Not worth going for your firearm and CCW permits in California

Just want to give advice to anyone thinking about going for it. First off the process is incredibly long and expensive. Since BSIS is always short staff they can't keep up with the paper work. Bsis updating the system each year doesn't help either. It makes them fall behind more. I renewed my firearm permit and have to wait 3 to 9 months from what I was told from BSIS. They simply do not have the man power to keep up. Also starting January 1st for all new firearm permit holders. It will be mandatory to take a psych eval. Good and bad. Good in a way it will help in some form to not allow people to carry that shouldn't. I worked with 2 guards in the past that should not be allowed to carry a gun. 1 of them I was seriously worried if he would come back and shoot up the place after he got fired. He was not stable. The bad thing is insurance will go up even more. Armed security doesn't pay crap in California due to high insurance rates. Your lucky to find 14. Every company tries to justify it with insane overtime. You will be doing the job of 3 people or more and will be burned out. By adding the psych eval I won't be surprised if armed security pays even less than what it pays now. To get the good paying job in security. You need military experience. It's the only way to do government work or get that job that pays $20 plus and up with fair hours fair health benefits. I can't tell you how many times I been turned down since I don't have any military experience. I lost count after 500. Even with military experience I seen some pretty dumb requests. The company I work for now A.U has armed accounts for 14 maxed out. However they want me to have 10 plus years military experience. Doesn't matter what experience I have in the past working high end vip retail jobs. Another job told me my firearm was way to powerful to use at 13.90 per hour. I own a Glock 22 40 caliber gen 3. And another company I found wants you to reach a rank of E-4 in the military. Then you must be discharged with honors. Your not allowed to be active. And that's for 16 per hour being maxed out. I'm telling you from experience the crap I seen the best 2 choices to make are 1 just move out of California since the laws and security companies are total crap. Or 2 join the military get security training from like Security forces in the Airforce or Military Police with any branch. I'm currently in the process of joining the Airforce National Guard myself in hopes of Security forces will provide the training I need to be able to use my other state permits. I currently work at a hospital doing security. Only been there 4 months. I'm maxed out in pay which is 12 bucks. And the security budget is literally 2nd to last on the budget list. Food service gets paid more and so does the cleaners. You work long hours and your not even doing security work. The hospital saves money on insurance by stating they have 24/7 security. Hope this helps anyone going into security or thinking about getting their firearm permits. Maybe I'll see ya all in the Airforce and good luck to you. One last thing. Unarmed security starting out will be tough. You may be firced to work graveyard for minimum wage. I did it a few times when it was $9 bucks a few years back. There is a high chance your supervisors will treat you like crap and you will be pushed around. They do this knowing you lack the experience. The more experience you have the more power you have to negotiate.


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