2078-07-05 16:00UTC

2017-07-05 16:00 UTC

Players: 3-5

Duration: 3-6

Communication: Roll20 and Discord

In-Game Location: UCAS, Seattle

Game Theme: Sabotage

Game Type: Black shades

Prerequisites: Able to have fun, deal with my accent and approved character

Greetings runners,
This job involves the sabotage of an research facility that is involved in research of new low pressure, cold liquid with super conducting properties.
The pay for this is 14000 ¥ per runner and is non-negotiable but in exchange I am will to provide my service of gather information in the future to each runner.

The Legwork information that I can provide about the location is the following:

  • a great number of low-budget security guards.
  • a low number of magical barrier.
  • a Premium HTR package.
  • a offline onsite servers that appears to manage all security devices in the facility.

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