That’s what you get for being nice.

Apologies if the formatting is off, I'm using my mobile. I was in my local supermarket picking up a few bits and pieces (wearing jeans and a team rocket top, so nothing like the uniform) when a flustered older lady who I'll call FL approached me,

FL: excuse me, do you work here?

Me: no sorry, I'm just getting my shopping.

At this FL's face kinda drops and she looks a bit upset, so I decided to be nice I'm in no rush so hey, why not?

Me: I'm here quite a lot I can probably help if you tell me what you're looking for ?

Turns out she forgot to bring her glasses and needs to make sure the crisps/sweets she's buying are safe for her niece as she has severe allergies to certain things and she's so flustered because she's already having a bad day and running late etc. So I help her go through a fair amount of different products, reading the ingredients and making sure they're safe, takes about 10 minutes and FL thanks me and heads to the checkout in a good mood which cheers me up too.

At this point I go back to doing my shopping, having to step round this ugly cow ( aka UC) of a customer who is standing directly in front of me.

UC: ehh excuuuuuse me!?!

Me: sorry?

UC: did you not see me standing here!?!!

Me: umm… Yeah, that's why I went round you.


Me: oh, I don't actually work here.

UC: and now you're going to try and LIE to me? I saw you helping that lady and now you're just trying to get out of working, I am a CUSTOMER! Your generation are so lazy, I can't believe you would try and lie to my face, get me your manager. RIGHT NOW!!!!

At this point she's practically screaming in my face, and I'd had enough.

Me: Listen to me, I DONT FUCKING WORK HERE! Yeah I did help FL , but maybe that had something to do with her speaking to me like an actual human being instead of being a mannerless arsehole like you! Honestly my parents dog has more manners than you!

By this point all of UC's screetching had drawn the attention of the two security guys(SG),who wandered over in time to hear the last of my rant, after hearing me the UC looks like she's about to burst with rage.


SG: Well mam, she doesn't work here so we can't do anything about it.

UC: obviously she DOES! She was just helping a customer and now she's refusing to help me!

SG: mam , she is another customer, she is under no obligation to help you, but you are being very disruptive and you are clearly making her uncomfortable so I have to ask you to leave her alone and move on.

At this the ugly cow gets even more worked up, demanding that I help her find whatever she's looking for.

Me: for the last time lady, I don't work here, I'm just trying to get my shopping!

You'd think that after she was told by actual employees she'd figure it out, but no… She ended up being escorted off the premesis by the two guards, STILL screaming and shouting about how the employees are so rude and lazy and how she's never coming back because the service is appalling… Good riddance lady, nobody's going to miss you, I can guarantee that -_-


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