Humans, Revolt!

[WP] Aliens or some other entity land on Earth and start breeding humans into different breeds for different specializations much like humans did for dogs. Tell a story about any aspect of this.

There was the guard group, or gurhadaumn, in charge of helping them navigate our planet. My less lucky pals were sent as domestic pets. Not servants, but amusement animals. Like the animals of the olden days, we turned into the real animals of today. Controlled, oppressed, humiliated; we were all of those. No control whatsover over what we wanted to do.

There was the work sector, the weskrorhanns. Menial work for some, 'blue-collar' work for the others. Every one of us had sone sort of training from young, to become tools of the invaders. There was the service sector, the santrevsmahun, trained to serve domestically and industrially.

We were all separate and separately trained. But there was one thing in common. We were all under alien control.

Their fatal mistake was making a security sector, the laitisrymunamh. They thought we would make excellent defence, with the training we got. The latest tech, military control and all. But we were as good defenders as attackers. And they would soon learn that humans were not to be trifled with and controlled.

Behold; The Human Revolution.


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