Sir Beard the Ren Fair Creep

This happened about 2 years ago.

My reenactment group was at a ren fair where we worked very closely with the organizers: We were doing weapon demos, helping out when the organizers needed someone to do the heavy lifting and we were also their security service on a budget. Most of the time this was telling drunk shit stirrers to please leave the fair or looking really scary when the organizers needed to get a point across. We had a radio in camp so they could always get someone if they needed assistance.

The fair had small houses with installed showers and restrooms which were open for the merchants and campers to use. One hose was for guys, the other for gals. This'll be important later.

Enter Sir Beard. This guy was also camping at the fair in a tiny one man tent with a shitty little camping stove and a sad excuse for period clothing. He wasn't fat but he had a neckbeard, some impressive BO and I saw him multiple times attempting to, kinda, flirt with some of the women camping there in a very creepy way. I heard through the grape vine that he was, in fact, not successful.

So one afternoon we just came back from a weapons demo when the radio goes of. The organizer is on the other end and she sounds really pissed and distraught. I didn't hear all of it, but the gist was that she needed our captain to grab a bunch of people and come to the woman's restroom ASAP.

Captain grabs everyone still wearing armor and sprints off.

They come back like 10 minutes later with. The captain is pissed, the organizer seems both disturbed and fucking livid, and everyone else has taken a pissed Sir Beard into their middle. He's bitching and moaning about how unfair this is the whole time. They sit him down at one of our tables and have two of our biggest, meanest looking guys stand guard over him. The captain tells him that if he moves or does anything stupid, he'll have them shit shoulder to shoulder with the beard. Everyone else is told to ignore him and under no circumstances talk to him.

The police arrives a bit later, interrogates him and the captain, and searches the Beard's tent. He's taken away shortly after that.

I'm pretty sure you can guess what happened, but I'll just spell it out anyway. The beard snuck into the woman's shower room, hid in a stall and proceeded to film women while they were showering with a camera hidden in a pen. From the followup the captain got the police found more creepy pics in the guy's tent and on his laptop, which they confiscated.

TL;DR: Sir Beard goes full on creep mode at a ren fair. We get to dish out sweet, sweet justice.

Edit: Wording


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