Vice, the Logistician

Name/Alias: Vince(nt) 'Vice' Días

Age: 41

Physical appearance: Vince is a Colombian-Canadian standing at 5'11". He has a fairly average build with buzzed, black hair. It looks like he used to be athletic but now age has started to affect him. He has no costume yet.

Mentality: Calculating, ambitious and thought out. A consummate businessman who's unflinching, calm, and fairly reasonable. Post trigger event, his intent is to assist in Endbringer scenarios and strive for retaliation and rebuilding against them. This has lead to an extremist view on the unwritten rules. If someone or thing is useful for dealing with Endbringers, the rules apply to them. If they are more dangerous or disconcerting than they are worth, the rules no longer apply to them. Due the nature of Masters, Strangers and some Trumps; they often are found within the 'rules do not apply' section in his brain.


Vince lived in Vancouver until he went to college. There, he studied financing at Cornell University as a foreign exchange student while participating on the Lacrosse team to help him with his scholarship. There he did fairly well, met a girl from his hometown, got married, pursued a career and raised a kid. A kid with a great deal of medical bills. The amount of medical bills and specificity that free health would take too long to take care of and standard American health care was far too expensive.

With the bills tight, Vince's wife went back to Vancouver with her family while Vince went to greener pastures. Ashton, Washington. There he worked two and a half years unmolested as a smuggler. He did his job well and the only tragedies was the unfortunate loss of his mother in a car accident and his father soon after.

Stuck already with his group and feel, he worked until a strange, bulletproof, gangster dislocating kid disabled his crew and comrades in mere moments. Surprised, impressed and receiving no long term injuries besides some aching joints; Vince's group of smugglers joined this kid's gang. What started off as a hostile take over became a beneficial, enjoyed relationship. There Vince did the smarts while Sarikos acted essentially as the 'owner' of the gang and brute force while Vince ran things.

Trigger Event Section:

When Sarikos dealt with the consequences of a power vacuum after screwing over the Chain Gang; the boy respectfully stepped down after speaking with Vincent. While holding no ill will towards Sarikos, Vincent was left in a stressful scenario. His wife and kid were in Vancouver, their main force and power disappeared and he had a bunch of power hungry people under him who were vying for what was left over. A power vacuum was created. He had some loyal men but many who were recent members and all rather capable. In addition to that, they had to make money, pay their staff and resume as much business as possible.

They wouldn't be able to hold the docks or any prominent land for shit so that was immediately sold off for a loss causing some of the members to drop off and form their own gang in that section. So now, they just had real estate essentially and some skilled people. Funds slowly decreased which meant membership began to decrease along with their professionals.

Then an Endbringer attacked. Not Ashton but close…specifically Vancouver. His family was removed from existence when a Railgun obliterated their place of residence. All of that stress, sacrifices and work was for naught. Yet he was still in the life of a criminal. His followers sensed weakness. He was low on funds and had enough powerful real estate and his very own men wanted to take over what he had. He had to come up with drastic plans to prevent the last of his past life from crumpling away. The small empire he had. His empire. He broke Sarikos’ former rule on moving drugs, dirty cash, weapons and even people. He began setting the deals but they just kept following through. At this point with an overwhelming problem and a hostile takeover at the door, he triggered.

And his eyes were opened. The routes became clear. The options were available. He found talent. He removed the former. Cut out the cancer, sold the rest and began anew.


  • The Chop Shop and body shop inherited by Sarikos. Bad month consumes 2,000 dollars, average $5000 in profit, good month 10,000 in profit.

  • Various connections specifically for that of the USA West Coast to Asia along with some Canadian connections. Specializes in smuggling and black market supplies.

  • A multifaceted conglomerate start up that was sold off from a larger one All earned money is recycled and goes back into the companies as it's acting as a front/connection base at the time being. It has:

    • 5% ownership of an aluminum alloy processing center in the Ashton Industrial District
    • 12 months of ownership of a mostly unused Lumberyard-Farm mix in Northern Ashton just north of the Industrial/Transport District
    • 15% ownership of a Warehouse group. They just own an area for mattresses and construction supplies in a warehouse within the warehouse district.
    • Partial ownership of two Mattress shops with the same brand. One in Downtown and the other in the Business district.
    • Full ownership of a very small group shipping service that utilizes extra space on cargo boats for their own cargo. Located inbetween the LDN and the Russians in currently uncontested territory. This actually is doing well enough Vice can comfortably take money away for whatever. Bad month loses $2000, average earns $4,000, good month earns $7,000.
    • 3% ownership/stock in the Ashton Teamsters and Construction groups.
  • 120,000 dollars in debt from borrowed money by illegal loan sharks.

  • 45,000 dollars in hard cash.

  • A temporary apartment in the nicer part of the industrial district. Has his set up, working on a place of operations.

  • Two loyal, trusted Private Investigators

  • A trusted Doctor

  • A trusted computer technician and advisor


  • Vice's Privateers (See comments)

  • A sedan

  • A few of his own guns. A Remington 870, a 1911 and an AR15.

  • Weaponry and housing for his privateers under the Lumberyard.

Alignment: Villain

Specializations: Good at leading, outfitting, managing, hiring and so forth.

Power: Vice acts as a supercomputer for allocating, moving and securing resources. Moving one thing from point A to point B under x and y conditions; he's good at it. This leads to a remarkable ability to strategize, micro manage, supply and move the pawns on his chess board. The two main aspects of the powers are as follows:

When Vice has facts/deductions/assumptions/guesses on the Logistic based subject matter, he's the Logistician on dealing with that knowledge and incorporating his craft. If the intel is wrong, his plan most likely won't work out as effectively if at all. If it's right, then he's probably in a very good spot on dealing with whatever he's dealing with. Still, he's not a precog. Unknown variables always exist, accidents happen and while his Privateers are well trained and effective; they're still their own indiviudal people who are capable of making mistakes even if they say otherwise. As Tab said, "Being a military man doesn't make you invincible."

In order to effectively use his power, he has the ability to make impressive logical deductions, assumptions and or guesses on Logisticsorientated things depending on a number of variables. It's similar to a Sherlock/shallower, more specific Tattletale in a way. With just baseline information, the power can be misleading in actual Intel. With observations, focus and Intel; Vice can figure things out such as the general route, expected security, response time, efficient and precise ways to affect said thing and so on. As a restraint, Vice can easily focus on ascertaining details/opening his 'third eye' on three main subjects/entities (a job going on, a shipping container crossing Russia-Washington, and say keeping track of a specific variable in said job like troops movement or response time). At six, it becomes more difficult and will require his total focus. At 9, he has notable difficulty. At 3 'foci' he has the limit of about 2 hours on dealing with those things continuously. 6 at once, 5-10 minutes tops, 9 foci, he's starting a headache post 1 minute of use. Once he starts becoming strained, his power gets slightly fuzzy as if 'overclocked'. Details lessen, efficiency lowers and decisions aren't as effective. Further extended use ramps up the headache significantly to a migraine which can put him out for a day. At this point, he's just an over glorified Logistician. He can't find the connections or connect the dots except as a regular person. He still is impressive at it but the micromanaging, uncanny assumptions and Intel gathering goes away. Pushing it further can cause his power to short circuit and go to a mere 5-10% efficiency until a several days of doing nothing has passed or a weeks worth of rest.

Further info and more exact-ness can be found here.

Versatility: Is a Thinker. Revolves around others.


"Package is en route, over."

"Roger that Overwatch."

Captain Yuriev looked at the series of monitors in front of her as she stood within the van. Fifteen monitors, ten all combat helmets. Everyone was in just the right place.

"Van will be arriving on Fourth Street in thirty seconds. Good luck." A soft, smooth voice spoke over the radio before going quiet.

"You heard him boys. Antonov, ready the cutter. Hammer one and Hammer two prepare for Option B. Følge, on my count."

With hearts beating and everyone waiting, Captain Yuriev watched the countdown before shouting with all of her commanding presence, "Now!"

The hired Parahuman would push the metal, spike of a rod up through the sewer grate. A moment after, screeching was heard as the undercarriage of the armored truck was ripped to shreds. The vehicle died out as it crashed into a light post some distance away.

The cruiser behind and in front would just see the crash before being smashed by a car thought to be parked. When searched and investigated later, there'd be no recent figure prints and it'd be a marked car outfitted for one thing. To drive forward at a flip of a switch via a burner phone. Similar to an IED except it engaged the gas versus an explosion.

"Enable the ECMs." Yuriev spoke to the tech next to her as a crash was heard some distance away.


"Good." Turning on her headset again, she'd speak on up. "Go! A is a success, secure the zone and open up the package!"

"Response time of twenty minutes for PRT. Parahuman response time is ten. That's your window Captain."

She didn't reply. She was too focused on watching her fully armored, metal masked men hold up the two cruisers. One tried getting out to pull something before a subsonic, 5.56 suppressed round destroyed his elbow from a marksman on a tarp a block away. The guard dropped as a number of guns were put on him.

*Meanwhile a plasma cutter was cutting away the back to pop it open revealing a number of barrels. The men with their gloves on would begin hauling them out to bring to a van that seemed to appear in an alley out of nowhere. Two more vans appeared to pick up all of the men before driving on off. They'd be later refurbished and modified at their chop shop. The barrels would be transported for temporary storage before being moved to the drug lab. The marksman would collect the brass and the tarp where it laid before heading on out to be picked up by his own pickup – all under a disguise of course.

"Well done everyone. Captain, as impressive as always."

"Ey, what about handling the cutter, eh?" JB asked.

"Everyone implies you too. A perfect heist. Take tomorrow afternoon off. We'll have more work to do soon."

With that, the comms would go down.


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