If you came to /r/hapas to learn about Hapa Problems. A quick list of our great parents and the lives we inherited.

Case Effected Hapas Source
Australian husband punches Japanese wife to death with a single blow. Kids lived amongst decomposing body for 11 days Their two hapa children http://archive.is/qDZcK
Balinese wife hires hit that led to murder of her Australian husband. Her sons support and hope for her execution. Their two hapa sons http://archive.is/XhdCB
American man murders and consumes Malaysian wife's blood and flesh in ritual. He was a con artist that faked being a doctor and swindled cancer patients with fake treatments His hapa son from a former relationship with a japanese woman http://archive.is/jCjI9
British Man strangles his Thai Wife to death after she broke his StarWars toys. Afterwards he ran sobbing down the street to his mothers house. Their 8 year old hapa son http://archive.is/myh1p
28 year old Filipina wife went "missing", presumed dead. When her abusive and controlling, 74 year old Australian husband became the prime suspect he committed suicide. Wanted total control and didn't allow his kids to socialize with other kids, receive birthday gifts, or read books that were not approved by him Their two hapa kids. Richard 7 and Rachel 5 http://archive.is/YP2mI
British man punches to death domineering Korean wife who treated him like a slave, stated to his face that ""she only married [him] for the visa"", and taunted him with affairs. He chopped her body into pieces, stored them in a freezer, and fled to Japan Their 6 year old hapa son. http://archive.is/bbJej
British man killed and barbecued after divorcing his Thai wife after their relationship collapsed due to her high gambling debts. His barbequed remains fed to tigers in a national park. Their 5 year old hapa son. Daniel http://archive.is/5MMIH
Overweight and Balding British man murders Vietnamese-American wife and hides her body. Parties in Vegas and maxes out her credit cards. Spends life having fun, playing poker and traveling to China and Thailand for holiday. Until her bones were found in the desert and he was arrested. Their 3 year old son Daniel. Raised largely by paternal grandmother. http://archive.is/MQDfu
[60] British University Professor in Hong Kong murdered by Chinese girlfriend [38] of 17 years. She was irate because he had multiple relationships with various women and would often go to hit on women in pubs. Their six year old son http://archive.is/GjHz4
Amidst his pharmaceutical company failing and wife cheating with the family gardener, American man smashes Fillipina wife's head into concrete floor repeatedly killing her. Stages her death as a car accident, then in the trial blames someone else for killing her. He served 5 years in jail. Now out of jail writing books about his innocence and being abused by the American justice system Three hapa children http://archive.is/vKBFv
Canadian priest caught cheating, looking up porn online and had filter put on his computer by his wife. Growing more and more frustrated with the marriage he poisoned his Filipina wife's banana smoothie and she drowned in the bathtub. He continued to have an affair with the same woman as before while he planned his wifes funeral. unborn hapa child [murdered] http://archive.is/8emKD
Italian man murders Thai ex-wife. An argument began when she came to pick up her son. The Italian (former Muay Thai practioner) then began to kick his ex-wife. She retrieved a gun to protect herself, but he snatched it and shot her three times. Then shot himself. 8 year old hapa son http://archive.is/1xbOu
(2001) Japanese woman moves to Canada to study English. Meets Canadian boyfriend and has two hapa kids. Meets new boyfriend and regularly abandons kids to stay with new boyfriend. One time for 10 days and they starve to death. A psychologist reported that she was happy that the kids were dead, after serving 5 years in jail for manslaughter, was deported to Japan. Two hapa kids. Domenic Ryu Brown (1 years old), Gemini Brown (4 months old). [Both deceased] http://archive.is/2rm1y
JP Morgan director shot Filipina wife multiple times with shotgun before killing himself Three hapa children. http://archive.is/ocMsu
Vietnamese-American woman who mourned her White husbands death on Facebook charged with murdering him 9 months later They have 2 hapa kids. Jackie and Lou. http://archive.is/D0WTC
Australian called "the cookie monster" arrested in The Philippines for selling drugs. Has a Filipino girlfriend whom is pregnant with their future Hapa child. http://archive.is/w8sjm
Japanese mother knifes 11 year old hapa daughter to death before committing suicide. The mother was having relationship problems with the father. Two hapa kids. 11 year hapa daughter [murdered], 8 year old hapa daughter http://archive.is/bvkHH
Airline CEO sentenced to prison for sexual abuse of 9 Cambodian girls ages ranging from 5 to 16. Has Cambodian wife and Hapa daughter. http://archive.is/88Vfn
Web Engineer from Texas arrested for hiring hitmen off craigslist to kill Malaysian wife. Three adolescent Hapa daughters. http://archive.is/dTfXL
German man stabs Thai wife to death in front of their Hapa children. Two Hapa Kids http://archive.is/coBAs
68 y/old Australian man convicted for the murder of his 34 y/old Indonesian wife. Two Hapa Kids http://archive.is/ExtUI
English teacher in Taiwan commits suicide after being sentenced to 4 years in jail for cultivating and selling drugs. He has a Taiwanese wife and two hapa kids. http://archive.is/43d32
Antonis Kitas, most renowned criminal from Cyprus. Convicted of multiple murders, arranging hits, and masterminded a plan of kidnapping the Former Presidents body. Married to a Chinese woman (while he was in prison) and has a hapa child. http://archive.is/JqiqJ
64 year old English teacher arrested in Thailand for making and uploading child pornography. Married to Thai woman with two Hapa kids. http://archive.is/tB7ZB
Canadian man murders Filipina wife he met over the internet. A hapa son http://archive.is/LtQY1
[1957] Immigrant Filipino mother murders American husband. A hapa daughter https://news.google.com/newspapers?nid=1129&dat=19571226&id=esVRAAAAIBAJ&sjid=8GoDAAAAIBAJ&pg=3562,4263419&hl=en
59 year old American Teacher in Hong Kong charged with repeatedly molesting his 9 year old hapa daughter. 9 year old hapa daughter http://archive.is/YcJax
Months old infant taken from Norweigan Father and Chinese mother by child protective services for serious psychological harm infant hapa daughter http://archive.is/oPwKz
Ranking Aryan Nation member/current inmate Jimmy Maxwell. "My first wife and mother of my children is even half Korean". Multiple quapa children facing drug and legal issues. Jimmy Jr. is in prison for murder. http://archive.is/XhhZA http://archive.is/cQfpd
Chinese mother, Tiffany Li, from a wealthy Chinese family, and her boyfriend charged in the murder of her husband. Two Hapa kids. http://archive.is/Z930a
Filipino Mom and Step Dad beat Hapa son with metal pipe for eating chips at daycare Hapa son http://archive.is/3qwPS
American man sentenced to various crimes in Thailand and known as a scam artist and exortionist throught out his life. 9 hapa kids. 4 by his first wife. 1 by an employee at his law firm. 1 by his wife's 14 year old niece. 3 by his current wife. http://archive.is/OLJJY
American man convicted for scam in New Zealand. Known as a lifelong scam artist, outstanding assault charges, banned from college campuses for harassing students. "His family appeared to be subservient to him"/Wife was not allowed to talk others/"He was a very controlling man" Has Japanese wife and 3 hapa kids. http://archive.is/xApKH
French man abandons his hapa son in a park in South Korea. Concurrently was planning to meet a Korean girl he met online. Hapa son. http://archive.is/KZ8WY http://archive.is/g7geF
Mentally deranged white father carves pentagram into six year old hapa sons back with a box cutter and smears his blood on door. 6 year old Hapa son. https://archive.is/LCHmp
American man arrested for threatening to shoot Chinese wife if she didn't perform sex act with her son. Also forced her to eat his shit and dress so revealingly in public that she was reprimanded by security guards. Hapa son http://archive.is/z6mk9 http://archive.is/xkwCy
60 year old New Zealand Father stabs Chinese wife to death. He had previously been abusive and violent to her. However when he found out she had an affair he became obssesed with getting her deported and believed she was a helper to Satan, before stabbing her. 2 Hapa kids http://archive.is/V4Rxn
[1957] US Soldier who was a drunk and had an IQ of 90 murders Japanese woman. He participated in a game where soldiers would throw empty casings into bushes to lure brass scavengers then fire over their heads for fun. However he accidentally shot a mother of 6 in the head. He had a 21 year old Japanese wife and later moved to San Diego and had two hapa kids. 2 hapa kids roxanne and linda http://archive.is/TklpG

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