Respect Luke Hobbs (The Fast and the Furious)

"Did you bring the cavalry?"

"Woman, I am the cavalry."

     – Luke Hobbs


Luke Hobbs was a former agent of the Diplomatic Security Service. His first appearance was in Fast Five where he was tasked to apprehend the criminals, Dominic Toretto and Brian O'Conner, who were wrongfully accused of killing DEA agents. He later teams up with Dominic's crew to apprehend Owen Shaw and numerous other missions.

Affiliations Diplomatic Security Service Agent (formerly), Member of Dominic Toretto's Crew, and Coach of the Red Dragons


Hobbs is an experienced combatant with years of DSS training. He's implied to be a competent marksman.





 Pain Tolerance


Being a former DSS Agent, Hobbs specialized in tactics to take down criminals from all around the world.




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