Differences between my unit and others. Please tell me what your thoughts are.

My units format and our ways of doing things are unique. I apologize for the lengthy post but hopefully myself and others on this page can find insight on differences weather that being good or bad or just even learning how other units function. Also I'm new to this formatting thing… This is meant to be informative

Basic Info About My Unit

  • AFJROTC in Southern California

  • Unit has been open for about 9 years

  • In the past three, we have had instructor changes (SASI passed away, then received a new SASI, then ASI having to leave due to personal issue) I do not at all mean to be disrespectful nor make it sound that these events we easy to go through, because they were not.

    • So currently we just have a SASI*
  • We average about 130 cadets throughout the school year

  • Of a 6 period school day (not including lunch) we offer 5 mixed flight periods (4 during the "normal" day and 1 for Zero period at 0654-0756 and school starts at 0800-1502 This is treated the same as any other flight, and mainly consist of school academy students or people who want to free up their scheduled.

  • Mon-PT, Tues-Academics, Wed-Drill(No class for Zero Period I will explain later), Thurs-Uniform Day, Fri-PT

  • We have one classroom, with two offices inside the classroom. The walls are mostly cabinets where we store uniforms and equipment.

  • Our community service at the end of each school year is around 5000 hours input into Wings.

  • We have one broken sabre (sword) that is only accessed by 2 cadets


  • We are still improving things as we move along

I don't know how and where to start.. so I will just pick at random..

Mixed Flights of different cadet levels

  • So one main thing that I've noticed when I see other units is that my unit has all levels of cadets mixed in a flight period instead of having each separated by levels.


  • Open up many windows for students who have a restrictive schedule

  • New cadets can look up at the experienced cadets that set the standard


  • The instructor teaches the same thing to everyone. So for the past 3 years I have just repeatedly been ENGRAVED INTO MY DAMN BRAIN taught from The Science Of Flight A Gateway to New Horizons and the red textbook that gratefully unfortunately I cannot remember the name of it, it was about money management and preparing for your future. All jokes aside it becomes very boring to the cadets that have already learned these things..

  • So everyone is at a different level and it is very difficult to organize things. Also as time passes the number of 3rd and 4th year cadets decrease and are surpassed by new cadets. So flights are mainly made up of mostly new cadets with a small handful of advanced cadets.

Chain Of Command

(Prenotes: The instructors were treated equal due to the ASI being there longer and knowing what to do and the SASI still learning the ropes, but now since we only have a SASI he is in charge.)

  • SASI – Group- Vice – Ops – Support – Senior Enlisted Advisor. *Group oversees with the assistance of Vice, while Ops and Support are in charge of Staff and Staff meetings, and Senior Enlisted being given task.

  • Also the leadership trys working all together to plan events and other large item things. This is what our unit refers to as Leadership

  • The grade levels for this years leadership are Group = Senior, Vice = Senior, Ops = Senior, Support = Senior, and Senior Enlisted = Junior

  • When the seniors graduate, usually the junior that is in leadership decides on their own on who is the upcoming leadership and notifies the instructor(s) and in the past it was an excepted thing. Until Shit went down (also explained later)

  • There is no written rule on what determines leadership potential, it is usually based on your participation

  • The only officers in the unit are Group, Vice, Ops, and Support.

  • Out of an average 130 cadets there are only 5 officers. (I ask for insight on this because I see officer potential in a handful of cadets but don't know how to go about ranking them up and changing this tradition of "Officers only Leadership")

Staff Jobs

  • Like said before Ops and Support are in charge of staff jobs. The different jobs (18) are split in half, Ops is in charge on 9 and Support has the other 9.

  • Jobs are setup with three people to a Job. The Officer (which is not ranked an actual officer), the NCO, and then Shadow (usually a freshman)

  • Color Guard – managing/plan community service color guards

  • Training – ensure people are qualified and know the cg sequence

  • Scheduling – Plan and create master schedule for events

  • Athletics – Usually our soccer team captain? and plans sports day

  • Hurdle Crew/Chain Gain – Setup hurdles for track season, and chains for football season

  • Kitty Hawk Honor Society – Team that competes (We haven't competed from my knowledge since the unit has been open)

  • Director of Aeronautics/Rocketry – Plans meetings for the club and teaches about the subject. Also our club has 2 test, a "Wings" test that is 20 questions about basic flight and "Rocketry" that is 50 question test. And with passing, you receive your Ground School Badge and/or Rocketry Badge. Pretty interesting…

  • Cyber Patriots – Finally started and kept running club dedicated to learning about computers and such..

  • Historian – Takes photos for the unit and maintains unit website

  • Administration – Logs all community service hours and awards in Wings

  • Special Projects – Planning our big events : Military Ball, Dining In and Dining Out We invited cadets from another unit and said it was "LIT AF FAM"

  • Finance – Maintaining our ASB balance and making fundraisers

  • Logistics (ALSO ME) – Maintains inventory of uniforms and equipment. We get $13k every year from Wings (Which is heavily regulated on what you can and cannot buy and how many you can or cannot have.) Out of curiosity what amount do you get for uniforms/Equipment? I put this in because (I don't mean to brag) but I'm the Vice Commander, Logistics Officer, and now Unarmed Drill Team Commander. I was even Aeronautics officer, but I decided that I had too many jobs and gave it to another person.

  • Chaplin – Anyone can discretely talk to the three chaplains about issues or personal things

  • Recruiting – Planing the two local middle school visits days, and what we will present, accompanied by shooting off rockets on the day to show the middle school what we are and represent.

  • Security – (Usually does't do anything) Make sure all logistics cabinets are locked and keys are locked in lock box.

  • Senior Enlisted Advisor – Honestly don't know why this is on the staff job list, giving that there can only be 1 person and not 3. At the meeting we literally just ask "How are you doing?"

  • Fresmen Rep – Represents the Freshman Class.. Leadership looks at who has done the most early in the first semester and chooses a freshmen that shows leadership potential. We say that this person is "The voice of the Freshmen". This person is IMMEDIATELY ranked up to SENIOR AIRMAN E-3!! Surpassing all the other freshmen. The freshmen can only be ranked up to E-3. This is also the other job where it is one person. What are your thoughts on people having multiple jobs?

Wanting better Grades (This is a Story)

So this is more of a story part than differences, but it explains the whole situation between the Junior(s) in leadership deciding on who the next leadership is. So I personally noticed that this past school year wasn't very good academically throughout the entire school. This being that so many freshmen failed their basic classes like English, Biology, Math that the school administration had to create a mini remedial session that was very similar to summer school that took place in in winter break and spring break. LIKE THAT'S A LOT OF KIDS THAT FAILED, WHICH SUCKS. I believe last school year we had around 2,200 students that made up the school (don't know how many were freshmen). And the crazier thing is that it wasn't just the freshmen. It was all grade levels. So basically this past school year we had 3 seniors and 2 juniors in leadership (me being one of the juniors). Since the seniors are leaving, it is up to the 2 juniors to choose the leadership, NOT ANYMORE BOII! Like I mentioned before the number of upperclassmen cadets decrease, so we had like less then 20 juniors in my class to choose from. But only a very few, like 4 or 5 I believe to be potential to be in leadership. The others had problems with discipline or other things.. Back to the story, Basically I had bad grades and so did other candidates did. I personally was going through some things that I do not wish to discuss. But I focused my work mainly on ROTC rather than school, however I did not give up, I kept trying to make my grades better. And so I was basically being kicked out of next years leadership. But the other junior was a STRAIGHT A ACADEMY STUDENT. So she should have chosen leadership right? NO BOII! The seniors decided that they will chose it. Also we have a past cadet that is in the Army and "Helps" the unit since our ASI is gone. This past cadet is something else.. But carrying on, the seniors, Biased SASI, and past cadet tried to choose the leadership. But the Straight A Junior fought to have at least some say in the choosing. They ended up changing their mind like 4 times, it was a complete fucking mess. In the end it was chosen that the Straight A student will be Group for both semesters, Me as Vice, and two other juniors as Ops and Support, and a upcoming junior as Senior Enlisted. I'm not complaining, I just wanted to share that experience with you all and get it off my chest. There is much more to all of these, and if people want, I can also post a Part 2, or even more stories. I also really suggest you cadets find other neighboring units and invite them to your events and functions like military ball or sports days and what not. It helps a lot to see how others run their unit and can get new ideas 🙂 Thank you all


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