Not allowed to buy something for myself.

My wife and I have been married for 5 years with a 4 year old son and another on the way. I had been working the same job (night shift security guard) for the last 7 and a bit years. The last couple years I have been studying online (an IT course) to help me get a better job.

About a year ago, my wife went back to work after being off from our son being born. Since then, my study has taken a hit as I've had to look after our son and help around the house, etc. I have no problem with that, but with everything going on, I ended up only getting 5 or so hours sleep most nights.

Unfortunately, something had to give. Since I already have a debt from my course, quitting the course would just be a waste. My wife really loved her job and is doing really well. So i figures me quitting my job and being a "stay at home dad" was the better option.

It took a bit of convincing for my wife but she eventually agreed. So that happened a few weeks ago and I've gotten a $15K payout from work for accursed annual/long service leave. I assumed, after having worked for so long at the same job, I could spoil myself and buy something as kind of a going away gift or whatever.

We are on one income, but I am entitled to get welfare payments since I'm the stay at home parent. The payments are about $200 less of what my income was while working, so money is a little tighter but nothing that bad. We still have a lot of the old baby stuff so we'll just be reusing it so that'll save us a whole heap of money when the second baby comes.

I want to buy some apple AirPods. So ~$200 out of the $15K payment isn't much, but my wife refuses to let me buy them. My wife and I buy ourselves stuff occasionally just for the heck of it, so rewarding ourselves isn't rare. My wife actually told me she wants to get laser hair removal on her legs as it'll be too hard to shave her legs when she's heavily pregnant (and it'll be summer). So that'll cost us about $1000 over a few months or so.

But we've had arguments because I don't see her reasoning for not letting me spend $200 on myself. I hate the cord earphones that come with a iPhone as the cord pulls on my ears or gets caught on stuff as I'm cleaning and yanks the buds out of my ears.

I realise there are probably better Bluetooth ear phones out there; but I like the whole apple ecosystem. So would rather the AirPods than anything else.

Any advice/opinions would be great, but this was more to unload and get it off my chest.

Edit: I forgot to mention, the key I got was going into our joint savings account as we're trying to save for a house deposit. I still feel the same way, and don't think $200 would make too much of a difference. Worst case, it takes us an extra week to save up for a deposit or something.


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