Feedback on security

Hi all. Hope everyone made it home ok and enjoyed themselves at firefly this year. I'm looking to get feedback from others who experienced issues with RMC security personnel. My boyfriend and I had several horrific experiences with them including being racially profiled, being labeled a terrorist and the final straw being groped by a security guard's bare hands after she pulled up my dress to expose me to all those around after repeatedly telling her I was uncomfortable with her search and asking for another security person. RMC events was made aware and acted interested in our concern but ultimately took no action as the security person who groped me and exposed me continued at her post throughout the day. I get it, we need a hightened security protocol in light of tragedies like Manchester but if a security company is not trained or equipped to do so they end up putting others in terrible situations. When I go to the airport I anticipate security personnel will do a thorough search and be able to see anything I'm carrying in my bra, underwear, etc (which is never anything cause that's just stupid but I digress) but the difference is they are equipped and trained to do so with X-ray machines, weapons dogs, etc. RMC events clearly was not and this caused an overall horrific situation for us on multiple occasions.

Following my lewd encounter with RMC on Sunday I approached guest services and spoke to a red frog employee to alert them of RMC's disgusting practices. They told me to write an email to their customer experience team. I'm looking for others out there who experienced issues with RMC at this year's firefly in an attempt to gather these experiences and present them to red frog in a report that I will send in registered letter format. I want to be sure RMC will not be hired as a third party security firm next year so I am not in fear of passing through the gates and others are not subject to such awful procedures. I AM LOOKING FOR YOUR EXPERIENCES WITH RMC EVENTS PERSONELL ONLY. There were two other security teams, the team from Dover Downs who served as security in the parking lots and campsites and a separate firm who provided security for the concert stages. RMC was specific to the entrance gates to the festival. Please be sure your accounts are honest and accurate as I have not ruled out taking legal action against the individual from RMC who groped me. Thank you all.


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