Got Banned From Six Flags For Life: Need Advice

I was banned for life because an employee thought I was impersonating a ride operator at the park. So I was asked not to come back on private property with my family, They revoked my gold season pass and sent me the check in the mail a few weeks later with a trespass letter saying I would be arrested if on private property. I'm just a customer who waits in line like everyone else when little do I know how to oporate a roller coaster. It was a completely un called for when they sent me to customer serviceI and gave me A life ban scentance.
All right guys! This all happened during one of there most buisest days ever on a weekend on September 11th of last year. Me and my family were enjoying a nice day at the park in St.Louis me and my sister were waiting in line to ride BatMan it was about a 1 hour wait so we decided to just stay in line keep in mind this is ealry afternoon anyway we were about to enter the station when we saw two security guard s walking to check if everyone was ok and if we needed water most parks don't do that i Believe Anyway they said that this is our most buisest we have ever seen the park and exceeded over capcity the park can hold with guest i think he said somewere over 26,000 people there that day. So they said to me and my sister please remove yoursellves from the que please and come with us to customer service your in big trouble! I was shocked like what did i do wrong i didnt talkt to any guest i didnt know I didnt bother anyone. As we made our way through CS They were asking me why i was trying to impersonate a ride oporator and why i was wereing a blue shirt. I told them this is Sonic The Hedgehog he is not a DC charater he belongs to the Sega of Japan and America deal with them! They went on about there guest safty regulations and how i broke the law under oth. If any of you decide to visit a Six Flags Park beware of what type of shirts you plan to take. This all happened because of a stupid shirt from Sega. If i was wearing A lets say for example A Cradle Of Filth aka Death Metal Band from the 90's shirt thats really offencive then I would have understood the ban policy but Sonic seriously? Even other guest were concerned and saying how is his shirt A Six Flags employee shirt it's from a cartoon series on tv thats not DC related or employee related so I'm wareing A BatMan shirt does that make me a criminal too?Everyone was angry at the situation and some even started leaving due to their stupitity so again if a mirical does happen of them saying sorry i'm gonna have to say do to you display of public humiliation i'm not going back to either one of your parks. So remember always ware apropriate clothing at all times while visiting any Six Flags Park. I want to hear feom you guys what are some better and safer parks to vist this summer? I'm in need of some straight to the point advice on how to change corporates decisions on how to forgive me and let me back onto there property i have proof of the trespass notice and email.


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