Linlithgow incorporated

It is an accepted truth that every man of a certain wealth and standing requires an eye in the back of his neck, for which no price is too high to pay. As such I aim be the proprietor of their security -Reginald Linlithgow, Founder

The Linlithgow family originated as merchants who had made a modest but substancial fortune selling weapons in the early days of the reorganization of society. However, as Tower city was established, it gained an army of its own, and the need for guns began to decrease. Seing the wya things were going, they instead became a security firm, hiring out private guards to establishments and corporations. Their fortunes grew, but the more secure the new city became, the less business they had. However Reginald Linlithgow saw a new opportunity in this stability and turned the company into a surveilance firm. Knowing his family history, Reginald was weary of the potential for a fall in demand for his services, and as such, decided to create it. The Linlithgows had roots in the underdark, roots which they never truly left behind. They began hiring criminals to create demand and take out the competition. Eventually they would gain a surveilance network stretching through several districts of the city. This has not been enough however as the current leader, David Linlithgow has seen a new fall in sales as a result of the heroes of Tower city putting serious dents in crime. However, an opportunity has presented itself in the form of a mysterious terrorist group, known only as the Babylon Cell, who have recently bombed seven major buildings in the city. The Linlithgow corporation now presents itself as a beacon of security and order in the face of these fanatical bombers


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