Is entering PTI(pre-trial intervention) in NJ considered a “disposition”?

Long story short I entered PTI for an indictable offence in NJ which I was never indicted for. I was recently handed a security threat assessment form for my job which involves indirect control of international freight. You can see a list of disqualifying offences can be found here. What worries me is this

(d)Determination of arrest status. (1) When a fingerprint-based check discloses an arrest for a disqualifying crime listed in this section without indicating a disposition, TSA will so notify the applicant and provide instructions on how the applicant must clear the disposition, in accordance with paragraph (d)(2) of this section. (2) The applicant must provide TSA with written proof that the arrest did not result in conviction for the disqualifying criminal offense, within 60 days after the service date of the notification in paragraph (d)(1) of this section. If TSA does not receive proof in that time, TSA will notify the applicant that he or she is disqualified. In the case of an HME, TSA will notify the State that the applicant is disqualified, and in the case of a mariner applying for TWIC, TSA will notify the Coast Guard that the applicant is disqualified.

After reading that I am curious to wether or not pti is considered a disposition or if I will be disqualified.

EDIT: If it matters, my charge was possession with intent to distribute a control II scheduled substance.


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