Anyone else ever have issues visiting when visiting campuses?

UCLA and USC annoyingly offer tours within a half hour of each other on the same two days per week in the summer. So, I chose UCLA and got a near private tour this morning from the very friendly Dean of Admissions. I went to USC after and just figured I would look around the building, which I have done on several other campuses. Their security guard followed me to the second floor and asked if she could help me find something. I told her I was just looking around and she said she was new but didn't think I could do that. She made me come down to student services and talked to a few randoms who all acted like I was crazy for wanting to see a building where I might spend 3 years of my life. One lady was at least a little friendly and said she might find someone who could take me around if I would wait a while. I said no thanks and just left. Im pretty annoyed about coming all the way down here just to be treated like I was trespassing or something. I wasn't serious about USC anyway, but for the right scholarship offer I would have considered it at least. I for sure know which LA school I'll be applying to now though… Anyone else have similar problems?


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