[F4F] The Capture

I was the innocent girl on the block, new to the city, trying out the lifestyle, and really starting to enjoy it. I'm the palest girl in town, with caramel blonde hair, glasses, and a tendency to wear cute sundresses and other moderate clothing. But now I'm really starting to branch out and get into the one night stand lifestyle. I'm met with a dark surprise on my first night with a guy, though… I'm baited into a trap! Instead of being greeted by the cute guy at the bar at his door, I'm forced inside by strange female security guards. Stripped of my clothes. Cuffed, chained, and shackled like a maximum security prisoner. While in this strange, dungeon-like facility, I'm forced to fuck or be fucked by other male and female prisoners chained in a very similar way. Then I meet you. The dominatrix of the whole facility. This whole operation is part of your "experiments"… really just your sick, twisted fantasy. But despite all this, I find myself falling in love with you, and eventually you return the favor…

That's a basic outline of the plot. I'm flexible to natural changes along the way, but I want the basic plot to go this way (at least until our characters fall in love. Then it can go really almost any direction.) We can start off by me meeting the guy at the bar and following him home. You can roleplay any characters that are not my character. I will occasionally roleplay characters other than mine, but I will stick mostly to my role. I do want to keep this kind of long term if possible. I want to also build up a story too.

I look forward to developing this story with you!

My kinks: BDSM, bondage (especially handcuffs/chains/shackles), rough sex, jewelry, mild humiliation, non-con

Limits are watersports, death, animals, gore.

Do not expect immediate replies. I have other stuff to do, so don't expect immediate replies after this initial post. I'll reply at my leisure, but I will always eventually reply to messages if I'm interested.

Tell me about yourself. Replies like "hey slut let's bang" or one sentence replies will be ignored. Tell me about yourself and your kinks!

No guys. I'm down for rp involving male characters but I am only interested in rping with women.

I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.



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