Parking ticket not received? (Arizona)

I drive for Uber and Lyft and a few other driving/delivery services in all areas of the Valley.

Around a month ago, I pulled up to an arrival area of the Sky Harbor International Airport to pick up a passenger for Lyft. I was practically brand new at my job and didn't realize there was a "designated" area for rideshare drivers to pick up and drop off passengers.

I was there for a full 30 seconds when some patriot of a security guard rode up to my car on his hover board and began condescendingly asking me what I was doing and telling me he was "going to have to write me a parking ticket for this little mishap", as I was not in the designated rideshare area (had he not noticed my Lyft sticker, this wouldn't have been an issue).

So he takes 2 or 3 pictures of my car with his handheld device and tells me to "learn my way around the airport" (when I asked him to point out to me where the ride share area was, he decided he didn't want to help with the advice he'd just given and told me to find it myself??!) and left without giving me another word, nor a ticket.

Anyway, I've never been in trouble with the law before for any reason, if that's what you'd consider him, and it's been nearly a month since this incident occurred, but I've yet to receive a letter, email, phone call or anything regarding this parking ticket he issued that day.

What am I supposed to do here, I mean does anyone know what this guy did that day to issue me a ticket? I'm afraid that one day I'm just going to go to jail for an unpaid parking ticket I never received.


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