“Find My Car For Me”

Work at a call center that dispatches roadside service (tows, jumpstarts, manual unlocks, tire changes) for people whose vehicle is covered by their manafacturer warranty with this particular brand of vehicle.

Got a call a while ago that I never got over.

-"Thank you for calling (brand name) roadside assistance, how can I help?

-"I need you to find my car for me." Once in a while we get customers calling back after we tow them to a dealer because the dealership is either too lazy to look for the vehicle on their lot or misplaced it somehow or sometimes the tow driver dropped it in the wrong place at their dealer.

-"Oh did you recently have it towed by us sir?"

-"No. I've been in the hospital a few days and I'm just getting out. My family dropped my car off in the parking lot for me but I can't find it."

*head scratches -"Do you have a remote key fob for it to sound the alarm?" I forget what his answer was but he either didn't understand me or wasn't close enough to the vehicle for the alarm to go off.

-"Can't you just tell me where my car is?"

-"Umm…no? If you have Onstar or some other gps type device on your car I can try to transfer you to them to see if they can do that for you." We have companies like that transfer us data for the vehicle all the time but the person has to have an active account with them and usually has to be in the vehicle with the car on for it to work. Even then, all it does is give lat and long coordinates which, while helpful, usually only narrow it down to a block's radius, especially if the vehicle is under an overhang or in a garage.

-"Well what am I supposed to do? I need my vehicle."

-"Could you perhaps call your family and ask them where they parked it? Or I can call the hospital and see if they can send a security guard to drive you around and look for it."

-"Thanks for nothing." *hangs up

Benefit of the doubt that this person was still groggy and kind of confused from just getting out of the hospital for a long stay, but it was just a strange call and one of the ones where the person on the other line has no idea what they're even asking basically. Like what am I supposed to send a tow driver out just to help this guy look for his car in a parking lot? Pretty sure I'd get laughed at by the companies we work with and fired for that.


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