Questions about rates in the Navy

Hey, kinda nervous about posting this but I am looking to join the navy this summer and am currently training hard to get in. My first question is, while i plan on joining the navy because i have wanted to be in the military since i was young, I also kind of want the experience that my family has told me about. Things like making close friends, being able to go out for drinks and all the things young people do. I want to be a Master at Arms but after looking around on the internet, I have seen some conflicting opinions. I see people say That its a job where everyone else gets to have fun off work while the I would be standing at gates for my whole service. others say that I would be doing police work, says so in my bluejacket, but like I said conflicting views have me worried that I would be having no fun just standing guard all day. I have looked through the bluejacket at the rates but none seem to catch my eye besides MA. Is there any one with experience here that knows an alternative for someone looking something a like security or police or is that line of work going to just not allow the aforementioned experience? I still have some time before I even talk to a recruiter, just want to be as ready as possible with as clear a goal in mind. Thanks if you took the time to read my post


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