I need help

My mom has been in a relationship with my dad since before I was born, and since then she has been abused both verbally and physically. Over the years Ive grown to hate him and ive tried to defend my mom as much as I can. My mom raised my siblings and myself but my dad was never anywhere to help her. He "worked" by selling illegal copies of DVDs and was eventually caught by the police and was on probation. My mom and dad both work as security guards since he forced her to work in that job. Everyday he yells at her putting her down, treating her like crap, and telling her shes a horrible person. In the past my siblings and I have called the police on him. He always brings up that he works 5 jobs for 18 or so hours to put my mom down because she works only around 8 hours. Even though when she comes hom she takes care of her kids. Also he doesnt actually work at his jobs, he sleeps at some of them or just leaves his post when hes supposed to be working. Weve told cbild protective services but those things didnt matrer. Hes still woth my mom and abusing her. I can tell she feels trapped. She depends on his income, and rides to get to work since she doesnt drive. Im now 19 and whenever I try to tell him to stop he doesnt. He denies he ever hit my mom even though Ive seen him do it and so have my siblings. Just last year my mom was raped and everytime he brings it up and says its her fault saying she cheated on him. I got fed up with his bullshot and broke his glasses since I didnt want to touch him physically to avoid any police involvement.I dont know what to do that can get him away from her and the rest of my family. Im very worried about my mom and I just want her to be safe and happy.


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