METAL GEAR SOLID VI: How it could be approached

Metal Gear … it has been 30 years. We have gone through the amazing mainline games and spinoffs. Its stories, the real life history and science, philosophies, theories and cultural references brought new life to videogames with each successive release. Looking at recent games, after we completed both MGSV games (Ground Zeroes & The Phantom Pain), we yearned for more, wondered and theorized to the implications of the big reveal.

So what happened after the events of Phantom Pain and before Metal Gear? There are still 11 years canonically between them (1984-1995). Don’t worry, I have got you got covered! I have analyzed the Metal Gear Solid 4: Database on the PS3, the codec calls, cassette tapes, scenes and looked at Cold War history to link the hints left in the games. I also added my own twists based on the characterization of specific characters, the underlying themes of events and real history. So, here is my interpretation of MGS:VI, the Truth ending, MG1 and more. We can also make it our interpretation by providing feedback in the comments.


Big Boss (using the Medic’s original Ground Zeroes face or your Phantom Pain custom avatar) travels on his motorcycle from border to border as his passport fills with stamps. He takes part in various armed conflicts, civil wars, etc. that occurred there at the time, together with Frank Jaeger (Gray Fox) appearing only when he knows the soldiers are unable to handle the opposition (almost like a phantom or a guardian, “we fight because we are needed”) and save victims of wars, such as POWs, civilians and children (like Naomi Hunter, Drebin and Sniper Wolf). As the game progresses Big Boss and Venom Snake combat DARPA and ArmsTech to prevent the rebuilding of Metal Gear Sahelanthropus (after getting evidence after the events of Mission 51) and build Outer Heaven using Diamond Dogs’ expertise. We also see the rise of Solid and Liquid in their early soldier days, in the Gulf War and FOXHOUND, by being trained by Miller leading up to Operation Intrude N312 & N313.

As Big Boss you take part in civil wars and recruit child soldiers. As Venom Snake you go through the internal struggle with your Demon and the past of your true self (Medic). Both have their own distinct weapons because Big Boss relies on on-site procurement (OSP) and Venom has his Diamond Dogs gunsmiths. In each country or mission, Big Boss goes by a different code name relevant to the history and culture of the country he is in and fights together with Frank Jaeger on the battlefield (buddy). As Venom Snake, you have your old buddies from The Phantom Pain (except Quiet). Ocelot, who has joined the Spetnaz, provides intel to Big Boss and Jaeger between missions. Miller does the same for Venom Snake but also in real-time until he leaves when Outer Heaven is established to train Solid and Liquid. The closer we get to Metal Gear 1 we switch to transceiver/codec calls. This game could return to the level based format (like in MGS4) instead of open-world or area based so as not to limit the player to a large environment, to focus more narratively and to see a greater variety in environments. You still have the same options as an open-world but slightly linear to progress the story. There are more surprises so I highly suggest you read it!


During the Mozambican Civil War, Big Boss comes across a heavily fortified base (foreshadowing Outer Heaven) that has gotten a name for keeping prisoners under terrible conditions (like the Devil’s House but with POWs and civilians undergoing torture). It is there that he rescues the heavily tortured and injured Frank Jaeger (Gray Fox) from imprisonment. He is practically blind because of the injuries he sustained (reminiscent of the Miller rescue in MGSV) but recognizes Big Boss by his iconic voice. Jaeger knowing the threat level of the base and how to communicate with the other prisoners, helps Big Boss in the rescue using his soldier’s instincts to feel his surroundings (almost like Chirut Imwe from Star Wars: Rogue One). Upon rescuing the others from the base, he finds out that Frank has a foster sister (Naomi Hunter, but she has no name at this point) that is still out there without proper care.

Big Boss together with Jaeger, rescue his sister from harsh living conditions (how Jaeger first found her). Both are taken to the United States where Big Boss helps them establish normal lives. Jaeger receives proper medical attention and a reconstructed face. Naomi sees the large difference in lifestyles, almost as if everything is perfect by seeing happy families walk past them. It is because of this that she vows to figure out her and her parents’ origins. She is send to a foster family that, unbeknownst to Big Boss, is also the one where a teenage David (Solid Snake) grows up with (due to young age and Naomi using a different name both will not remember each other; also David goes from one family to the next). After some time both Big Boss and Jaeger return to Africa to continue fighting together.


We return to Diamond Dogs and Venom Snake. Due to the Outbreak and Quarantine incident, Emmerich’s exile, Miller’s outbursts, and the looming threat of Metal Gear Sahelanthropus, members have become somewhat disillusioned with Diamond Dogs and Venom Snake (still Big Boss in their eyes). However, after gaining valuable intel, the events of the cut Mission 51 take place. Due to the amount of destruction caused by Venom Snake’s arrival and leaked witness reports of “the giant in the sky” (Sahelanthropus), DARPA is tasked by the US government to send experts to recon what remains of the napalmed “Kingdom of the Flies” and collect old satellite data from observation satellites near Africa. It is here that they obtain foggy satellite images of Metal Gear Sahelanthropus and its large looming shadow as it stood on its legs. DARPA spends the next decade trying to build Sahelanthropus from scratch and unknowingly attempt to fulfill Skull Face’s legacy (this is why Metal Gear REX in MGS1 ends up looking similar to Sahelanthropus).

Back at Mother Base, Sahelanthropus is demolished and its parts reused for armor and weaponry. In a last ditch effort to regain support of Diamond Dog’s men, Venom orders the complete dismantlement of their nukes and bombs to prevent another MSF disaster but also to promote world peace as a message for détente (Cold War). Diamond Dogs becomes an anti-nuclear force and concentrates primarily on ground armed vehicles, Walker Gears and Battle Gear rather than relying on trained infantry.

Ocelot realizes what has become of Diamond Dogs (you can realize his apprehension in the Disarmament cutscene when he is on the chopper), the opposite of what was intended by Big Boss, he leaves Diamond Dogs behind to join the Spetsnaz (this is why he gets a heavy Russian accent in MGS1) and give intel to Big Boss when he is needed*. Miller now sees an opportunity to actively support Venom Snake and Diamond Dogs to fulfill his promise against Ocelot (make Venom Snake and Big Boss’ sons strong enough to surpass him).

*If you are wondering why he leaves now: the post credits dialogue between Ocelot and Miller could have already happened before the end of the game. Remember when Code Talker was talking about “a secret meeting between the containers in broad daylight” and “eyes on Kazuhira”? It could be Ocelot telling some of his own men to keep Kaz under watch in case he tries to kill him. As for why “the ocelot’s aim is off today”, it could be that his self-induced hypnosis has worn off and that he has become confused with his internal timeline and what he remembered before hypnotizing himself.


Venom Snake has send some of his men to infiltrate the US secret service to copy documents of global nuclear tests using iDroids disguised as walkie-talkies and relay them back to Mother Base for analysis before the impending INF Treaty of 1987. Because he is monitoring these mission, he is unable to take part in ground missions personally. Hence, Big Boss is briefed by Ocelot about a large weapon’s shipment about to be delivered to Uganda to combat local forces and needs to be destroyed.

Upon infiltrating a Lord’s Resistance Army’s (LPR) base, he finds a document that links ArmsTech to the shipment. Big Boss is caught off guard by a chopper with a spotlight and is then discovered by a child soldier (Drebin 893) who says his catchphrase “eye have you” as a pun because the light of the Hind D reveals that Big Boss’ eye is made of glass. But instead of raising the alarm, he lowers his gun and decides to pull the handkerchief and grenade trick (as he did in MGS4) but fails by accidentally pulling the pin and handkerchief at the same time and then dropping it. Big Boss throws the life grenade out an open window without realizing the shipment and a squad were directly below him, destroying the shipment and killing Drebin’s commanding officer. This results in a dismayed Drebin vowing to take good care of weapons and people in the future. When Big Boss asks whether he wants to escape with him, Drebin replies that he has a good life ahead of him as he sips his soda and turns around to leave. On his rucksack we see a little plush gray monkey (reminiscent of Little Gray). Drebin makes his signature gesture again while Big Boss runs off.


Some time passes and Bernt Carlsson, an UN Commissioner of Namibia, notifies in a TV documentary that excessive amounts of diamonds and uranium are being illegally extracted from Namibia (10% of uranium is mined in Namibia). He contacts Diamond Dogs to take action against the forces, because of their knowledge of handling diamonds and nukes as an anti-nuclear force. Venom Snake enters the region and systematically goes from one command post to the next until he has enough intel that links it to a manufacturing facility owned by ArmsTech. Upon entering the zone, Venom meets a substantial military force, similarly to the mission “A Quiet Exit”, except this time he can even the odds. He orders Battle Gear to be delivered near the facility so that he can prepare for a ground assault. Every time Battle Gear takes damage he is reminded of Quiet and how she tried to shield him in that mission. Once the last tank is destroyed, he exits Battle Gear (sets it on patrol mode) and infiltrates the facility that is on full alert. The destruction, blood-shed and the flashing security lights cause flashbacks to the Quarantine incident and his anger causes him to believe that he has finally become the demon he swore to fight against (you now play as Demon Snake, becoming increasingly more violent with each kill). One by one he kills surrendering ArmsTech soldiers, scientists and engineers.

Upon reaching a supercomputer (similarly to the one in the NES version of MG1), he finds digital files and blueprints linking ArmsTech’s involvement to the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) in wanting to create weaponized lasers using diamonds to destroy nuclear missiles mid-air (aka Star Wars). He finds no uranium in sight, meaning that it has been transported away. Having found the ultimate way to ensure nuclear deterrence, he orders his choppers to take the supercomputer and the diamonds back to base for analysis. However, ArmsTech had been anticipating Venom Snake’s arrival using Battle Gear after the public documentary of Carlson went live and as a result of Diamond Dogs’ new approach to waging warfare (relying on armed vehicles). They had placed hidden cameras disguised as rocks, trees and birds (using night vision goggles you can see that during gameplay), and recorded the whole incident. The railgun on Battle Gear is used as an inspiration for ArmsTech’s new project for SDI now that the laser facility has been destroyed. DARPA and ArmsTech have enough data and footage to create a bipedal tank with a ray gun attached (Metal Gear REX is a combination of both Battle Gear and Sahelanthropus).


Big Boss has received information that another civil war has erupted, but this time in Northern Iraq. Sadam Hussein has issued the Al-Anfal Campaign, a genocidal military campaign against the Kurds, to recover oil and rare metals from the region (for the construction of DARPA’s Metal Gear). Venom Snake had send some of his men to infiltrate the Moscow Summit of 1988 to inform Reagan about the situation in South Africa and the Middle East, and was unable to respond due to focusing his efforts on the summit. Again, Ocelot informs Big Boss of this threat.

Big Boss infiltrates the last remaining village in the middle of the night, but finds that there are no enemies in sight. Upon entering a home, he finds a little girl unable to sleep with a scared puppy wolf by her side (Sniper Wolf). Big Boss informs her that his name is Saladin and that he has come to rescue the village. Jaeger quickly informs Big Boss that a large amount of enemies are on approach to the village. Big Boss calls on Sniper Wolf to tell him where everyone else in the village is. She says that the community is large and the fastest way is to go by horse (more silent than by motorcycle). He tells her how to use binoculars to spot enemies so that Frank Jaeger could silently kill enemies should they approach too close a village. Big Boss tells her to be patient. He promises to come back for her. This mission is reminiscent of The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere in warning people of an approaching enemy force (hints at Cipher/Patriot’s involvement).

Although they manage to rescue a large chunk of the village, Big Boss fails to stop the overwhelming force of Iraqi soldiers when the group of Kurds are spotted by a chopper. A chemical attack is called in on Big Boss’ position and kills all Kurdish civilians but remaining Iraqi soldiers as well. Big Boss (wearing a gas mask) races on his horse quickly to Sniper Wolf and Jaeger before the gas could affect them. Jaeger already had a Gas Mask on him and decides to give up his life to save the young Sniper Wolf (being reminded of Naomi). However, upon realizing that the puppy and horse both are unhurt and that Jaeger is still alive, they realize that it was specifically targeted at the Kurdish civilians and the Iraqi soldiers. Hussein was inspired by Cipher’s means of targeting specific ethnic groups solely by their language. However, the Kurds spoke Kurmanji which is an Iraqi dialect and hence killed Iraqis too.

This event made Big Boss realize that it is impossible for Cipher’s means to have leaked out to the world just like that and that their network has extended beyond DARPA and ArmsTech. Skull Face’s legacy lives on in more ways than one. Realizing that there’s nothing left for Sniper Wolf now, Big Boss decides to evacuate her and the puppy away from the village. The Iraqi soldiers died because of a mistake made by Hussein’s scientists. He realizes that the international community must wake up with what is really going on in the world. It is time for the real Big Boss to return.


Back at Mother Base, the analysis of the supercomputer reveals that all blueprints link back to one person: Dr. Pettrovich Madnar. Process logs connected to ArmsTech’s network were continually updated and reveals the actions of Big Boss and Frank Jaeger in stopping key ArmsTech shipments in Uganda and Iraq; however, Venom Snake is unaware it is Big Boss because of his use of codenames. Based on the logs, Dr. Pettrovich returned back to the manufacturing facility sometime after Venom left and is shocked to find his staff murdered, the facility destroyed and the supercomputer gone. These events gave him second thoughts and hoped to seek protection in the US. He tries repeatedly but fails due to being Russian and not being truthful in his reasoning (reminiscent of Huey Emmerich). Upon further analysis, it is revealed that the supercomputer was linked to ARPANET, a precursor of today’s Internet, which is publicly known to be connected to four computers but this is one of the few other supercomputers hidden from the public. He also finds blueprints to a prototype gun camera. He decides to have the R&D work on a smaller version of the SDI laser technology to replace the use of guns on the camera using the diamonds they extracted.

The Moscow Summit infiltration was a success and due to Venom Snake’s input world leaders have started pushing towards the withdrawal of Cuban troops from Angola and the initiation of peace talks in South Africa after a constructive war. The following agreements and accords that were signed saw the first steps towards peace and South Africa giving Namibian independence. The UN Commissioner for Namibia, Bernt Carlsson, who gave the Namibia mission was not present at the signing ceremony as his plane was purposefully crashed in response to calling out the diamond and uranium extraction companies acting on behalf of ArmsTech and DARPA on public television leading to its subsequent destruction. South Africa also somewhat stabilized again put opposition to the regime was still present because of apartheid.


Soviet forces have fully retreated from Afghanistan; however, the power void resulted in another civil war and the rise of the Taliban. Only Diamond Dogs are effective enough to take action due to familiarity of the region. However, the mission is put on hold when Venom Snake receives a cassette tape from “The Man Who Sold The World” (Big Boss). In this tape Big Boss thanks Venom for effectively playing his part as Big Boss on the world stage. Venom replays the tape, and start to remember everything. He formally accepts his role this time and awaits further instructions.

Venom Snake has to provide evidence of the Iraq incident to the US, as Big Boss, to ensure that they sign the Memorandum of Understanding on Chemical Weapons with the USSR. Venom Snake starts to realize that he has exposed himself and Diamond Dogs too much in recent missions post-Skull Face. It was his fault for letting Eli and Sahelanthropus go that allowed for the occurrences surrounding DARPA and ArmsTech to occur. All the civil wars that have occurred since then were proxy wars to gain resources and technology for the rebuilding of Sahelanthropus. He became distracted in stopping nuclear weapons that he forget about giving his soldiers a place on the battlefield. Venom forgot about The Boss’ will. Angered by himself and the world, he meets with Big Boss and hands him “her” bandana (Big Boss later gives the bandana to Ocelot and thanks him for his help, that’s why Meryl finds it at Shadow Moses Island in MGS1). The lyrics to “The Man Who Sold The World” come to life right in front of us. Big Boss informs him that his actions for South Africa have allowed him to acquire land 200km north of Galzburg that can be used for the soldier’s nation he intends to create: Outer Heaven.

Venom is given a new cassette tape that only works on MSX machines (Operation Intrude: N313). Venom Snake is ordered to rename Diamond Dogs to Outer Heaven and change its logo (to prepare for Big Boss’ arrival in the US) and to oversee its construction. Mother Base has to be dismantled and its parts reused to build Outer Heaven, because Big Boss secretly considers Mother Base a logistical and architectural nightmare from his own experiences with the MSF’s Mother Base and based on Venom’s accounts of DD’s Mother Base. But most of all to prevent another MSF Mother Base disaster. Due to the tape’s induced hypnosis, Venom loses his true self (Medic) to become the Big Boss persona once again (the blue erasing light from Ground Zeroes; the Demon resurfaces).

Venom Snake forces South African architectural engineer Kyle Schneider to participate in the design of the fortress and dismantlement of Mother Base. He is also ordered to construct traps using Diamond Dogs’ previous experience with their Forward Operating Bases (FOBs) and SDI laser cameras. Once Outer Heaven’s construction begins, Venom Snake intends to complete his last mission: capture Dr. Pettrovich and oversee the construction of a Metal Gear. Outer Heaven mercenaries capture him and his daughter Ellen Madnar (as an insurance policy to ensure that he continues working on the Metal Gear) and a doppelganger takes his place (the decoy of Dr. Pettrovich as seen in MG1 to not raise suspicion of his disappearance). He is given a work station with his supercomputer (limited access and to conduct technical tests only) and a hangar with enough space for the construction of the Metal Gear (which would take several years due to Venom Snake having killed all of Dr. Pettrovich’s colleagues). Dr. Pettrovich uses the original technical blueprints for the Metal Gear that was intended to be built by DARPA and ArmsTech (but decides against using the original Sahelanthropus designs due to being fascinated by the Walker Gears). In addition, the Soviet Bionics engineer (Spying Harrier) works together with Dr. Pettrovich to create limb replacements for Venom’s mercenaries should they become injured on the field (TX-11 “Bloody Brad” twins are some of the first to receive this cyborg treatment, and use that tech to inspire the basic form of the TX-55 Metal Gear using Walker Gear tech).

[8] LIQUID – GULF WAR (1990)

Now that Diamond Dogs has become part of Outer Heaven and that Venom Snake has taken over as commanding officer (strong enough in Kaz’ eyes), Kaz takes up the name “McDonnell Benedict Miller” and trains Big Boss’ sons until each of them are ready for field deployment. The Gulf War erupts in an attempt to force Sadam Hussein out and ensure Kurdish autonomy, following the Iran-Iraq war and Kurdish village incident provided by Venom Snake.

Liquid joins the British SAS and is trained by Miller in parachuting, rappelling, scuba diving, free climbing, the use of small arms and military vehicles. During the Gulf War in Iraq, he is assigned to an SAS unit (consisting of Machinegun Kid from MG1 and the British member of the Four Horsemen from MG2) to track down and destroy mobile SCUD missiles. However, he infiltrated the Middle East as a sleeper agent for the Secret Intelligence Service (SIS or MI6, to gain intel of global battlefields), but was taken prisoner by the Iraqis and declared missing in action until 1994. Feeling as though he was not trained to be strong enough, Liquid gains a desire for revenge against Miller which almost drives him mad (which he references to Solid in MGS1 when disguised as Miller).

Liquid’s SAS unit, however, survived. After the heavy resistance they faced, they believed it was time to use their skills as a mercenary and fight for something they truly believed in. They left their ID tags behind on the Iraqi battlefield so as to remain MIA and split ways afterwards. Machinegun Kid quickly came into contact with Outer Heaven. The British member of the Four Horsemen was too attached to his squad and searched far and wide to have teammates that aligned with his skill and philosophy (thus forming the Four Horsemen in MG2).

[9] DAVID – GULF WAR (1991)

Miller became aware that Liquid was MIA and decided to turn his efforts to David (Solid Snake) instead. When David is inducted into the Green Berets and trained by Miller (he trains him in such a way to avoid the same mistakes he made with Liquid), he is quickly declared combat ready to take part in a mission to infiltrate Western Iraq, during the Gulf War as well.

Here he encounters the "Gulf War Babies” without realizing that they are his siblings. During the Gulf War, the US Army also learns of the weakness of their warheads in destroying enemy bunkers (they develop bunker busters bombs in the future) and instead opt to sending their men through hell. One of these instances saw Matt Campbell, a new member of David’s squad and brother of Roy Campbell, piloting as a tank gunner during a sudden sandstorm. Due to limited visibility they ended up right in front of an enemy base. He was killed when a grenade was tossed near him (reminiscent of the tank battle in MGS1). When David realizes the fear in the eyes of his fellow soldiers, he recklessly decides to infiltrate and capture an enemy bunker himself. He kills all enemy forces through the combination of stealth and guerilla tactics (because of his genetic resemblance to Big Boss). Against all odds, he survives and returns with battle plans of the enemy. Because of this event, David achieves quite a name for himself with his squad mates and with the higher command of the US Army (he is already more successful then Liquid and has made the first steps to cementing his own legend).

[10] DAVID – FOXHOUND (1992-1995)

With the fall of the Soviet Union, Big Boss finally decides to return to the United States now that there is peace and stability once again between the East and West. In 1992, he is reinstated as the commander of FOXHOUND and rebuilds it to its former glory while keeping an eye on Venom Snake. Roy Campbell becomes his vice-commander (after their time during the events of Portable Ops). Big Boss receives intel from Miller on the occurrences surrounding his sons and decides to recruit David because Liquid is still imprisoned.

In 1993, ArmsTech and DARPA were unable to meet deadlines to complete SDI, because of the actions of Venom and Big Boss and the losses suffered of Dr. Pettrovich’s team and him “leaving” the project. The US government abandons the project, because they manage to bankrupt the Soviet Union with the space and arms race. However, ArmsTech’s also runs in to financial trouble when their budget is cut short, subsequently halting the rail gun project and the creation of Metal Gear. DARPA is renamed to ARPA as a result of this and only focuses on small projects to improve civilian life.

In 1994, David joins FOXHOUND with codename Solid Snake and undergoes training becoming an expert of high-altitude skydiving, linguistics, closed-circuit open-circuit combat diving, and free climbing. Big Boss personally trains him in the use of CQC and teaches him the importance of having the will to survive on the battlefield (“Never give up. Fight until the end. Always believe that you will succeed, even when the odds are against you.”). At the training camp he is also trained by survival instructor Master Miller who instructs him on basic and advanced survival training. Gray Fox (Frank Jaeger, but his name remains classified to not link him to Big Boss when he was disguised as Venom Snake/Medic), occasionally motivates Solid Snake during training in hand to hand combat (similarly to the boss battle in MGS1). Roy Campbell, knowing the history between Big Boss, Frank Jaeger and Master Miller, has suspicions that David is in fact the son of Big Boss due to preferential treatment.


Outer Heaven began taking action against rebels opposed to the South African regime so that they could continue their operations without governmental involvement. In one instance, the Outer Heaven mercenaries became too ruthless, with Fire Trooper (MG1 mercenary) engulfing an entire village up in flames, killing the family of architectural engineer of Outer Heaven Kyle Schneider. As a result, he decided it was time to rally all insurrectionists against Outer Heaven as The Resistance. The fighters were willing to sacrifice their lives for their comrades multiple times most of which were killed or taken prisoner by Shotmaker (MG1 mercenary).

Venom tells Big Boss that the TX-55 Metal Gear has been completed. Big Boss orders Venom Snake to install nukes on the Metal Gear. It is because of this that Venom Snake’s hypnosis stops working and decides against it at first. Big Boss argues that Venom Snake’s Diamond Dogs days are finished and to do as he is ordered. Venom gets flashbacks of the day MSF Mother Base was attacked and when he took a shrapnel to the head to shield Big Boss. He remembers the events of The Phantom Pain and Huey’s trial. He then also remembers the Paz hallucinations, and decides that peace will not be an illusion any longer. He then sees Quiet leaving (would she even have liked him if it wasn’t for Big Boss’ face?). Everything that has transpired since then, all the pain and the losses, all started with Big Boss’ needing nukes and a Metal Gear to have an effective deterrence against Cipher. Venom accepts his mission, knowing what to do next.

When the first components of the nukes start rolling in, Dr. Pettrovich’s doubles his efforts to gain full access to his supercomputer and to reconnect with ARPANET. He decides to contact Kyle Schneider that WMDs are being constructed in Outer Heaven. The Resistance fighters being hesitant at first that it may be a trap, decide that it is the only good lead to get their revenge against them and relay this message to the Western world (this event is reminiscent of Huey’s betrayal in Ground Zeroes). Once this intel was picked up by the US government, they realized that Dr. Pettrovich told the truth all these years. However, having learned from the MSF Mother Base incident, instead of sending an IAEA inspection team, knowing that the organization will destroy or hide all evidence, they decide to contact FOXHOUND.


The US Government calls upon FOXHOUND to infiltrate Outer Heaven, assess the situation and neutralize whatever threat the weapon posed to the West. Big Boss calls this mission “Operation Intrude: N312”. This mission becomes active should “Operation Intrude: N313” (build Metal Gear, nukes and Outer Heaven) become too exposed to the public. Big Boss decides to use his best man, Gray Fox, on a recon mission using the US Government’s objectives. They decide to use a prototype radar system, but due to jamming in the fortress the connection is extremely weak. Gray Fox decides to use his instinct (like he did in Mozambique) to scout the entire complex for key locations, security, traps, and items. He relays anything he finds via transceiver to Big Boss. Once Miller is told that Gray Fox is on a recon mission in South Africa, he quickly informs Venom Snake to look out for him. When reaching the hangar housing the Metal Gear, in shock Fox says: “Metal Gear…” before being knocked unconscious by Venom Snake’s bionic arm cutting his transmission to Big Boss. Fox’s communications headset is left on the floor and you can faintly hear Big Boss yelling: “Fox? Come in Fox! FOOOXXX!”.


Venom Snake: “Not yet, Boss! It is not over yet!”

Big Boss: “AHAB!”



Big Boss realizes Venom’s betrayal and takes all steps necessary to prevent it. Big Boss discusses with Campbell and Miller on who to send next now that Gray Fox has been captured. Both are shocked as to why it happened (Miller realizes that he trained Venom well and that his cover is still intact). Miller quickly says it is time to send in Solid Snake. Roy arguing that he is still a rookie and that there are other soldiers more capable than him. Big Boss reveals tells the truth that he is his genetic clone and will know how to handle it. He dismisses Miller to prepare Solid, while Big Boss discusses other matters with Roy. Big Boss retells the Gulf War bunker capture and Solid’s effectiveness. Roy remembers Matt, and agrees. However, Miller secretly informs Venom on the situation and decides that Solid can prove to be useful in realizing his goals knowing that he is still a rookie. Venom Snake imprisons the scientists and Resistance members for trying to incite a rebellion within the fortress. Dr. Pettrovich’s decoy is called back to Outer Heaven and acts as a distraction should there be an infiltration mission on FOXHOUND’s behalf.


Several days have passed, Solid Snake analyzes Fox’s data and then preps for an on-site procurement (OSP) mission. Venom Snake has decides to keep Metal Gear for himself now that the nukes are ready to be armed so that he could get his revenge against Big Boss (the author of all his pain). With Gray Fox and the prisoners neutralized, the self-destruct mechanism set (should Metal Gear be destroyed) and the transceivers ready to tap into Resistance communications and that of FOXHOUND, Venom is confident that he will achieve his mission. But his biggest ace-in-the-hole, Solid Snake is still unaware that it was his FOXHOUND commander Big Boss that ordered the construction of Outer Heaven, and Metal Gear and its nukes. Venom hacks Snake’s transceiver and tells him counter intuitive info. Against all odds, Solid Snake manages to avoid all traps, free all prisoners, kill Venom’s best mercenaries and Metal Gear. Venom becomes distraught that everything is falling apart like at the incident back at the MSF Mother Base. He activates the self-destruct mechanism and injects himself with Morphine to relieve his pain knowing that Solid is about to arrive.

When Venom comes face to face with Solid, he reveals that he is Big Boss and used Solid to relay back false information about Outer Heaven and Metal Gear’s capabilities. He decides that he will not die for nothing and is willing to fight to the death knowing that everything he has worked towards is over. Solid attempts to shoot at Venom using his assault rifles but he easily dodges them due to his sheer speed. Solid uses his rocket launcher to fire at Venom. The rockets explode near Venom causing him to sustain heavy injuries. He bleeds heavily and the shard is enlarged causing him to appear as the real Demon Snake (not his imagination this time; his vision turns slowly grey). Venom does not feel any pain at all but is unable to stand up due to the damage caused by Snake. He injects himself with a stronger dose of Digoxin to stand up but it doesn’t work. His legs are shattered and his heart is beaten faster causing more blood loss. All the rocket shots caused the room to get caught on fire, flames start to engulf him (he now resembles the Man on Fire because of his pure hatred for Big Boss) and his face is eaten away by the flames (we now see the faceless Demon Snake from the launch trailer). As his life escapes him, he realizes now that his thirst for revenge against Big Boss had turned him into Skull-Face (Venom’s imminent death is reminiscent of Skull Face). As he slowly dies, Venom activates the leftmost door to allow for Solid to escape and he points towards the door using his bionic arm (as a gesture to get the real Big Boss for what he has done). Solid then uses the elevator to escape. As Outer Heaven’s self-destruct mechanism goes off, Venom sees a bright white light and Quiet walking towards him. He finally has achieved peace (he makes the victory hand sign using his bionic arm).


Solid: “This is Solid Snake … I destroyed Metal Gear. Operation Intrude N313 accomplished! Everything is over … everything! Big Boss was behind it all: Outer Heaven, Metal Gear, everything! Outer Heaven had self-destructed but a bombing run occurred straight over. Can anyone please respond? I am returning to base … over” (he receives no reply from home base because the real Big Boss was busy rescuing Outer Heaven’s prisoners and going to Central Asia. FOXHOUND is in disarray.)

Radio KNK: “This is Radio KNK with some breaking news. Earlier this morning, a reportedly large tremor occurred near Galzburg, South Africa …” (It has been covered up as an earthquake)


Miller informs Zero that Ahab (Venom Snake) has perished by the hands of Solid Snake (Big Boss’ clone). The real Big Boss has run off to Central Asia with Dr. Pettrovich, scientists and prisoners. They argue that Solid Snake has proven himself capable and that Zero’s insurance policy has paid off for now. Now Solid has to face the real test. Face the real Big Boss and set the foundation for a new age.


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