Scumbag Company

Some of you may think this is petty, but fuck it here goes. Im putting this company on blast. Chief Protective Services located in Corona, CA is probably the worst security company ever.

Wages are rock bottom even for security work. They treat their employees like dirt. They talk shit about the guards yet hype them up to be the greatest. The VP is a complete douchebag to everyone. Got to his position by ass kissing not by being the most qualified. They fake reviews because the company is that shitty that no one has anything good to say.

I got a new job and finally done with security work. I'm not renewing my guard card. But before I go, I gotta make sure others know how shitty this company is. If you live around Corona and looking for work, avoid this company at all costs.

Look up Google reviews on this company. They had to write fake positive 5 star reviews because then their ratings would be in the 1s. I'll even post mine:

Typical corporate mindset. Funny thing, they have money. They really do. This company is beyond cheap. They don't care about their employees. The clients are always number 1. They won't hesitate to throw you under the bus to save their own butt.

A schedule is never guaranteed. If you need a job to support your family, I wouldn't recommend here. Not only are wages rock bottom here, your hours vary. Sometimes you work alot. Sometimes a little bit.

Management is the worst. They talk bad about their employees. They consider their guards stupid and worthless. Yet, on their website they hype up their guards to be number 1. Kinda funny don't you think? If every single guard were to walk off their post and say enough is enough, the company would sink. If the clients were to see how shady this company can be, they wouldn't hire them.

I seriously doubt this company will last the next decade. The fact that there are guards nobel, yet also dumb enough to put alot of effort towards this company is what keeps it afloat. At the end of the day, they don't care. They throw away their morals just for a little more cash. This company represents one of many problems with corporate America. I would not recommend this company to anyone.

I'm not bitter. I'm just trying to spare others from this horrible company. If you wanna help the cause and give them a taste of their own medicine, give them 1 star ratings.


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