Mellaria Qoherys-Drahar, Archmagister and Princess-Admiral of Myr

Character Name: Mellaria Qoherys-Drahar, descendent of the old world and the new.

Age: 27

Starting Title(s): Archmagister of Myr and Princess-Admiral of Myr

Aptitude(s): Attractive

Specialty: Cloak and Dagger

Skill(s): Subterfuge, Infiltration, Poisons, Diversion, Networking

Negative Trait: Frivolous

Physical Description: Strikingly beautiful is the Lady of House Drahar. She’s renown throughout the Free-Cities for her flawless olive complexion, hazel hair, smokey green eyes, truly goddess of Essos if ever they existed. Tall and sylphlike she’s often glad in luxurious silk dresses that cling tightly to her graceful frame.

Starting Location: Lys

Username: /u/TheLittleMyrmaid

Other Characters: Godric ‘Get’dem’hoes’ ArrynGerold Clegane


343 AC – Mellaria is born the daughter of Archmagister Doro Qoherys-Drahar descendent of the old world and the new.

353 AC (10) – The war between Tyrosh and Myr begins, battles in the Sea of Myrth begin immediately making citizens of Myr uneasy.

355 AC (12) – The war finally spills into the bay of Myr as Tyrosh has pushed the Myrish defenders back to their own port. Young Mellaria is sent to Tyrosh to act as a serving girl to the Archon of Tyrosh.

356 AC (13) – Under the guise of a serving girl in the Palace of the Archon, Mellaria is able to send military plans back to her father in Myr. She is also able to send false reports and orders from this location using the seal of the Archon.

356 AC (13) – The war between Myr and Tyrosh is ended, Myr concedes the trade routes to Tyrosh. Mellaria is captured in Tyrosh and thrown in the dungeons of the Archon’s Palace.

358 AC (15) – With the help of a younger captured Myrish sailor captain she is able to poison her guards and cause a diversion enough to escape Tyrosh. She carries a deep hatred for the Tyroshi the rest of her life.

360 AC (17) – Agrivane becomes her lover and closest friend. He is secretly employed by the Drahar family while still maintaining his place as Captain in the Myrish fleet.

361 AC (18) Mellaria and Agrivane have a daughter together, they name her Korra Qoherys-Drahar.

363 AC (20) Mellaria is acts out sabotaging Tyroshi ships that sail into Myr as much as she can. Soon Tyrosh send fewer and fewer ships into the Myrish bay as the losses become more and more apparent the cause is sabotage.

664 AC (21) Mellaria’s father reprimands her frivolous spending and demands she finds a wealthy husband to leave his house.

364 AC (21) – Doro Qoherys-Drahar dies under mysterious circumstances.

368 AC (25) – Mellaria infiltrates informants into each great house of Myr. Digging through all the skeletons in their closets, she blackmails each one of them discreetly. Eventually she wins a unanimous vote to elect Mellaria Qoherys-Drahar as Archmagister of Myr and Princess-Admiral of Myr. She solidifies her hold on the city by having anyone killed who speaks out against her fairly elected position.


Name: Agrivane

Title: Admiral

Aptitude: Tactician

Skills: Naval Warfare, Safeguarded, Counter-Intelligence

Negative: None


  • 358 AC – Agrivane meets Mellaria after having been captured in a failed siege of Tyrosh.

  • 360 AC – Has his second child, first with Mellaria.

  • 360 AC – Continues his service in the Myrish Fleet and defense of the Sea of Myrth long after the surrender to Tyrosh.

  • 365 AC – Sees to the security of the Drahar family, employs guards and informants to watch Mellaria.


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