsibility is to verify that the empirac coucil and the commander is doing their jobs correctly. The leader is responsible for the entire government. All positions in this system can be replaced with someone else if necessary except for the leader. The leader has the decision to whom should be replace him/her when the leader is not fit anymore. One of the most important questions is, What happens if the leader is not fair or just? The beauty of this system is that all decisions have to be verified, so even if the leader makes an unjust decision, that decision still has to be verified by the empirac council and the commander.

There is alot more to cover, however, the point of this is to explain that this system is very stable and trustworthy. But most of all, it is fair, just, logical and most important verifiable. I strongly believe that everyone should be treated fairly, no matter what race, religion or belief, and that everyone should all be taken care of, however I also think that if anyone wants to increase there possessions ect. they need to work for it and this system will give everyone the chance to live peaceful and prosper.

If anyone reading this agrees with what I have stated and wants to support my idea, let me know. I need people who are willing to help in some way even by simply telling people about this system. Lets all make change happen.

 from Sentinel. 


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