I don't know what to do, I've been running from Leon Lott the sheriff of Richland county for over two years since him and his henchman tried to murder me and my family. On October 23,2014 they were caught red handed pumping carbon monoxide into my house at Spring Valley Drive in Columbia South Carolina. THE RESPONDING EMS, FIRE AND HAZ MAT CREW WERE ALL THREATENING AND COMPLICIT IN WHAT WOULD BE THE FIRST OF MANY ATTEMPTS ON MY LIFE. It is an extremely long and complex story that is so traumatizing I genuinely believe my psyche has repressed portions of the encounter. Im willing to submit to any form of polygraph in recounting anything that happened. Theres a large group of people involved ALMOST ALL OF WHICH ARE U.S. GOVT. OFFICIALS. A few of them not naming all names involved but a few : Leon Lott ( Richland county sheriff ) Stan Smith ( major , Richland county sheriffs dept.) David Godfrey ( Richland county sheriffs dept.) Kenny brown ( FBI / state dept. ) Rick Gregory ( Harry B Gregory and associates CEO) Marsden Roe (Richland county sheriffs dept ) Sean Whaley, Scott Jenkins ( owner Allstate agency) Judge Michelle childs, Davis and Sam Jenkins ( CIA/NSA)Dave Amundson ( owner Daves A-Z Services) "Wisconsin Mike " ( Dave Amundsons partner) ,….and There are many many more individuals as well as groups such as the masons and VFW. I need help from someone. I've been through two and a half years of running all the way from Columbia sc to buffalo ny to Jacksonville Florida and followed every step of the way. Harassed and threatened as well as SEVERAL attempts have been made on my life . I really need advice counsel guidance resources etc….ANYTHING anyone can give regarding this issue. PLEASE …Also feel free to ask any questions. I will answer the ones I feel comfortable answering at this time . Thank you in advance and I'm praying someone can help. If anyone does not believe things like this happen or have anything negative to say please keep it to yourself. I'm just simply trying to get assistance.

More timeline and incidents :

I'm waiting to do all of this under polygraph.

I understand what true crime is. ( for whoever said I don't ) And this has paper trails and footprints within public information outlets through courts etc.

It's so scary and complicated I am just waiting to be on a polygraph test in a secure facility.

They have also tried to set me up for a shooting in the months after this around the first week in February 2015.

They came to my house looking for me for a warrant with investigators etc I ran to the beach ( pawleys island sc ) where I was for a few days hiding from this persecution… when I come back, there are no warrants and no one looking for me.

This is due to the fact that a bullet was stolen from a home in kershaw county ( adjacent to Richland ) less than ten days prior to the " shooting". THEY stole it. It was my house. See the connection? They didn't know I had reported it to the KCSD about ONE single bullet missing ( because that's all that was there) and then all of a sudden they're looking for me for a shooting

And after the tragic event of 10-23-14 @ around 1 A.M.I ran from hotel to hotel city to city to avoid these people but yet the always followed.

I have included numerous facts and times etc. And there's a lot more to it as I said I'm just waiting to talk to someone I can trust within the justice department but putting it in public sector means if something happens to me it doesn't happen in silence with me running for my life . I don't care that people want to label it as anything but factual because anything I type I am responsible for typing just as anything I say.

I can answer any question you may have as well.

For those who say it is libel : I am at anytime willing to submit to polygraph for any statement I made .

I've contacted several outlets publicly and privately as far as disseminating information to people I've come in contact with.

Thank you for your time. Hopefully this was helpful in any way

Another time they tried to kill me at the extended stay on spears creek church road they said they were there to get " a different person who looked like me" and approached me in the parking lot with guns drawn. The only reason I believe to this day they didn't shoot me on site was that there was a guy in a white pickup truck sitting in the parking lot. They couldn't see him until they got right up on me and they came within seven or eight feet of me with his handgun out. He THEN holstered it and said he was looking for "someone else". They went into the hotel ( mind you this is months into me and them playing what's essentially a real life chess match and these VERY SAME OFFICERS RESPONDING TO THIS CALL HAD BEEN ACTIVE IN FOLLOWING ME AROUND ETC. since this began really in 2014 ( would have to get dates from exact hotel stay but it was sometime in mid-late 2015. Footage can be obtained from that as well…conveniently however they will only give it to police or law enforcement ( ironically they also had body cams on at the time but I bet there's no footage from this time) I need much more investigation but I also want people who are reading this to understand that a lot of it I'm afraid they will look into more thoroughly posthumously because obviously they're going to try to cover this up by discrediting and manipulating investigations (which have already gone on) to murder/ conspiracy / attempted murder which has already gone on as well to set ups for crimes, malicious prosecution, ( the same judge who sentenced me in a case to FIVE YEARS ) is the victims parents family friends. They literally play tennis and drink together. Did she not think it unethical for her to not recuse herself from the case? Let's just say lady justice was not blind on that day when Judge M. Child's sentenced me to five years in prison for a charge that was literally ramped up by the CAPTAIN STAN SMITH and David Godfrey to a higher charge from what should have been a 30 day misdemeanor ….

They literally followed my case the whole way through. Coming to court saying things like I was going to kill this person etc. when really we had an altercation and this person was barely injured. Should have been misdemeanor battery it wasn't even a busted lip or anything. They charged me with high and aggravated assault tried to charge me with kid napping PUT ME ALL ON THE NEWS WIS 10 Columbia ( THIS WAS A MINOR MINOR ASSAULT) that was with the wrong person from the wrong part of town ( wildewood very ritzy)and gave me five years in prison.

Not only did the judge not recuse herself but she went as far as to write an opinion about my case in the courts.

This is astonishing given the fact that this sheriff, the judge, the mayor and his wife ( who's also a judge ) just run this town like old time outlaws and no one has exposed them yet.

"I've heard stories " about Leon Lott is what you will always hear people say but listen to this one because it's for real and factual.

He and the people I mentioned are just the tip of the iceberg so to speak because obviously some of them are not actually getting their hands dirty doing these things they just orchestrate it " from the top".

EDIT: Stan Smith is the same CAPTAIN at the time of my court date for this misdemeanor assault in 2009 they trumped up and made into high and aggravated and gave me five years that " RESPONDED" at the time of the gas poisoning on 10-23-14@ around 1a.m.

Yes HE responded to the scene according to public documents and records kept by Allied Barton

(Mind you remember there were zero police cars etc there it was just fire EMS and the Allied Barton security guards)

Which they knew something fishy was going on as well as he later told me that night.

Anyway STAN SMITH is now a MAJOR after this incident. Lott is running the police department like a mafia.

One of the hazmat responders told me to " get the fuck from behind him" because by the time they came into the house, I was following them listening to them say things like " don't let him see where it's coming from" ( it was coming out of the vents ) but yeah and one black guy told me his name was"Captain Jack Johnson" an obviously that's not his name .

However the FIRE MARSHALL who responded to the scene as well as the EMS captain who responded I recognize as having been FRIENDS of the owner of Harry B Gregory ( "Rick" Gregory)

also this morning around 2-4 a.m. I was driving avoiding being in the house after this all unfolded and see none other than Rick Gregory himself in his mothers gold corolla with a white Panama hat he often wears….where was he ? Flora drive which separates spring valley from spring valley west. Why he was out when this was all going on only he would know. But I would say it relates to the " files" I was accused of stealing pertaining to financial dealings through Harry b Gregory and associates. I believe this may help some. Why he was in his moms car is because it has SV on the front and a barcode that would allow access to this GATED RESTRICTED neighborhood.

If you have any more questions just feel free to ask. Thank you. # still need any kind of help I can get like has this happened to anyone has anyone heard about the Lott mafia " rcsd" doing anything like this let me know or just have any referential help in general please pass along .

This is a LIVE ongoing discussion and I will try to keep info up to date as much as I can.


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