Can security guards/campus cops put out warrants?

Rolled a stop sign on my campus the other day, little bit down the street I noticed a campus cruiser coming up behind me (nobody gets stopped for this intersection…they must be bored in the summer). Threw on his blue lights, I kept going for a bit, hesitating between pulling over and planting my right foot through the next green light onto the highway and getting off campus out of their jurisdiction. Tags weren't registered with the school so no harm coming my way from internal disciplinary services had I gone for it. Guy told me he was "this close" to calling in a "felony evasion" on my plates when I got stopped, with a warrant out and everything.

Important stuff:

  • No "memorandum of understanding" with local/state PD
  • Its a _____ College "Special Police" department, i.e. security guards, not a legitimate PD
  • They can detain people on campus but not off
  • Private school. Not sure if that's important but I feel like there are differences between public and private police forces, in the context of what campus/building/etc they patrol

Kind of wishing I'd ran for it considering how much of a dingus the guy was. Wondering if I'd have been off scot free or he actually could have called it in for a failure to stop/evasion with the actual po po.


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