Tell us about your militias/national guard/citizen army!

In Japan, the National Homeland Defense Corps(NHDC)is the militia/national guard of Japan. The NHDC is primarily made up of civilians(82%(1,189,000 personnel))(veterans make up the remaining 18%(261,000)), having over 1,450,000 total personnel.

The National Homeland Defense Corps is responsible for being a "last stand army" to be used by the Imperial Armed Forces in the event that the Imperial Army and Imperial Trooper Corps need to draw manpower from a pool of sufficiently trained/fairly competent men and women, or if/when the Red Corpses attack and the military/National Police Corps needs more auxiliary support.

To join the NHDC, one must be at least 16 to start training and 17 to be an active member(this age policy goes for all of the branches of the Imperial Armed Forces and the National Police Corps). When Citizen Recruit(as they are referred to)arrive to Basic Initial Training(BIT), they will be given a quick rundown of what a Citizen Soldier(what a personnel in the NHDC is call)is, the mission of the NHDC, etc. Stuff to familiarize the Citizen Recruits with so as to not have some gung ho Citizen Recruit/Soldier think that they're part of the actual military(the NHDC is only supported and funded by the Imperial Army, the National Police Corps, and to a certain extent, the Imperial Trooper Corps. The NHDC is not an official military branch).

Citizen Recruits are given a rundown on police and military tactics/strategies, how to fire a weapon, first aid, etc. They're also given courses on riot control and the like in order to help reinforce the police when a riot turns sour. Citizen Recruits are trained for 5 weeks, and once they graduate, they report to their unit for processing. (Military/police veterans who've completed their service years and choose to join the National Homeland Defense Corps are exempt from BIT and will simply have to just report in to their unit. However, this is only acceptable if they've only been out of service for 2 years. If they've been out for more than 2 years, they'll have to take a refresher course at BIT, which is only 2-3 weeks of training).

Citizen Soldiers are equipped with the following: – Murata rifle – Nambu pistol – Ammunition – Flashlight – Baton – Standard Issue Ratsuki Sword(SIRS)(only 2 on person at all times) – Rations – Whistle – Backpack

A Citizen Soldier's uniform consists of: – Light gray tunic(with shoulder epaulettes and "NHDC" stitched on the upper left breast pocket) – Light gray inner blouse(shoulder epaulettes+"NHDC" stitched on upper left breast pocket) – Light gray 8-pointed utility cover with NHDC insignia – Black trousers – Dark brown shin-length boots – NHDC insignia patch(upside down pentagonal shield with a rising sun in the shield with cross rifles behind the sun stitched on the upper left and right shoulders) – NHDC ranks(stitched below NHDC insignia patch) – NHDC metal rank chevrons(pinned onto epaulettes)

The National Homeland Defense Corps, as mentioned above, is a militia/auxiliary force responsible for helping the Imperial Armed Forces and National Police Corps when things go really bad. Because the NHDC isn't an official imperial military or police branch, it's up to individual provinces to maintain and provide training, gears, etc. for their Citizen Soldiers. While not forced to maintain a standing provincial military, individual provinces throughout Japan(or what remains of it)are required at least keep their Citizen Soldiers in adequate conditions in the event that the Emperor, Prime Minister, Minister of Defense/Interior/National Security/Order and Justice(one of the 4 Ministers), Imperial General(Imperial Armed Forces), or Officer General(National Police Corps)calls upon them to help the military/police in dire emergencies.

Because the NHDC is a de facto emergency reserve army/militia/auxiliary, it doesn't have a reserve component. All Citizen Soldiers are really just "weekend warriors"(with adequate training of course). Speaking of training, Citizen Soldiers meet twice a month to do monthly training. Citizen Soldiers are expected to keep a respectable war fighting image and maintain a level of military technical knowledge. They're also required to take a bi-annual test to test their skills and knowledge. This test, known as the NHDC Readiness Exam, would show if you need to be discharged. Those who fail the test twice(Citizen Soldiers may take the test twice)are automatically discharged from the Defense Corps for failure to maintain a war fighting image and having military technical skills/knowledge.
Citizen Soldiers are expected to serve for at least 6 years. Because the standards are lower than that of the military and Police Corps, it's expected that almost every Citizen Soldier can maintain the standard.

Being officially founded in 1901 by Brigadier General Yukisuke, the National Homeland Defense Corps was officially born. An experimental unit was formed in Shiga Province with a regiment of around 1,050 Citizen Soldiers in 1900. This was a big gamble for Brig. General Yukisuke. Because the Great Evacuation had just happened, Brig. General Yukisuke risked being discharged and arrested for wasting government funds and resources if the "Citizen Soldier Program" ended up being a failure. But he was given permission and consent by the Imperial Parliament to establish an experimental unit. After a year of light training, in December of 1901, he pleaded with Parliament for 4 more regiments to be formed, a tall order for a nation that's on the brink of extinction. Instead, 2 regiments were formed in addition to the one established already, and they stood by and finally saw action in 1902, where they defended engineers and workers who rush to build the Iron Wall.

Because of the success of the Citizen Soldier Program(which was officially called the National Homeland Defense Corps in 1903), Officer General Haruto(the first Officer General of the National Police Corps)asked to take the NHDC under the National Police Corps' wing in 1904. Despite the success in Operation Iron Shield, Parliament doesn't have the resources or funds to keep around the NHDC, which lead to the NHDC being handed over to the Police Corps, with military support.

Currently, the leader of the National Homeland Defense Corps is Militia Commander Takumari, who was a Major in the Imperial Trooper Corps. The rank of Militia Commander is equivalent to that of Officer General, however, it has less authority than the aforementioned rank. To become Militia Commander, once must have served for over 15 years, along with having served in the Imperial Army, Imperial Navy, or Imperial Trooper Corps.


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