My favorite MGTOW schadenfreude: “Why is child care so expensive”

My favorite MGTOW schadenfreude is when strong independent women complain about the cost of child care (some times called "daycare")

They demand and feel entitled to 9-5 office jobs based on superficial credentials rather than genuine merit, so they don't have time to spend with their children.

They demand that the state subisidize their birth control so they can let men cum in them with out the risk of getting pregnant, and they still manage to get pregnant.

They demand that the state subsidize abortions so they can let men cum in them, and just in case the birth control doesnot work, they still have no risk of having a baby, and still they have the baby,

They demand that daycare workers make an inflated minimum wage if not "living wage" with full heath care (including subsidized female expenses listed above), that the day care service must comply with dozens of regulations like handicap bathrooms, trans bathrooms, video cameras, security guards, minimum staff to child rations, state and local licensing etc….

And then they wonder why child care is so expensive?

It would be funny if they didn't predictably demand the state subsidized their child care…. And they wonder why we go our own way


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