[NEWS] Downfall of Joseph Gordon

December 15th, 2053

The main riots have occurred over a year ago, and there has been relative peace since, with police and SWAT units patrolling the streets to ensure that nobody gets any ideas – the LRA has been involved in numerous suspected bombings and drive-bys, but the NPF have not responded, perhaps due to a lack of resources to do so. However, as elections come nearer, protesters have crowded the streets to show their support for an election in January of 2054 – when the normal elections would've happened. President Gordon has not made a public statement regarding the elections.

December 16th, 2053

President Gordon released a public statement regarding the elections on his twitter account, posting a link to his response. His response reads:

To the people of Texas,

As you realize, the elections in 2054 were scheduled to occur in January. However, my cabinet and I have decided that, for the safety and security of the nation, the 2054 elections will not be occurring. Instead, my current administration will remain in place until 2058 to oversee our plans for the future of Texas – a new, revitalized, secure future. We hope that this message greets you all in good faith,

Joseph Gordon

The statement has been met with criticism from all parties in the House, with many representatives stating the somewhat sketchy referendum in Greater Kansas last year as well as the long-term federalization of the police as a way for President Gordon to remain in power. All are concerned that the elections in 2058 will not happen, and a bipartisan request has been filed to the President’s office requesting for the suspension of martial law as well as the continuation of the 2054 elections.

Public reaction has been as expected – large protests in all major cities. However, the LRA has stayed relatively quiet about this, making no public appearances in any major cities. However, the NPF has showed to all major events in full gear, some carrying light firearms. Police have been deployed to the streets, with about 320 arrests occurring in total. It has been noticed by many that no NPF members have been arrested, even though many tell stories of NPF ‘soldiers’ harassing and throwing rocks at demonstrators.

December 17th, 2053

The National House has been in disarray for the majority of the day, following the rejections of the bipartisan request as well as the arrest of three main proponents of the bill, 1 from each of the three big parties. This has pushed another bipartisan bill, drafted about a year ago, to go to the floor. Simply put, if passed, it would strip Gordon of all titles and it would nullify the martial law order. It has been called the ‘Impeachment Bill’, due to to lack of proper impeachment procedures in the Third Texan Republic.

BREAKING NEWS – 10:30 pm

At 10:30, the first notice from President Gordon was sent to the members of the House that were signatories to the Impeachment Bill. It states that:

You are all signing an illegal bill, that is an obvious attempt to undermine the stability of the Texan Nation. Stop this or face the legal consequences.

Immediately the members that got the bill (approximately 50 reps) took to social media, posting pictures of the letter. This obviously went viral immediately, with nationwide outrage that the obvious attempted silencing by the President.

At 11:00, police stormed the House and attempted to arrest the representatives, but they were nowhere in sight. When ordered to go seek the reps out, the police outright refused, prompting President Gordon to fire them all. However, no units were willing to act on his behalf.

December 18th, 2053

Early this morning, National Front ‘soldiers’ crowded in front of the Capital Building, blocking the doors from the Reps, who were trying to enter to vote on the Impeachment Bill. They were masked and armed with bats and some knives, holding up torches and signs saying “We Will Not Go Until the Bill Goes”. However, soon the LRA showed up in force, as well as the police. After a brief standoff with the police, water cannons were used to shoo the ‘soldiers’ from the doors, and then police moved forward quickly to seize a path to the doors. Then, one by one, House Reps were ushered in under heavy guard from the Security Service (Texan equivalent of Secret Service). A few ‘soldiers’ tried tossing firecrackers and M80s at the reps, but they were blocked and arrested swiftly.

In the end, 317 reps showed, with the last 3 having been arrested days ago. As the Speaker put the bill to the floor, the amassed ‘soldiers’, presumably ordered by President Gordon, charged at the doors, pushing down numerous police officers and attempting to storming the doors. However, the riot police, along with Security Service agents, pushed back the rioters and sprayed them with tear gas, forcing them back.

So the bill went to a vote.

Yes No Abstain
305 10 5

After the vote, Gordon obviously vetoed the bill. However, when the bill went back, it got 310 yes votes, or ~97%. Therefore, the bill technically went through.

However, Gordon did not go down without a fight. First, he ordered the military to protect him, but when they obviously declined he called on the NPF. The NPF therefore surrounded the Presidential House, preventing anyone from getting there. Riot police moved in, but were met with heavy resistance and could not get past the gates.

The ordeal was finally ended when his own Security Service agents turned on him, barging into the Central Office with weapons drawn, arresting him. Army soldiers were flown in on helicopter to subdue the protesters (who, after the President was arrested, were surprisingly lenient).

Overall, this has ended with the President being arrested for crimes amounting to High Treason, and elections come 2054 for all seats in the government, including President. Speaker of the House Lucas Hopkins is acting president for the 3 weeks until the election.

Disgraced President Gordon has been found guilty of his crimes, as of December 26th. Faced with overwhelming evidence, the jury came to their decision incredibly quickly. Disgraced President Gordon will serve his life term in a high security prison.

Some political experts are considering the downfall of Gordon a coup of sorts, considering the involvement of the police and army in the later stages. However, most people consider this an impeachment and consider it for the better.


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